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Chloe Hawes

Brentwood, Essex - United Kingdom

Chloe Hawes - Fine Artist

Chloe Hawes

Member Since: 02/10/2013

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Ever since my nan gave me a book of fairy pictures and I decided to draw the winter one, I knew I wanted to study art. I am 15 years of age (soon to be 16) and I am currently taking my gcse's to hopefully move on to go to college and study fine art. Art gives me a peace that shutting myself in my room can't give me, if I had my way, I would never put down my paintbrush or pencil!
I am very inspired by Brian Commorford, especially his painting 'within' which is one of his pictures I have painted in my project. I would like to say that I can be inspired by anything, but that's not the case, sometimes it can take me hours to think of something to draw and I might even throw it away afterwards because its terrible, it usually depends on my mood to be honest.
I love tattoos and the thought of having my own original artwork permanantly on somebody's skin gives me the chills but in a good way of course, to me its like the perfect trophy, that that person chose your art to be inked onto them. Of course I'm not old enough to get any tattoos yet or even become a tattoo artist but I aspire to. And I know that a lot of people think tattoos are worng, but put it this way, your body is your own canvas, don't leave it blank. :) x

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Chloe Hawes - Blue


Chloe Hawes

Chloe Hawes - Eye See You

Eye See You

Chloe Hawes

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'dad Tattoo'

Chloe Hawes

Chloe Hawes - Eagle Bird

Eagle Bird

Chloe Hawes

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