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Garbis Bartanian

Tujunga, CA - United States








Garbis Bartanian

Tujunga, CA - United States

Garbis Bartanian - Fine Artist

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About Garbis Bartanian

Born in Beirut.

Garbis's pursuit of true expression of art is inseparable from his spiritual leaning, which is fair to say is his true backbone. In fact, art can be seen as a mere manifestation of what transformation takes place within, thanks to his practice of meditation.

Art is Life, and vice versa. Art must enhance and improve the life we live and influence the world to become a better place, by first enhancing the living experience of oneself through bring about a sense of empathy, compassion, loving kindness, and joy. It is here that welcoming whatever the universe brings to our doorstep needs to be greeted with a smile, at least on the inside. But, as anyone who has lived at least a single day on this planet would attest to, this can be quite difficult at times. Therefore, the value to live with a smiling heart no matter the circumstances is truly immense in changing one's entire being, and through osmosis, the entire world.

Herein lies the role of meditation, where we gently dive deep within and with the proper guidance try to understand and develop the wisdom to see the world as it is, beyond our incessant cravings to which our lives often become victims. To this end, Garbis has helped many to find and realize this for themselves by teaching them meditation, in addition to teaching yoga privately.

For Garbis, everyone is an artist, if one were to live a life that manifests a life of expression of the essence of the universe, i.e. transforming the seemingly mundane into the sacred, where the artist's life itself becomes a living revelation that raises the awareness of beings on this planet.



A true human being is an individual, a creative person, a complete lover, a living embodiment of compassion, someone who is not afraid of looking foolish, of crying, of laughing. S/he is real; someone who is ALWAYS ready and willing to learn, ALWAYS a disciple; s/he is not necessarily a knowledgeable person, but s/he is as 'full' as an empty vessel...ready to be filled by existence...rejecting nothing.

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Appreciation by Garbis Bartanian


Family Outing by Garbis Bartanian


Thundering by Garbis Bartanian


Sunset Surf by Garbis Bartanian


Serendipity by Garbis Bartanian


Sunsetting by Garbis Bartanian


Reminiscing Her by Garbis Bartanian


Incessant by Garbis Bartanian


Lazy Afternoon by Garbis Bartanian


Journey Up by Garbis Bartanian


Mystical Garden by Garbis Bartanian


Balance by Garbis Bartanian


Catching It by Garbis Bartanian


In Poseidon's Realm by Garbis Bartanian


Hours Before Leaving Paradise by Garbis Bartanian


Echoing Voices of Ancients by Garbis Bartanian


Caught in the Middle by Garbis Bartanian


Beginningless Cry by Garbis Bartanian


Student by Garbis Bartanian


Bodies Into One by Garbis Bartanian


Apparent Invisibility by Garbis Bartanian


Alone With You by Garbis Bartanian


Good Morning by Garbis Bartanian


An Afternoon Together by Garbis Bartanian

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