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Billy Lewis

Granite Shoals, TX - United States








Billy Lewis

Granite Shoals, TX - United States

Billy Lewis - Fine Artist

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About Billy Lewis

“There is only one artist…to which I was chosen to act as a conduit.”

For me, art has been a gift. It is a passion given not because of any extraordinary ability of my own self but because of an insatiable curiosity to see, to learn, and to create. Every line of the pencil, every smudge of pastel, every stroke of a brush has been a stone laid out before me in which to further a path, one that has led me to focus mainly in photography (though I do at times still dabble with other creative processes).
Photography was the pinnacle of realism and I craved to learn all I could in order capture the scenes that lay before my own eyes. I studied everything, acquiring the knowledge to accomplish this goal, and then sat comfortably on this plateau knowing with all confidence in my learned ability to capture the found scene.

As technologies changed from film to digital I found myself again thirsting to learn more. As my studies at the Academy of Art, San Francisco intensified I felt myself transforming beyond the photographer I had studied so hard to become. I had been lifted off the plateau I had been resting on and set free. The true meaning of my photographic path was now laid out in front of me. My art truly had become a journey not of just my surroundings but more so a journey into myself.

My images no longer speak of just a certain place at a certain time; they speak of me…my unique experiences, captured as only I could see them. They speak of my curiosity, my fears, my struggles, and my triumphs. Whether it be a found scene or one constructed each one is stepping stone in my unique journey for the time I have here in this existence. But as with any journey, what good is it unless it is one that is shared?

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Vase by Billy Lewis


Nude by Billy Lewis


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Blue Bonnet Explosion by Billy Lewis


Bel Air by Billy Lewis


Heartbeat of America by Billy Lewis


Eye Of The Beholder by Billy Lewis


Gangland by Billy Lewis


Orange by Billy Lewis


Yellow Lilly by Billy Lewis


Purple Lilly by Billy Lewis


Lilly by Billy Lewis


Magaenta Lilly by Billy Lewis


Hot Pink Lilly by Billy Lewis


Three by Billy Lewis


Beginning to End by Billy Lewis


Floating Lamp by Billy Lewis


Right Behind by Billy Lewis


HIll Country Sunset by Billy Lewis


Chi by Billy Lewis



Yellow Jacket by Billy Lewis


Support by Billy Lewis

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