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South Carolina Artists



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Joseph C Hinson Photography

Columbia, SC

United States

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This group was started on May 7th, 2011 and currently has:

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South Carolina Artists

About This Group

The Best of South Carolina

A site to show the world what great talent South Carolina produces. Unlike The American Southeast group I also admin, the SCA group is not limited to showing locations that are easy to idenify as a geographical locaton. This is for the people of South Carolina to showcase their talents. However, if you visit our great state, feel free to submitt your artwork OF the state as well.

To help me out, please add a location to your profile if you are currently a South Carolina resident or relevant keywords or descriptions to the images if they show a South Carolina scene.

There are only a few guidelines I have --

1.) Family friendly images.
2.) Quality.over quanity.
3.) Three images a day, but please limit submitting similiar images at the same time.Keep in mind that the images go in the group just as you submit them. So please no 'minor variations' of shots at the same time, including a color *and* a B&W shot of the same image back to back.

If you feel I have rejected an image unfairly, I do not mind a message asking for clarification and/or reconsideration.

In keeping with the suggestions of FAA staff, I will work hard to keep the Featured Images on the front page to around 30 -- no more than 40 -- images. While I tend to view the image without looking at the name, I will try to feature as amny different people as I can.

Featured Images

Shirley Radabaugh - South Boundary in Spring

South Boundary in Spring

Shirley Radabaugh

Dale Powell - Southern Angel

Southern Angel

Dale Powell

Lisa Wooten - Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge

Lisa Wooten

Phill  Doherty - The Big Chill Arrives

The Big Chill Arrives

Phill Doherty

Lisa Wooten - Train Trestle

Train Trestle

Lisa Wooten

Patricia Greer - Seed Jars Two

Seed Jars Two

Patricia Greer

Todd Baxter - Flower

Flower's seafood

Todd Baxter

Bellesouth Studio - Marching Band Encaustic

Marching Band Encaustic

Bellesouth Studio

Mike Covington - Cooper River Sunset

Cooper River Sunset

Mike Covington

Alan Sherlock - Big Tuna Morning

Big Tuna Morning

Alan Sherlock

Alan Sherlock - Georgetown Christmas

Georgetown Christmas

Alan Sherlock

Charles Hite - Glass and Light

Glass and Light

Charles Hite

Matthew Trudeau - Southern Charm

Southern Charm

Matthew Trudeau

Steven Richardson - Field Of Beams

Field Of Beams

Steven Richardson

Matthew Trudeau - Day Break

Day Break

Matthew Trudeau

Bellesouth Studio - Campbell

Campbell's Bridge SC

Bellesouth Studio

Steven Faucette - Greenville

Greenville's West End

Steven Faucette

Kimberly Smith - America the bleeding

America the bleeding

Kimberly Smith

Dwayne  Graham - Magic Attic

Magic Attic

Dwayne Graham

Kimberly Dawn Clayton - Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

Kimberly Dawn Clayton

Larry Bishop - Inn


Larry Bishop

Susan Cliett - Bird Marriage

Bird Marriage

Susan Cliett