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Wisconsin Nature photographers



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Pointe Of View

Mt.Pleasent, WI

United States

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This group was started on December 4th, 2012 and currently has:

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Wisconsin Nature photographers

About This Group

Nature photographers going out into Wisconsin's great outdoors to capture the many faces of Nature,because of their love of Nature, and their love of the art of photography. We take great pride in the work we do, and we would love for others to see the beauty that is outside their back doors. Our work is also for sale thru Fine Art America...

Featured Images

Christi Kraft - Inner Glow

Inner Glow

Christi Kraft

Bruce Bley - A Rose for You

A Rose for You

Bruce Bley

Michelle and John Ressler - Open Range

Open Range

Michelle and John Ressler

Jayne Gohr - White Swan

White Swan

Jayne Gohr

John Ressler - Untitled


John Ressler

Christi Kraft - Lilies of the Garden

Lilies of the Garden

Christi Kraft

Scott Norris - Curves Ahead

Curves Ahead

Scott Norris

Scott Norris - Autumn Stairs

Autumn Stairs

Scott Norris

Jill Edwards - Wood Anemone

Wood Anemone

Jill Edwards

Scott Norris - Pine Grove

Pine Grove

Scott Norris

Jayne Gohr - Pelicans Posing

Pelicans Posing

Jayne Gohr

Jill Edwards - Yin and Yang Fawns

Yin and Yang Fawns

Jill Edwards

Scott Norris - After the Rain

After the Rain

Scott Norris

Kay Novy - Zinnia Patch

Zinnia Patch

Kay Novy

Kay Novy - Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams

Kay Novy

Steve Gadomski - Foggy Morn BW

Foggy Morn BW

Steve Gadomski

Jane  Harris - Winter Barn

Winter Barn

Jane Harris