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The Artistic Forager



Group Administrator

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Matthews, NC

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on January 11th, 2014 and currently has:


102 Members


562 Images


15 Discussions

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The Artistic Forager

About This Group

This group welcomes Images of anything from medicinal plants to weeds, wild edibles, mushrooms, berries, and small cultivated garden treasures (along with images of other fellow foragers such as insects, wildlife, molds and fungi). All media welcome as well as open discussions about the above mentioned pertaining to holistic medicine, natural green living, folk traditions, new age herbalism, eastern and the new frontier of western medicine, etc. Walden is not lost; let us all enjoy and express our love for the many treasures so many unknowingly overlook!

Featured Images

Binka Kirova - Baby a suckling

Baby a suckling

Binka Kirova

Brandy Nicole Clark - Family of American...

Family of American...

Brandy Nicole Clark

Brandy Nicole Clark - The Golden Arachnid

The Golden Arachnid

Brandy Nicole Clark

Susanne Still - Sparkling Peyote Flower
Hartmut Jager - Primeval Forest

Primeval Forest

Hartmut Jager

Hartmut Jager - Butterfly Rendezvous

Butterfly Rendezvous

Hartmut Jager

Hartmut Jager - The Garden of Gaia

The Garden of Gaia

Hartmut Jager

Susanne Still - The Delicacy of Grace

The Delicacy of Grace

Susanne Still

Susanne Still - The Gorgeous Aster Family
Peggy Collins - A Sit Down Dinner

A Sit Down Dinner

Peggy Collins

Sharon Wilkens - Orchid 1

Orchid 1

Sharon Wilkens

Carol Avants - Fox In The Lilies

Fox In The Lilies

Carol Avants

Mike Savad - Door - The old gate
Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Welcome Spring - apple...

Welcome Spring - apple...

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Peggy Collins - Ladybug and Bleeding...
Kelley Freel-Ebner - Vintage in Bloom

Vintage in Bloom

Kelley Freel-Ebner

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - The Elusive Morel Among...

The Elusive Morel Among...

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Peggy Collins - Happy Hummer

Happy Hummer

Peggy Collins

Cathy Long - Maple Child

Maple Child

Cathy Long

Inge Riis McDonald - Snail dinner

Snail dinner

Inge Riis McDonald

Patricia Overmoyer - Morels in a Wooden Bowl

Morels in a Wooden Bowl

Patricia Overmoyer

Barbara LeMaster - The Foragers

The Foragers

Barbara LeMaster

Kenneth Heiar - May Delight

May Delight

Kenneth Heiar

France  Art - Oh Happy Day..

Oh Happy Day..

France Art

Joey Nash - Julia


Joey Nash

Christina Rollo - Hummingbird - Watercolor...
Kelley Freel-Ebner - Wild Wisteria

Wild Wisteria

Kelley Freel-Ebner

Connie Handscomb - Sweet Fragrant Love

Sweet Fragrant Love

Connie Handscomb

AAA Art - Pupple Lines

Pupple Lines


R christopher Vest - Yellow Headed Blackbird...

Yellow Headed Blackbird...

R christopher Vest

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - The Measurer

The Measurer

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Joey Nash - Skunk Woman

Skunk Woman

Joey Nash

Richard Goohs - Morels


Richard Goohs

Kelley Freel-Ebner - Vintage Blossoms

Vintage Blossoms

Kelley Freel-Ebner

Patricia Overmoyer - Morels in an Aerni Bowl

Morels in an Aerni Bowl

Patricia Overmoyer

Cynthia Guinn - Beauty By The Pond

Beauty By The Pond

Cynthia Guinn

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Morel in the Iris Bed

Morel in the Iris Bed

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Bette Orr - Mushroom Party

Mushroom Party

Bette Orr

Kathleen Struckle - Inner Softness

Inner Softness

Kathleen Struckle

Clare Bevan - Wrinkled


Clare Bevan

Barbara S Nickerson - Harmless Enough

Harmless Enough

Barbara S Nickerson

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Morel and Luna

Morel and Luna

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Fei Alexander - Appease Smile

Appease Smile

Fei Alexander

Linda Simon - Flutter Flies

Flutter Flies

Linda Simon

Holly Carmichael - Sonflowers II

Sonflowers II

Holly Carmichael

Cynthia Guinn - Beauty In The Trees

Beauty In The Trees

Cynthia Guinn

Amy Jo Garner - Birth of a Strawberry

Birth of a Strawberry

Amy Jo Garner

Lukasz Lawreszuk - Pink Tulip

Pink Tulip

Lukasz Lawreszuk

Monalisa Nayak - Sunset at Marine Drive

Sunset at Marine Drive

Monalisa Nayak

Mike Savad - Store - Westfield NJ -...
Peggy Collins - Take Time to Smell the...
Peggy Collins - Leading a Colorful Life
R christopher Vest - Great Tailed Grackle

Great Tailed Grackle

R christopher Vest

AnnaJo Vahle - Hope


AnnaJo Vahle

Inge Riis McDonald - Julia Butterfly

Julia Butterfly

Inge Riis McDonald

Monalisa Nayak - Bat in the Rain

Bat in the Rain

Monalisa Nayak

Bette Orr - Lavender Lady

Lavender Lady

Bette Orr

AAA Art - Flower Bee

Flower Bee


Ally  White - Royal Grove

Royal Grove

Ally White

Mike Potts Photography - Coexist


Mike Potts Photography

Peggy Collins - I Heart Hummingbirds

I Heart Hummingbirds

Peggy Collins

Mike Savad - Spring - A Sign of Spring
Faith Williams - Genes


Faith Williams

Gustave Kurz - Monarch Spirit

Monarch Spirit

Gustave Kurz

Mike Savad - Orient - The Japanese...
Christina Rollo - Just Looking

Just Looking

Christina Rollo

Joey Nash - Wings of Wisdom

Wings of Wisdom

Joey Nash

Carol Avants - Dragonfly


Carol Avants

Peggy Collins - Nesting


Peggy Collins

Christina Rollo - Fiery Fox

Fiery Fox

Christina Rollo

Jeffrey Koss -   Red Cardinals Nest
Fei Alexander - The Greenish

The Greenish

Fei Alexander

Cynthia Guinn - Common Crowned Pigeon

Common Crowned Pigeon

Cynthia Guinn

Marty Fancy - Tasty


Marty Fancy

Gustave Kurz - Put Your Hand In the...
Mike Savad - Autumn - Pumpkin -...
Stanza Widen - Fly Through a Troubled...
Barbara LeMaster - Seeking The Rose Of...

Seeking The Rose Of...

Barbara LeMaster

Connie Handscomb - Petal Cloud

Petal Cloud

Connie Handscomb

Kathleen Struckle - Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Kathleen Struckle

Amy Jo Garner - Orange Rose

Orange Rose

Amy Jo Garner

Kathleen Struckle - Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden's

Kathleen Struckle

Gustave Kurz - Flying Beauty

Flying Beauty

Gustave Kurz

AAA Art - Getting Down

Getting Down


Adele Buttolph - Coneflower Pollen Trail
France  Art - A Golden Moment

A Golden Moment

France Art

Faith Williams - Frog in Blankie

Frog in Blankie

Faith Williams

Jane Eleanor Nicholas - The Pollinator - bee on...

The Pollinator - bee on...

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Conny Sirmon - Bee


Conny Sirmon

Mike Savad - Autumn - Pumpkin - The...
Mike Savad - Flower - Clematis -...
AAA Art - Green Cat

Green Cat


AAA Art - Nature
Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Winter Light

Winter Light

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Mike Savad - Orchid -  Phalaenopsis -...
Amy Jo Garner - Sun Worshipper

Sun Worshipper

Amy Jo Garner

Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Summer Lost

Summer Lost

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Judi Bagwell - Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia

Judi Bagwell

Aimelle  - Dream It... Believe It -...
Mike Savad - Flower - Bird of...
Gustave Kurz - Spring Series Just Duckie
R christopher Vest - Dawn At The Meadow Marsh...

Dawn At The Meadow Marsh...

R christopher Vest

Connie Handscomb - Her Big Green Heart

Her Big Green Heart

Connie Handscomb

Cynthia Guinn - Farm In Virginia

Farm In Virginia

Cynthia Guinn

Cynthia Guinn - Enjoying The View

Enjoying The View

Cynthia Guinn

Cynthia Guinn - Yellow Rump Warbler

Yellow Rump Warbler

Cynthia Guinn

Faith Williams - Nature

Nature's Creation

Faith Williams

Christina Rollo - Art of Hummingbird Flight
France  Art - The Sisters

The Sisters

France Art

AAA Art - Flower
Conny Sirmon - Sunflower Sketch

Sunflower Sketch

Conny Sirmon

Conny Sirmon - Walking Stick

Walking Stick

Conny Sirmon

Mike Savad - Flower - Flower -...
Gustave Kurz - Mangroovie The Tree

Mangroovie The Tree

Gustave Kurz

Carol Avants - On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond

Carol Avants

Gustave Kurz - Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar

Gustave Kurz

Mike Savad - Flower - Iris - A...
Stanza Widen - Mars Butterfly Effect
Faith Williams - Oh BANANA


Faith Williams

R christopher Vest - Pastoral Meadow With...

Pastoral Meadow With...

R christopher Vest

Mike Savad - Flower - Lotus -...
Mike Savad - Flower - Iris - Orchestra
Gustave Kurz - Escape Route Atlantic
R christopher Vest - Colorado Hummingbird...

Colorado Hummingbird...

R christopher Vest

R christopher Vest - Caliope Hummingbird With...

Caliope Hummingbird With...

R christopher Vest

Cynthia Guinn - A Pink Flower

A Pink Flower

Cynthia Guinn

Connie Handscomb - Saffron - Centre Stage

Saffron - Centre Stage

Connie Handscomb

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Oaks Grabbing Marsh

Oaks Grabbing Marsh

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Mike Savad - Flower - Orchid - The...
Mike Savad - Flower - Orchid -...
Mike Savad - Flower - Peony

Flower - Peony

Mike Savad

Debbie Stahre - Hard At Work

Hard At Work

Debbie Stahre

Melissa Herrin - Blueberries


Melissa Herrin

Gustave Kurz - Abstract On The Wing
Gustave Kurz - Hanging Six

Hanging Six

Gustave Kurz

Gustave Kurz - Under The Wings

Under The Wings

Gustave Kurz

Gustave Kurz - Birdwing and Orchid

Birdwing and Orchid

Gustave Kurz

Faith Williams - Sprout


Faith Williams

Leah Moore - Edge of the World
Cynthia Guinn - Winter Time At The Beach
AAA Art - Twists Together
Paul Green - Eryngium giganteum
Paul Green - Bees on Lavender

Bees on Lavender

Paul Green

Paul Green - Crocus and Bee

Crocus and Bee

Paul Green

AAA Art - Colorful leaves
Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Mr. Hoene

Mr. Hoene's Ghost

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

France  Art - Mediterranean Lunch
Christina Rollo - Tufted Titmouse -...

Tufted Titmouse -...

Christina Rollo

France  Art - Canal Reflections
Gerald Strine - The Story Of The...

The Story Of The...

Gerald Strine

Richard Goohs - Emerging Shoot

Emerging Shoot

Richard Goohs

Mike Savad - Flower - Sunflower - The...
Gustave Kurz - The Beauty

The Beauty

Gustave Kurz

Mike Savad - Orchid - Will the...
AAA Art - Earth Under Destruction
Mike Savad - Flower - Sunflower - The...
AAA Art - Where to go now
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Apiary - The...
Cathy Long - Extra Lucky

Extra Lucky

Cathy Long

Mike Savad - Kitchen - Momma
Cheryl Baxter - Deer Face

Deer Face

Cheryl Baxter

Christina Rollo - Conspicuous Bandit

Conspicuous Bandit

Christina Rollo

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - The Hummingbird Gets the...

The Hummingbird Gets the...

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

France  Art - Summer Bliss

Summer Bliss

France Art

Barbara S Nickerson - Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Barbara S Nickerson

France  Art - Menton Citrus Festival
Mike Savad - Kitchen - Outdoor Kitchen
Connie Handscomb - Druid


Connie Handscomb

France  Art - The Wine Cave

The Wine Cave

France Art

Mike Savad - Food - Kitchen...
Ally  White - Eye Like Apples

Eye Like Apples

Ally White

France  Art - Almost Ready

Almost Ready

France Art

Kathleen Struckle - The Tapestry Cat

The Tapestry Cat

Kathleen Struckle

Kathleen Struckle - Spring Glow

Spring Glow

Kathleen Struckle

Mike Savad - Kitchen -  Colonial...
France  Art - Dancers Danced Musicians...
Mike Savad - Flower - Orchid -...
Cheryl Hoyle - Brilliance in Orange
Rona Black - Portrait of a Dandelion
Debbie Stahre - Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Debbie Stahre

Richard Goohs - Wild Mushroom

Wild Mushroom

Richard Goohs

France  Art - Local Sunny Honey
Cheryl Hoyle - Bee and Allium

Bee and Allium

Cheryl Hoyle

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Creepy - Eye...
Cheryl Hoyle - Bracket Fungus

Bracket Fungus

Cheryl Hoyle

Richard Goohs - Chanterelles


Richard Goohs

Gustave Kurz - Moonflower Star

Moonflower Star

Gustave Kurz

Cathy Long - Bee Still

Bee Still

Cathy Long

Edser Thomas - Summer Fuzz

Summer Fuzz

Edser Thomas

Christina Rollo - Birds - American Robin -...
Connie Handscomb - Iris Sang

Iris Sang

Connie Handscomb

Gustave Kurz - Ibis Flight 1

Ibis Flight 1

Gustave Kurz

Rivkah Honeysgirl - Botanical Mushroom in a...

Botanical Mushroom in a...

Rivkah Honeysgirl

Richard Goohs - Pomegranate


Richard Goohs

Jean Noren - Well Lit Fungi

Well Lit Fungi

Jean Noren

Jean Noren - Leaning Fungi

Leaning Fungi

Jean Noren

Jean Noren - Lifting her Skirt
Debbie Stahre - Picking Berries

Picking Berries

Debbie Stahre

Connie Handscomb - Springtime In Motion

Springtime In Motion

Connie Handscomb

Peggy Collins - Lovely Bunch of Bananas
Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Box Of Gourds

Box Of Gourds

Thomas MacPherson Jr

Judi Bagwell - Satsumas


Judi Bagwell

Mike Savad - Pharmacy - Indigestion...
Joey Nash - Anthurium Assassins
Joey Nash - Tapestry


Joey Nash

Alberto Thirion - Southwest Art Canvas...

Southwest Art Canvas...

Alberto Thirion

Ally  White - Plucked Peacock

Plucked Peacock

Ally White

Peggy Collins - Poisonous Looking...

Poisonous Looking...

Peggy Collins

Carol Avants - Raven


Carol Avants

Christina Rollo - Sunflower - Good Morning...
Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Pawpaw - nature...

Pawpaw - nature...

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Robert Weiman - Gentle


Robert Weiman

Carol Avants - Bliss


Carol Avants

Barbara S Nickerson - Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty

Barbara S Nickerson

James Guentner - Pennsylvania Fungi Dance
Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Drunken Snails

Drunken Snails

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Cathy Long - Cat Tails 1

Cat Tails 1

Cathy Long

Ana Maria Edulescu - Royal Monarch Butterfly...

Royal Monarch Butterfly...

Ana Maria Edulescu

France  Art - Wine Country

Wine Country

France Art

Alberto Thirion - Western Art Dallas Texas

Western Art Dallas Texas

Alberto Thirion

Alberto Thirion - Southwest Art Las Cruces...
Barbara S Nickerson - Abstract Foraging

Abstract Foraging

Barbara S Nickerson

Patricia Overmoyer - Fiddleheads


Patricia Overmoyer

Barbara S Nickerson - Awesome Possum

Awesome Possum

Barbara S Nickerson

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Sigil for Serenity

Sigil for Serenity

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Peggy Collins - Black-Tailed Deer Fawn
Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - The Snake Doctor

The Snake Doctor

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Diana Powell - Magic Oak

Magic Oak

Diana Powell

Denise Mazzocco - Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures

Denise Mazzocco

Kelsie Kessick - Spring Meets Winter

Spring Meets Winter

Kelsie Kessick

Edser Thomas - Fungi - 2 of 3

Fungi - 2 of 3

Edser Thomas

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Chanterelles


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Gustave Kurz - Dark Stars

Dark Stars

Gustave Kurz

Ally  White - Inside the Mind of a...
Christina Rollo - Sunrise Spiral Fern

Sunrise Spiral Fern

Christina Rollo

Ally  White - Mushroom Delight

Mushroom Delight

Ally White

Carol Avants - On The Water Front

On The Water Front

Carol Avants

Kelly Hazel - Untitled


Kelly Hazel

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Wood Duck at Peace

Wood Duck at Peace

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Joey Nash - Gardener

Gardener's Eden

Joey Nash

Steve Harrington - Regarding Retirement

Regarding Retirement

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington - The Inner Weed

The Inner Weed

Steve Harrington

Kelly Hazel - Tobacco Hornworm

Tobacco Hornworm

Kelly Hazel

Debbie Stahre - Mink


Debbie Stahre

Mike Savad - Doctor - Remedies for...
Cheryl Hoyle - Red Currants

Red Currants

Cheryl Hoyle

Steve Harrington - Winter Mink

Winter Mink

Steve Harrington

Joey Nash - The Stump

The Stump

Joey Nash

Leah Moore - Winter Lights

Winter Lights

Leah Moore

Leah Moore - Lay Me Down

Lay Me Down

Leah Moore

Matthew Seufer -  Colorful Wild Berries
Gail Heffron - Asian Fruit

Asian Fruit

Gail Heffron

Gustave Kurz - Spirit of The Cypress
Gail Heffron - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Gail Heffron

Mike Savad - Doctor - Alchemy made...
Miro Gradinscak - Cheeta


Miro Gradinscak

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Fight of the Hummingbirds

Fight of the Hummingbirds

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Theresa  Asher - With Love - Endure

With Love - Endure

Theresa Asher

Mike Savad - Doctor - Oil Essences
Priya Ghose - Gulf Fritillary...

Gulf Fritillary...

Priya Ghose

Priya Ghose - Honeybee And Anemone
Priya Ghose - Swallowtail Caterpillar
Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Morels Among Mayapples

Morels Among Mayapples

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Clif Jackson - I Smell A Rat

I Smell A Rat

Clif Jackson

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Boletus Edulis

Boletus Edulis

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Debbie Stahre - In the Pink

In the Pink

Debbie Stahre

Debbie Stahre - Rose Hips

Rose Hips

Debbie Stahre

Mike Savad - Chemist - The Apparatus
Marty Saccone - Male Mosquito

Male Mosquito

Marty Saccone

Leah Moore - I
Marty Saccone - Bumblebee on Thistle...
Mike Savad - Winter - Westfield NJ -...
Theresa  Asher - With Love - Bewitched...
Theresa  Asher - With Love - Coral Fungi
Theresa  Asher - With Love - Grounded

With Love - Grounded

Theresa Asher

Patricia Overmoyer - White Mulberries-I

White Mulberries-I

Patricia Overmoyer

Rona Black - At Work

At Work

Rona Black

Rona Black - Bumblebee on Lavender
Mike Savad - Doctor - The medical...
Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - Involuntary Mushroom...

Involuntary Mushroom...

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen - 17 year Cicada With Morel

17 year Cicada With Morel

Alexandria Weaselwise Busen

Lorelle Gromus - Lamella - Mushroom Gills