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Kathy Bassett

Kamloops, BC - Canada








Kathy Bassett

Kamloops, BC - Canada

Kathy Bassett - Fine Artist

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About Kathy Bassett

First of All - THANK YOU for stopping by! Comments are welcome.

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Some photos are featuring textures courtesy of Lena-Bem Anna of flickr.
Greeting Cards are discounted for larger orders.

My intention for the viewer and potential buyer: enjoy looking!
.... and perhaps one of my images will catch your heart or make a connection to something vital in your life.

After being gifted with a Pentax K1000 back in the early 1980’s, I couldn’t get enough of seeing my world through this lens. Stimulated by textures in nature, astounding architecture and stunning beauty in flora and fauna, I saw, and still see, a rich and vibrant world that opens the heart.

Working mainly with black and white for several years, I was an avid student of film and print production – sure do miss this in the digital age in which I find myself. After 25 years or more, I finally relented to a small but powerful digital camera and finally the fun of a larger format allowing for many more possibilities in the imagery I enjoy producing. Lots of experimentation too - and I don't try to please everyone, that's for sure!!

Areas I have photographed are widespread – from New York to Colorado, Louisiana, California, France and British Columbia, Canada. I love to photograph whatever is around my home as well. Creation is neverending.

Sisterhawk signing on photos: I seem to have a particular awareness of birds - all sorts - and particularly the hawk, the way she soars and screams her scream. That sound just rips into my heart as do the sounds that whale, coyote, even hummingbird make. So, I welcome the spirit of that name I post as 'sisterhawk' as a friendly messenger using my images to commune in the Spirit of Life! Someday I will take a dandy photo of such a lovely creature, the hawk!

I hope you enjoy viewing my work. This international selling site is fun, educational and enriching!
Any reasonable requests for format changes usually can be handled by the artist. Please contact me directly through this FAA site.

**All work in this gallery is the original work of Kathy Jean Bassett, copyrighted to Kathy Jean Bassett and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws, even after purchase of original. Images may not be reproduced or otherwise used without explicit permission of the artist.

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Sage by Kathy Bassett


Meeting Waters by Kathy Bassett


Coming Home by Kathy Bassett


Autumn Afternoon by Kathy Bassett


Arbutus Bark by Kathy Bassett


Peace by Kathy Bassett


Blue Light by Kathy Bassett


Setting Course by Kathy Bassett


Halcyon Days by Kathy Bassett


Late Afternoon Walk In Prince George by Kathy Bassett


Snow Tree in Beige by Kathy Bassett


Escape by Kathy Bassett


Winter Lights by Kathy Bassett


Vintage by Kathy Bassett


Autumn Leaves by Kathy Bassett


Canadian Autumn by Kathy Bassett


Barn Doorway by Kathy Bassett


Sun Up by Kathy Bassett


Okanagan Autumn by Kathy Bassett


October Day by Kathy Bassett


Beach Bike by Kathy Bassett


Cosmic by Kathy Bassett


Louisiana Sunset by Kathy Bassett


Maui Landscape by Kathy Bassett


Anniversary Afternoon by Kathy Bassett


Pansy Glow by Kathy Bassett


Hawaiian Morning by Kathy Bassett


Landing by Kathy Bassett


EverSpring by Kathy Bassett


Lavender Field by Kathy Bassett


Beach Light Goodnight by Kathy Bassett


Fogged by Kathy Bassett


Breakthrough by Kathy Bassett


Olympic Hope by Kathy Bassett


Feathers by Kathy Bassett


Hawaiian Afternoon by Kathy Bassett


Abandoned by Kathy Bassett


Lavender Rest by Kathy Bassett


Tree Dance by Kathy Bassett


Parisian Floral by Kathy Bassett


La Jolla Seascape by Kathy Bassett


Entries by Kathy Bassett


Wildflower Day by Kathy Bassett


Dancing Water by Kathy Bassett


Swan - Summer Home by Kathy Bassett


Everlasting by Kathy Bassett


Season of Greetings by Kathy Bassett


Beach Fence by Kathy Bassett

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