Andrew Govan Dantzler - Fine Artist

Andrew Govan Dantzler

Union Dale, PA - United States








Andrew Govan Dantzler

Union Dale, PA - United States

Andrew Govan Dantzler - Fine Artist

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About Andrew Govan Dantzler

An artist is never truly gone if there's eyes on the work they left
behind. This site showcases my late husband’s work…Elaine

Photographic Ideas and Emotions by Govan

“Welcome to my world of digital photography ...
a place I arrived at against my will.” …

“To me photography is a world of light, form, and textures. These elements when combined together, become an extension of our eye and mind, enabling us to express ideas and emotion.

Using a digital photographic format has enabled me to seamlessly combine the two worlds of fantasy and reality with a new versatility of transforming my conventional and/or digital photographs to unleash my ideas and emotions. All photographs on this site were taken with a digital camera and/or were digitally manipulated.

I believe that to survive as a photographer today, one must be proficient in the technical aspects of both conventional and digital photography.

Having been a photographer since 1954, I fully intended to keep my darkroom, but after purchasing my Olympus E-10, in Nov. of 2000, I have gone completely digital.”
… Andrew Govan Dantzler

All images by Andrew Govan Dantzler are copyrighted Oct. 28, 2010 Elaine Ruth Dantzler.

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