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Edser Thomas

Woodstock, ON - Canada








Edser Thomas

Woodstock, ON - Canada

Edser Thomas - Fine Artist

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About Edser Thomas

Edser Thomas is actually the middle names of Jeffrey Edser Thomas Brown. Born in Etobicoke Ontario, but growing up in Listowel Ontario, Jeff, like most people just looked at pictures and liked pictures. His first camera was a Kodak Disc camera back in the mid 80's. It was not until the mid 90's however, that Jeff's appreciation of Photography became a passion for photography with the acquisition of a Minolta x-700 manual focus film camera and several interchangeable lenses at a pawn shop. Jeff was hooked. Life through the lens allowed his childhood creativity to blossom. He began looking at things that most people do not give a second thought to, old buildings, rusted farm equipment and old cars, gates and fences, rusty hinges, abandoned houses. To Jeff, everything he saw was for the purpose of crawling through the lens and painting the film. Life however, does not always allow everyone to follow their passion. Running a small corporation took it's toll and time to pursue Photography waned. Photography is still a great passion for Jeff but keeping more than a few families employed in these hard economic times has been of greater import. Vacations and the occasional Saturday keep Jeff active behind the lens but his heart yearns to one day pursue photography full time and capture for himself the incredible beauty he has seen captured by talented photographers around the world. In Jeff's effort to share his vision with others, he has for the first time made some of his images available publicly through this site. While Jeff recognizes that there are many, many, photographers of incredible talent capturing images he can only dream of, he hopes that his vision will make your home a warmer, friendlier place.

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