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Wall Murals-Murals of all kinds



Group Administrator

Joseph Hawkins

Spokane, WA

United States

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This group was started on May 10th, 2014 and currently has:


41 Members


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Wall Murals-Murals of all kinds

About This Group

wall murals of any medium,Your approach toward a wall,or building,or sidewalk,or fence,indoor or outdoor. Family friendly.If it takes several pictures to submit do so as some murals are rather large.

Featured Images

Christine Till - Tribute to Graffiti

Tribute to Graffiti

Christine Till

Christine Till - Graffiti Art - The Hand
Christine Till - Traces of socialist...

Traces of socialist...

Christine Till

Christine Till - Chicago
Christine Till - Graffiti in the Windy...
Christine Till - Lila Cockrell Theatre -...
Christine Till - Graffiti in Chicago IL

Graffiti in Chicago IL

Christine Till

Christine Till - Chicago Graffiti

Chicago Graffiti

Christine Till

Ann Horn - Urban Art

Urban Art

Ann Horn

Luis-Enrique Valles - Rock with Kiss

Rock with Kiss

Luis-Enrique Valles

Dy Witt - Canadian Wilderness Mural
Dy Witt - Jimi


Dy Witt

Dy Witt - Northwest Fish Mural
Dy Witt - Tree of Life--Portuguese...
Dy Witt - Grandmother Tile Mural
Dy Witt - Sunset Stampede
Bob Christopher - Piano Man

Piano Man

Bob Christopher

Ann Horn - Public Graffiti Art
Dy Witt - Herb Basket

Herb Basket

Dy Witt

Dy Witt - Sea Life Fantasy Mural
Dy Witt - Reef Fish Mural
Eva Kato - Prague Graffiti
Ann Horn - Rugby in Paris
Steve Harrington - Proud Heritage

Proud Heritage

Steve Harrington

Carol Wisniewski - Symi Harbor The Grecian...
Irina Laskin - Still Life

Still Life

Irina Laskin

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Genius 3

Graffiti Genius 3

Bob Christopher

Jim Fitzpatrick - Strange Apartment...

Strange Apartment...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Carol Wisniewski - The Rialto Bridge An...

The Rialto Bridge An...

Carol Wisniewski

Steve Harrington - On the Lincoln Highway

On the Lincoln Highway

Steve Harrington

Ann Horn - Philadelphia Reads
Bill Jonas - Track 29 Wall Mural
Linda Rae Cuthbertson - The New Baby Wall Mural

The New Baby Wall Mural

Linda Rae Cuthbertson

Bill Jonas - Archway Mural

Archway Mural

Bill Jonas

Cathy Long - Texaco Billboard

Texaco Billboard

Cathy Long

Cathy Long - Backdrop EMTOS

Backdrop EMTOS

Cathy Long

Steve Harrington - Danish Mural

Danish Mural

Steve Harrington

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Art Curitiba...

Graffiti Art Curitiba...

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Art Curitiba...

Graffiti Art Curitiba...

Bob Christopher

Joseph Hawkins - Pinnochio 3 of 4

Pinnochio 3 of 4

Joseph Hawkins

Joseph Hawkins - Pinnochio 1of4

Pinnochio 1of4

Joseph Hawkins