JT Dudrow - Fine Artist

JT Dudrow

Bullhead City, AZ - United States








JT Dudrow

Bullhead City, AZ - United States

JT Dudrow - Fine Artist

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About JT Dudrow

J.T. is an internationally published landscape photographer. He currently resides in the foothills near Bullhead City, Arizona.
Living in Northwestern Arizona gives J.T. access to spectacular scenery and unlimited opportunities to photograph unspoiled scenes in the Mojave, Sonoran and Great Basin deserts.

Artist Statement:
Backing into cholla, dodging rattlesnakes or sliding down a rocky slope, I go in search of pristine scenes in the desert southwest. Through my images I strive to share a fraction of the harsh, yet delicate beauty the desert has to offer.
Landscape and Nature photography has quickly become a big part of my life. To me it is more than just photography, it is art. A creative outlet that is my passion, I'm always thinking about that next image. I discovered the joy and creative outlet photography brings through my love of the outdoors and conservation.
It is an absolute pleasure to have people enjoy my work, it keeps me growing as a Photographer and person.
So thank you for stopping by and viewing my work!

My work has been featured in these publications:
- Photography Week Magazine
- Siesta Key Magazine
- Sarasota Magazine
- Capture My Arizona 2014 Calendar
- Water - Use It Wisely
- Arizona Republic Newspaper
- Nevada Magazine

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Between the Folds by JT Dudrow


Cathedral Gorge by JT Dudrow


Pond Hawk by JT Dudrow


Moon Over Myakka by JT Dudrow


Foggy Myakka Morning by JT Dudrow


Cradle the Moon by JT Dudrow


Top of the Citadel by JT Dudrow


Ethereal Tide by JT Dudrow


Morning on the Salt River by JT Dudrow


Four Peaks Wilderness Area by JT Dudrow


Guardians of the Castle by JT Dudrow


Tale of Time by JT Dudrow


Superstition Theater by JT Dudrow


The Lower Salt River by JT Dudrow


Superstitious Charm by JT Dudrow


The Complexity of Pastel by JT Dudrow


Shrouded Spirits by JT Dudrow


Monsoon Majesty by JT Dudrow


Keystone Thrust by JT Dudrow


Sonoran Garden by JT Dudrow


Fremont Saddle by JT Dudrow

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   |   Images = 21