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Ravens and Crows



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Christine StPierre

Standish, ME

United States

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This group was started on February 28th, 2013 and currently has:

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Ravens and Crows

About This Group

These birds both have a bad rap on this planet, but both have an essential part in the wilderness. This group is to show the beauty and relation to the world that they belong to. Any medium is welcome.

Featured Images

Derrick Higgins - Cool Sip

Cool Sip

Derrick Higgins

Judi Bagwell - Saucy Jackdaw

Saucy Jackdaw

Judi Bagwell

Rona Black - The Birds

The Birds

Rona Black

Stanza Widen - Hungry Hill

Hungry Hill

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Raven

Raven's Gather

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - The Hazelton Range

The Hazelton Range

Stanza Widen

Maria Urso  - Black Crow 15-02

Black Crow 15-02

Maria Urso

Terry Webb Harshman - Nearing Midnight

Nearing Midnight

Terry Webb Harshman

Christine StPierre - Raven And Runes

Raven And Runes

Christine StPierre

Stanza Widen - A Winter

A Winter's Tale

Stanza Widen

Robin Cobb - Crows Welcome

Crows Welcome

Robin Cobb

Cassandra Dolen - Mates for Life

Mates for Life

Cassandra Dolen

Barbara Remensnyder - Wings Of Wisdom

Wings Of Wisdom

Barbara Remensnyder

Beverley Harper Tinsley - I Am A Crow

I Am A Crow

Beverley Harper Tinsley

David Ladmore - Crow 7

Crow 7

David Ladmore

David Ladmore - Crow 6

Crow 6

David Ladmore

David Ladmore - Crow 2

Crow 2

David Ladmore

David Ladmore - Crow 5

Crow 5

David Ladmore

David Ladmore - Crow 8

Crow 8

David Ladmore

David Ladmore - Crow 9

Crow 9

David Ladmore

Derrick Higgins - Raven Song

Raven Song

Derrick Higgins

Cheryl Hoyle - Favorite Spot

Favorite Spot

Cheryl Hoyle

Cheryl Hoyle - Story Pole

Story Pole

Cheryl Hoyle

Cheryl Hoyle - Crow in the Bucket

Crow in the Bucket

Cheryl Hoyle

Cheryl Hoyle - Crowned Corvid

Crowned Corvid

Cheryl Hoyle

Maria Urso  - The Raven II

The Raven II

Maria Urso

Stanza Widen - Raven Holds the Sun

Raven Holds the Sun

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Fire in The Sky

Fire in The Sky

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Raven Looked Down

Raven Looked Down

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Winter Valley Raven

Winter Valley Raven

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Raven Brought Light

Raven Brought Light

Stanza Widen

Dana Thomas - Sinaloa


Dana Thomas

IM Spadecaller - All Hallows

All Hallows' Eve

IM Spadecaller

Susan Galassi - Alone


Susan Galassi

Bob and Kathy Frank - Black Birds

Black Birds

Bob and Kathy Frank

Silver Wolf Trading Post - Raven Calling the Dawn

Raven Calling the Dawn

Silver Wolf Trading Post

Christian Klute - The Raven IIl

The Raven IIl

Christian Klute

Christine StPierre - Raven Yellow

Raven Yellow

Christine StPierre

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Door Knobs And Hinges Son

Door Knobs And Hinges Son

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Christian Klute - The Raven

The Raven

Christian Klute

Christian Klute - The Raven Il

The Raven Il

Christian Klute

Creartful Dodger -  A Crow is not a Bird

A Crow is not a Bird

Creartful Dodger

Creartful Dodger - Water Tower

Water Tower

Creartful Dodger

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Crow At Dawn

Crow At Dawn

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Marie Jamieson - Quote the Raven

Quote the Raven

Marie Jamieson

Bryan Hanson - Crow - Raven

Crow - Raven

Bryan Hanson

Derrick Higgins - Black Watch

Black Watch

Derrick Higgins

Bryan Hanson - Crows Cleaning

Crows Cleaning

Bryan Hanson

Bryan Hanson - Waiting


Bryan Hanson

Bryan Hanson - Crow


Bryan Hanson

Derrick Higgins - Raven Head

Raven Head

Derrick Higgins

Derrick Higgins - Thirsty Crow

Thirsty Crow

Derrick Higgins

Mr Bennett Kent - Old Blue Eyes the Raven

Old Blue Eyes the Raven

Mr Bennett Kent

Derrick Higgins - Raven Cloud Dancer

Raven Cloud Dancer

Derrick Higgins

Karen Whitworth - Raven in the Stillness

Raven in the Stillness

Karen Whitworth

Bill  Wakeley - Common Raven Square

Common Raven Square

Bill Wakeley

Bill  Wakeley - As The Crow Flies

As The Crow Flies

Bill Wakeley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Crow Ho Ho

Crow Ho Ho

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Bruce J Robinson - Pied Crow

Pied Crow

Bruce J Robinson

Bruce J Robinson - Flight of the Raven

Flight of the Raven

Bruce J Robinson

Derrick Higgins - Hitchhiker Drawing

Hitchhiker Drawing

Derrick Higgins

Derrick Higgins - Talking Raven

Talking Raven

Derrick Higgins

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Shadowland Visitor

Shadowland Visitor

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Kerri Ann Crau - Raven Love

Raven Love

Kerri Ann Crau

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Special Treat

Special Treat

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Quoi


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Intent


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Just Walking Along

Just Walking Along

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Barbara Manis - Common Raven

Common Raven

Barbara Manis

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Quoi II

Quoi II

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Frank Loria - Absence


Frank Loria

Judy Moon - Raven Moon

Raven Moon

Judy Moon

Judy Moon - Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Judy Moon

Christine StPierre - Candle and Crow

Candle and Crow

Christine StPierre

Dave Weth - Crow sillouette

Crow sillouette

Dave Weth

Sigurdur Aegisson - Hungry Raven Chicks Iceland

Hungry Raven Chicks Iceland

Sigurdur Aegisson

Lois Bryan - American Crow

American Crow

Lois Bryan

Robin Cobb - Patience


Robin Cobb

Robin Cobb - Calling


Robin Cobb

Christine StPierre - Bronze Raven

Bronze Raven

Christine StPierre

Rona Black - The Raven

The Raven

Rona Black

Kym Backland - Crow Silhouette

Crow Silhouette

Kym Backland

Derrick Higgins - Contemplation


Derrick Higgins

Derrick Higgins - Raven


Derrick Higgins

Derrick Higgins - Morning flight

Morning flight

Derrick Higgins

Derrick Higgins - Hitchhiker


Derrick Higgins