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Casey Kotas

Chicago, IL - United States








Casey Kotas

Chicago, IL - United States

Casey Kotas - Fine Artist

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About Casey Kotas

Art and music have always held a great deal of fascination for me. The early and mid-20th century art movementsI, along with architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, and photographers like Ansel Adams, inspired me tremendously and I enrolled at the U of I, in the Art and Architecture Department. However, after a couple of years, I left school to pursue music, which recaptured my imagination at the time. My experiences ranged from electric blues to progressive jazz-rock to avant-garde jazz and experimental music. In the 80s, I discovered computers and realized I had an affinity for them, as well as an aptitude. After retiring my guitars, I immersed myself in the new technology. The logical extension of my creative urges resulted in my return to the visual arts after a number of years and I began doing graphical design work with occasional forays into artistic expression through the computer.

I see the computer as another tool in the arsenal, just like a paintbrush and paints, or a hammer and chisel. The technologies of printing and paper-making have progressed to the point where digital art is now on an equal footing with traditional methods. Extremely high resolution inkjet printers, archival inks, UV glasses and acrylics, and acid-free papers allow digital works to last as long as conventionally produced works without degradation or fading. Properly printed and framed pieces can be handed down from generation to generation as heirlooms. I find digital art as difficult to master, and just as satisfying to produce, as the more traditional forms of expression. I hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

All work in this gallery is the original work of Casey Kotas. It is for sale, copyrighted to Casey Kotas and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

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Pleasant Effusion by Casey Kotas


Beguiled At Twilight by Casey Kotas


Impressionist Dreams 2 by Casey Kotas


Impressionist Dreams 1 by Casey Kotas


Environmental Transitions 5 by Casey Kotas


More Things In Heaven and Earth by Casey Kotas


Elysian by Casey Kotas


The Far Country by Casey Kotas


Within You and Without You by Casey Kotas


Spiritual Chops by Casey Kotas


Unphased and Confused by Casey Kotas


The Caress by Casey Kotas


Sensual Manifestations 4 by Casey Kotas


Sensual Manifestations 3 by Casey Kotas


Sensorial Nirvana by Casey Kotas


Coexistence by Casey Kotas


Complicit In Comfort by Casey Kotas


A Knowing Recognition by Casey Kotas


Derailing Destiny by Casey Kotas


Early Influences by Casey Kotas


The Indomitability of the Idea by Casey Kotas


Dream Journey by Casey Kotas


Extrinsic To Everything by Casey Kotas


Marvel by Casey Kotas


Rhapsodic Rendezvous by Casey Kotas


Insolation by Casey Kotas


Circumferent Chroma by Casey Kotas


Whims Within by Casey Kotas


Creatively Calcified by Casey Kotas


At the Moment by Casey Kotas


Environmental Transitions 4 by Casey Kotas


Pharaonic Delusions by Casey Kotas


Sensual Manifestations 2 by Casey Kotas


Fleur de Fantasm by Casey Kotas


Bastion of Bombast by Casey Kotas


Melodramatic Melange by Casey Kotas


I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore by Casey Kotas


Rendition by Casey Kotas


Brain Dancing by Casey Kotas


Sensorial Ignition by Casey Kotas


Doctrinal Entrapment by Casey Kotas


Effulgent Imbroglio by Casey Kotas


Entanglement Across Space-Time by Casey Kotas


Authoring the Unpredictable by Casey Kotas


Incrementation by Casey Kotas


Congeries In Disarray by Casey Kotas


Coherence of Desire by Casey Kotas


Sensorial Seclusion by Casey Kotas

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   |   Images = 308




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