Anca Jugarean - Fine Artist

Anca Jugarean

Mississauga, ON - Canada








Anca Jugarean

Mississauga, ON - Canada

Anca Jugarean - Fine Artist

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About Anca Jugarean

Welcome to Anca Jugarean's Photography on FAA!

Naturally creative, raised and educated in an arts rich environment, my skills and artworks are the ever changing, ever growing result of being a passionate autodidact, life-long learner, perceptive and resourceful. Photography is one of my favourite choices for self expression, for visually conveying a mood, a feeling, a moment, a concept.

Taking a photograph, and then making 'the photograph' is a process in which I combine and experiment with my different loves: for color, sketch and composition, architecture, patterns and geometry, music and movement, textures, contrast and finesse.

“Carrying out the thing, getting it to the point when one might say: There, now it is good – that point is hard to reach. Often, one sets very high goals for oneself. Perhaps too high.” (Arne Jacobsen, Danish Architect, 1902 – 1971)

Born and raised in Romania, country of great culture and unique artists, I am now residing with my family in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

In the hopes that you are enjoying my online gallery, I thank you!


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Cool Day of Spring by Anca Jugarean


Free to Flee by Anca Jugarean


Dusty Snow and Geometry by Anca Jugarean


Tango in the Sky by Anca Jugarean


The Dragon by Anca Jugarean


Ripple Skies by Anca Jugarean


First to Leave Home by Anca Jugarean


Abandoned Soul by Anca Jugarean


Impasto by Anca Jugarean


Encased by Anca Jugarean


Be Blue by Anca Jugarean


Abstract by Nature by Anca Jugarean


Have a Little Faith by Anca Jugarean


Broken Heart by Anca Jugarean


Jazzy Twist by Anca Jugarean


Dusty Snow and Geometry Second Look by Anca Jugarean


Dusty Snow and Geometry Third View by Anca Jugarean


Dance of Marilyns by Anca Jugarean


Leaning on His Shoulder by Anca Jugarean


Waiting Together by Anca Jugarean


Spring of Joy by Anca Jugarean


Caressing the Stone by Anca Jugarean


The Goodness of the Earth by Anca Jugarean


Blue Potion by Anca Jugarean

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   |   Images = 30





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