Baato  - Fine Artist


Glasgow, strathclyde - United Kingdom









Glasgow, strathclyde - United Kingdom

Baato  - Fine Artist

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August 2nd, 2012







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About Baato

Update: Currently I'm neglecting the photography in favour of building a
Parkinson's Disease support page, but will post some Osaka pictures
in the not too distant future.

Irasshaimase :)

Welcome to my profile page, and thanks for looking.

('Irasshaimase', is the perennial greeting received by
customers entering Japanese shops, izakayas,bars, etc.)

I am a Scottish photographer and digital artist known as baato (or bert), who photographs anything intriguing, and sometimes digitally paints abstracts.

Much of my work is risible, oops, I mean, visible, here:
baato/bert photos

('baato' is the Japanese rendition of my name (bert). The Japanese
language has a different range of phonemes...)

Since I became aware of the existence of Japan as a child, I have always had a great fascination for it and its people and culture, so it was a great thrill to travel to Osaka (and take lots of pictures).

I suppose you could say that I have something of a yen for Japanese culture :)

If I can ever think of anything else cogent but not essentially boring to say, then I may add to this bio sometime in the distant future.

Thanks for reading so far, I hope that you enjoy looking at my work.

This clock shows the time in Osaka.
JST (Japanese Standard Time) is GMT +9.

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Twice in a blue Moon by Baato


Presence by Baato


Meandering Sunset by Baato


What are you looking at by Baato


Ohh my neck's killing me by Baato


The Secrets Of Shadows by Baato


Osakajou framed by branches by Baato


busking in Nirvana by Baato


Going Against The Green by Baato


Sunlight And Shadows On A Sunny Autumnal Day by Baato


Cubey Christmas tree by Baato


Xmas stars by Baato


Candles for Christmas by Baato


Dark Glistening by Baato


Is that a laser dot I see before me? by Baato


Up In Arms by Baato


Almost Down And Out by Baato


Berry Wet by Baato


In The Pink by Baato


Raindroppy Mauve Medley by Baato


yellow rose but not of Texas by Baato


In The Quietest Of Moments by Baato


1964 by Baato


Imposing And Enigmatic Structure by Baato

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