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Karen Jensen

San Antonio, TX - United States

Karen Jensen - Fine Artist

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About Karen Jensen

I am a visual and performing artist. I graduated from University of Texas in August 1989. I have been a nurse for the last 23 years. I am a certified case manager , a registered nurse. My background also includes real estate investor and real estate licensee. I started painting in college my freshman year so I could learn. I am self taught. I could not afford real artwork in college so started to learn on my own experimenting with different ideas and liked acrylics. I basically just bought some paper and a paintbrush and took off from there.

My modeling career began as early as age 8 and I continued to model until year 2000 when I last worked for 3 agencies. I worked as a bikini model and promotional model most of my life. Photography has been in my home since early childhood. I started as the subject of many photos as both my parents were professionals but had serious photography hobbies and studied at University of Houston. I began modeling and now have an interest in being behind the camera instead of in front of the camera now. I also paint so you will see many paintings I have done over the years and currently painting. Jewelry and mask and other arts designs will be featured on this profile.

I worked as a creative director on photo shoots on several occasions and do all makeup and styling in all the photos. I started dancing at age 4 and try to incorporate some of this creative and artistic flair in my photographs. My photos represent many subjects and themes. Fantasy art is my focus. I have many friends from other cultures, growing up in Houston and San Antonio, therefore exposing me to many museums exhibits and art from other parts of the world. Most of the drawings come from within and from images stored in my mind from visiting many fabulous homes and art exhibits and my many travels and love of cultural anthropology and mythology and reading many books on art and architecture and fashion design and books featuring other fine artists work. I also lived with a fine artist in college, Nedra Hawks, from New Mexico/Houston and she was a great teacher and inspiration for me and made me feel okay to try to create something beautiful without formal art education. In addition, my grandparents have won many awards for their paintings in New York and Ilinois. My mother is a ceramic artist and my brother is a graphic artist/designer and does ceramics as well. My son is a great artist and hopes to become a professional artist one day.

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Multi Mallard by Karen Jensen


The Golden Egg by Karen Jensen


Sunny Country Day by Karen Jensen


Feather Indian Girl by Karen Jensen


Blue Fin Fish by Karen Jensen


Greek Shell Plate by Karen Jensen


Eiffel Tower by Karen Jensen


Cleopatra by Karen Jensen


The Pink Paris Angel by Karen Jensen


Fancy Pink Angels by Karen Jensen


Blue Sunflower by Karen Jensen


Tangerine Sunflower by Karen Jensen


Stars in the Crown by Karen Jensen


Prayers in Heaven by Karen Jensen


Valentine Angel by Karen Jensen


Give Thanks by Karen Jensen


Mint Angel by Karen Jensen


Blue Angels by Karen Jensen


Light Blue Romantic Lace by Karen Jensen


Grandma's Lace II by Karen Jensen


Grandmas Lace I by Karen Jensen


Tropical Scene by Karen Jensen


Little Miss Sunshine II by Karen Jensen


Little Miss Sunshine I by Karen Jensen


Friends at the Park by Karen Jensen


Safari Park by Karen Jensen


Friends for a Walk by Karen Jensen


Baby Giraffe by Karen Jensen


Gray Baby Elephant by Karen Jensen


Ladybug by Karen Jensen


Red Snake by Karen Jensen


Centipede by Karen Jensen


The Little Green Ant by Karen Jensen


Happy Valentines Day by Karen Jensen


Purple Happiness by Karen Jensen


Dining Room Gems II by Karen Jensen


Dining Room Gems I by Karen Jensen


Funky Monkeys by Karen Jensen


Race Day by Karen Jensen


Fancy Pink Angels by Karen Jensen


Silver and Green Angel by Karen Jensen


Yellow Kitty by Karen Jensen


Green Frog by Karen Jensen


Pink Bunny Rabbit by Karen Jensen


Blue Smiling Whale by Karen Jensen


Yellow Haired Angel by Karen Jensen


Third Realm of Heaven by Karen Jensen


Red Butterfly Abstract by Karen Jensen

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