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Kenneth rst Vick

New York, NY - United States








Kenneth rst Vick

New York, NY - United States

Kenneth rst Vick - Fine Artist

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About Kenneth rst Vick

I am an American photographer, born in1955, a random reproductive rendering, if you will, given up at birth to be a ward of the State of Connecticut.

My photographic experience began in '78. My early series of work: 'Pictures from Utica,' 'View Through My Window,' 'The Empires Waste,' represent my visual experiences while living in Utica NY.

I left Utica in ’94 to photograph New York City and its immediate surroundings. Literally! “The River Edge,” was my first NY exhibition of photographs, taken from the perspective or vantage point of the rivers' borders and boundaries. Despite what man has done to secularize the natural environment, I see a spiritual element in each river vista that I had to secure on film.

I work with images that are not typically viewed as Art. Images I capture are those that are often unnoticed by people during their daily commutes and comminglings in, around, and under the City of New York.

“Sub-Text” is an ongoing series of images that represent time spent as an underground traveler and cogent observer of city life's residuals.

I find my images on subway trains and platforms, on bill postings and advertising spaces. These diamonds in the rough, proofs of society's queues have taken on an important meaning in my life. They are the Rosetta Stones of our time, random renderings and hieroglyphs, and the cultural layerings of unpretentious palimpsests.

They were composed by time, constructed by accident, manufactured by mistake, and juxtaposed with juvenile impulse.

kenneth rst vick - Photographer

Harlem, New York, NY

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Subtext - Urban Tagging 2015 by Kenneth Rst Vick


Subtext No.7 by Kenneth rst Vick


Subtext - Visual Vocabulary 2013 by Kenneth rst Vick


Subtext Masterwork by Kenneth rst Vick


Stars Stripes and Other Things by Kenneth rst Vick


Aung San Suu Kyi 2011 by Kenneth rst Vick


No. 31 Urban Collage-Spring by Kenneth rst Vick


Subtext- Queen - 2014 by Kenneth Rst Vick


Obama 2013 by Kenneth Rst Vick


Marcus Rothkowitz No.1 by Kenneth rst Vick


Coexist by Kenneth Rst Vick


Widow - 2014 by Kenneth rst Vick


New by Kenneth rst Vick



What Urban Writers ' 2007 by Kenneth Rst Vick


Opeim 2008 by Kenneth- Rst -vick


A Train Logo '2007 by Kenneth rst Vick


D Train Logo '2007 by Kenneth Rst Vick


Logo with Graffiti 2006 by Kenneth Rst Vick


N0. 1 Subway Logo by Kenneth Rst Vick


Woman With Demons by Kenneth Rst Vick


American Graffiti by Kenneth rst Vick


Girl On The Bridge 2006 by Kenneth Rst Vick


Urban Writers 2007 Subtext by Kenneth rst Vick


Urban Writers 2011 Subtext by Kenneth Rst Vick

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