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Cottesloe, Western Australia - Australia








Greg Hoey

Cottesloe, Western Australia - Australia

Greg Hoey - Fine Artist

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About Greg Hoey

An ATHEIST holding absolutely nil spiritual or religious beliefs whatsoever even if this is contrary to the agenda of those who would try to make me appear a supporter of their causes and philosophies as a sort of messianic or spiritualist figure who would validate their type of socialistic-capitalist control of our world, and who have resorted frequently to very devious, and quite coercive ways and means of doing so over the last three decades of my life [ie., by shutting me down so as to promote their ideologies through me against my wishes], which has been devastating on both a personal and professional level.
Born in 1967 in the town of Kalgoorlie 300 miles east of the lovely although somewhat insular city of Perth in the great nepotist 'crony's only', 'British, Christian and forever loyal to the Queen and big houses and giant sized four-wheel drives' state of Western Australia. A state mainly run for and by the mineral resource industry/lobby and where if you don't have the right connections you go absolutely no-where and back, whether this be in the arts , the sciences, the medical profession, business, politics[left or right], media and journalism [which is especially racist, insular, owned and monopolized by the very few. The only other alternative is the highly elitist, very self-righteous, feminist-centric, pseudo-socialist media who can be just as spiteful & scrutinizing of any individual who may register opposition to their voice].

And the wonderful city of Perth itself is crony central although it loves to shout out to the entire world what 'nice' urban-suburban, democratic people they really are. They are still however quite ingrained, nanny-state, reactionary's of the first order. An odd mix of the obstinately redneck or the arrogantly metro-sexual. Somewhat refugee paranoid yet still quite prone toward cheap foreign labor exploitation without a shadow of a doubt. And little ole me-me has as artist-writer been under their ever-lovin scrutiny and the dear beloved sabotage of all these little crony's for a mighty long time now especially by all the nepotists within its media & journalistic spheres [no doubt c/o certain very influential, rich and rather powerful and often offended local big knobs here in WA]. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win.

For an interesting essay on my city of Perth please go to;

In actual fact my country Australia's main cultural ethos is a form of 'mean-natured nepotism-cronyism' for our professional-intellectual classes as well 'feminism' principally for the upper-middle class female or homosexual from both sides of the political spectrum. A nation still very deeply affected by its early penal colony beginnings which today explains the hard edged sado-masochism that taints so much of the cultural values it holds dear, like the brutality displayed between its sportsmen in the game of rugby league, also where for instance its greatest war campaign is celebrated largely because it was a massacre of its bravest men [gallipoli] yet its real victory's in warfare are over-looked or ignored, and where its greatest mythological & cultural hero's are generally sacrificed losers[particularly if such an individual exhibits any kind of precociousness or intellectual/creative genius just to ensure the creed of egalitarianism is validated].

It has turned into a self-righteous NANNY-nation where everything is banned less it makes one miserable, having more unofficially homeless people per head of population than anywhere else on earth as part of this 'mean-natured holier than thou ethos' that has now taken over the country and for no other reason than plain meanness-masochism[admittedly it has the most generous immigration policy of any other nation in the world and has done so for many decades even though it could still increase its 'true' refugee intake massively except for the fact the two main parties are catering to all the rednecks].
It is also a country where a mere two or three dozen of its citizenry have individual private wealth worth untold billions.

A nation who's leading political figures are much under sway of big foreign multi-nationals whom control most of its mining sector and who dislike intensely having to pay their fair share of taxes back into the country, a nation also much under the bullying demands of two giant US car manufacturers who also control its motor vehicle industry and who command massive federal aid, it is a land too where giant foreign multi-national land-developers[primarily under the auspices of the british aristocracy] are also prone toward determining the almost unrelenting development and plunder of its native lands and resources all for their own profits again with the considerable auspices[some say corruption] of our main political leaders both of the left and more especially by those on the right the so-called Liberal Party-who are anything but liberal being primarily there to serve the interests of the british and americans and the far right tax dodging rich.

As a nation in order to stop being de-valued, regarded as dumb, backward and irrelevant mere racists by americans, english, new zealanders,europeans, asian's etc., Australia must become a Republic and try to break free from the excessive protestant/british [and other foreign interests] domination of our resources and culture by having a newly re-written re-orientated constitution, and most of all a new flag. We also need to take control of our resources and military affairs instead of have weak, kow-towing political leadership just throw Australian's indiscriminately into foreign wars at behest of our allies.

An author as well as visual artist much of my work has been deliberately sabotaged by an individual who wanted to be my patron and have me serve the interests of the political establishment elites and especially the powers who run the christian church's particularly the protestant side of the christian religions including the right-wing fundamentalist-evangelists much aided by the powerful jewish lobby who mainly like the jesus myth because it helps keep all the american, australian, canadian, european,british goy dumb, satiated and useful.

All of which have determinedly attempted to use my life in order to serve their agenda of a re-newed, re-vitalized, christianity. Many of the West's leading statesmen and women of politics and captains of industry like rupert murdoch, blair, obama, sarchoszi, the bush's, clinton, and many highly paid american celebrity's including the british monarchy and other aristocratic people of bearing over the last two to three decades have conspired and been involved in such an agenda along with very real attempts at threatening and intimidating me from revealing their true machinations as regards my life. It is a very real, quite evil agenda and I am absolutely determined never to let them go ahead with such an evil new religious world order using me or my family name.
The last pope was retired mainly because those surrounding him took notice of my complete reluctance toward being positive about either the papacy or the christian church and I feel no such difference about their new man either. The fact is the so-called democratic west is as corrupt and under the control of those born out of wealth, privilege and nepotism as it claims of everyone else. We do not need a new 'old world order'. We need a new world order based on meritocracy and brains and hard work not born into aristocracy/monarchism. I consider the US to have evolved into a fundamentally evil imperialist/monarchist power as evil as Nazism was only 60 years ago.

So here we have a rickety 'ole english monarchy desperately striving for relevance by seeking to use and maintain australia as a mere colony in order to retain some semblance of its past prestige & glory, recognizing that no other of its many colony's quite gives back to it the same sense of glamour and potency that this raggled tin-pot old english monarchy seeks for itself. Then we have the insidious, self-righteous, nationalistic, god-lovin nation of the US determined to make australia into its 51st state so as to enhance its own sense of prestige and significance across the globe and especially throughout the asia-pacific region, and also out of recourse to make us into as Godly fearing, religious, hypocrites as they can be because they know we are the first truly secular devised nation on earth and this the religious elites who so run and control that nation just cannot abide by. So they must make us just like them -indoctrinated by the dogma of the christian religion of course not to mention all the economic largesse they hope to gain control of by making us their lowly 51st state on their way to ruling and dominating the global community of their time just the way the Romans did so long ago. Now will Abbott sell his australian fellows sovereignty out to the americans or the english? Or reverse the trend set by so many of his successors [except for the likes of chifley,curtin, deakin and one or two others] by proving to his own nation that indeed he is a lion and not a rabbitt by giving his own nation a sense of its own cultural newness and value by going along our own path and not being lead by two old decaying stratified nationalistic euro-centric concerns so determined to persude us that we can achieve little except for being their unfortunate little bastard of a race at the ass-end of the world?????????

My other interests are ceramics/sculptor[since put paid to by unknown individuals].

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