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Carolyn Weltman

New York, NY - United States








Carolyn Weltman

New York, NY - United States

Carolyn Weltman - Fine Artist

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About Carolyn Weltman

'I am holding out my heart to you. If you are brave and hold out your heart too, One day our hearts will spread all over the world.'

My life as an artist began when I started selling my work on the streets in New York City. Selling outside is akin to selling in the largest art gallery in the world. Thousands of people were able to see my work and appreciate it and it led to my work being shown in several galleries, picked up by magazines and publications and led to many and varied opportunities as well as sales.

I opened a site with Fine Art America in 2011 and upgraded it very recently. I have once again been successful in introducing my erotic art to a wide variety of clients. Fine Art America has introduced me to another platform from which to sell my work and has provided other opportunities such as shows and commissions.

Commissions are an important and favourite part of my life as an artist. I love to work directly with my clients so that together we can create something lovely to be treasured for ever. Please do contact me if you are interested in working with me to make a beautiful drawing or painting of yourself or of you and a loved one.

Artist's Statement ...

My paintings and drawings set free my innermost thoughts and ideas concerning everyone’s outermost thought or idea – that of themselves and the figure they cut in the world. I bring together the idea I have of the human figure with an idea had by the person to whom that figure belongs. I create it in a piece of art which then resonates with another person who displays my work to their world in their living space. Three people, at least, bound by acceptance of a single idea that honours inner, corporeal, and outer worlds.

Movement has become a central element in my works. The characters in my paintings and drawings are powerful and made only more so for enduring how I would portray them. Consider the exquisite kinesis, the throb of a body captured in bondage, and compare to it the exuberant trajectories of the trapeze artist, glorious dancers in air. Draw them both into the perfectly disciplined stop-motions of the danseuse or the athlete. Sense all of it in the break of a fallen boxer’s breath as taut muscles pause to reignite. All slices of stilled, economical motion, exploring the inner idea, the corporeal feeling, and the outer expression, all outside of time.

My intention is to bring you, the viewer, into that slice, into the exploration, and out of time. And in the end, my work is about self acceptance, that our bodies, minds and souls are to be honoured.

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