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Douglas Girard

Palmer, AK - United States

Douglas Girard - Fine Artist

Douglas Girard

Member Since: 02/18/2012

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Growing up in Africa I spent many hours studying pictures of Europe, Canada and Alaska in the National Geographic magazine. The grasslands and rolling hills of Africa never inspired me as did the mountains of the northern continents. I longed to be in northern forests looking out across a vista dominated by towering mountain peaks. These distant places of my imagination became symbols for me of a bygone era when mankind lived as one with nature in a time free of the clutter and distractions of our age.
My studies of mythology has increased my love for these faraway places I yearned for as a child. The ancient cultures considered hidden lakes, shady forests, pools of water and high mountain peaks as mystical places where they could feel closer to their gods. It was these places that I really wanted to get closer to. For time in memorial mankind must have stood in awe of nature at these places and been touched by the same spiritual feeling that I feel. This is the fountainhead of my inspiration.
I finally moved to Alaska in 1993, and it was here that I found landscapes that truly inspired me. In the mountains of the Chugach and Talkeetna ranges, I found those cathedrals of stillness I had dreamed about. Feeling the cool wind on my face while standing on the shores of hidden mountain lakes surrounded by jagged mountain peaks, a great sense of awe overcame me. Here at last my soul was in harmony with nature.
My landscapes are created from a great love of nature’s many changing moods, and the sense of mystery and expectation that is created from ever varying colors and shapes. Shifting clouds that create spots of light that dance over the mountains is what catches my eye. The interplay between massive rock walls, water, and low hanging clouds are also endlessly intriguing to me. A magical moment is when clouds move over and envelope the mountains, dissolving rocky peaks and shimmering water into a mysterious apparition. Distant craggy islands, hidden lakes, misty mountains, small ponds and fog enshrouded fields are also inspirational.
My figurative landscapes are inspired by mythology and by the mountains I live near. The figures act in harmony with the moods of nature. They partake in rituals, emerge out of mist and are nearly always close to water, the symbol of life. They meditate on the shores of and in the sanctuary of womb like mountain lakes or dance near bubbling waterfalls. Here beauty, peace, mystery and the mystical reside.
My goal is to make each painting a poem of color, light and form that captures the essence of my inspiration.

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Douglas Girard - Swan


Douglas Girard

Douglas Girard - Bringing the Light

Bringing the Light

Douglas Girard

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Douglas Girard

Douglas Girard - The Swan

The Swan

Douglas Girard

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Douglas Girard

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Lake of Mystery

Douglas Girard

Douglas Girard - First yellow Trees

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Douglas Girard

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Evening Light

Douglas Girard

Douglas Girard - Distant Peaks

Distant Peaks

Douglas Girard

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Sunset Trees

Douglas Girard

Douglas Girard - Fall in the Valley

Fall in the Valley

Douglas Girard

Douglas Girard - Summer in Hatcher Pass

Summer in Hatcher Pass

Douglas Girard

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