Gina Pardo - Fine Artist

Gina Pardo

Floridia, Sicily/Syracuse - Italy








Gina Pardo

Floridia, Sicily/Syracuse - Italy

Gina Pardo - Fine Artist

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About Gina Pardo

Gina Pardo was born in Gela (Sicily), where she has lived and worked until 1990. At the present time she lives in Floridia, a charming town in the district of Siracusa.
She has improved in various painting techniques, preferring watercolour. She has organized several personal exhibitions, attracting praise from audience and critics.
Her portraits of women, men and children are significant. They reveal the female sensuality, the virility power, the golden innocence of childhood.
Her nudes do not exalt the flesh, but tend to confirm the Universality of beauty. Thanks to the harmonious shades of colors, her painting is bright, at the limit of the evanescence.
The landscapes, immerged into the purest realism of the portrait art, are paradoxically wrapped in an impalpable atmosphere, practically dreamlike, and combined in a mixture of effects which further enhance the originality of her painting. Her works are auctioned by the most famous Italian Art Auction Houses.


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Tetradrachm from the ancient city of Aitna by Gina Pardo


Concealed identity by Gina Pardo


Damarateion by Gina Pardo


The charioteer of Delphi by Gina Pardo


Church of Piety by Gina Pardo


Young lovers tenderness by Gina Pardo


Flash light by Gina Pardo


Scent of rose by Gina Pardo


Saint Lucia's procession in Syracuse by Gina Pardo


Primogeniture by Gina Pardo


First wonder moments by Gina Pardo


Pleasures of the sea by Gina Pardo


Along the flow of Ciane river by Gina Pardo


Tuna fishing by Gina Pardo


The Biviere by Gina Pardo


The kid and the dog by Gina Pardo


The kiss by Gina Pardo


Communal Gardens by Gina Pardo


The nymph Aretusa by Gina Pardo


The Castle of Falconara by Gina Pardo


Female figure by Gina Pardo


The Dancers by Gina Pardo


Summer Ecstasy by Gina Pardo


Sweet thoughts by Gina Pardo


Ego Cogito by Gina Pardo


Dies Irae by Gina Pardo


Cristina by Gina Pardo


Fellow travelers by Gina Pardo


Anonymous Seduction by Gina Pardo


Immature Maternity by Gina Pardo

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