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Painted Landscapes



Group Administrator

AJ Devlin

Murfreesboro, TN

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on October 8th, 2011 and currently has:


492 Members


7,016 Images


161 Discussions

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Painted Landscapes

About This Group

Landscapes Oils, Watercolors,Pastels,Acrylics, mixed media no photographs ,no digital art ,or digital altered Limit to 5 images per day

Featured Images

Cynthia Adams - The Old Homestead.

The Old Homestead.

Cynthia Adams

James Shepherd - Lavender curve

Lavender curve

James Shepherd

Lynda Robinson - The Goulburn at McLarty
Michael Frank - Shaw
Collette Bortolin - Moab Utah

Moab Utah

Collette Bortolin

Lynda Robinson - A Wickham Misty Morning
Tanya Filichkin - Ulua Beach.Maui

Ulua Beach.Maui

Tanya Filichkin

Drinka Mercep - Landscape Road Grass...
Lee Bowman - Deep Pool in The Blue...
Rob Beilby - Lobstermans Maine...
Jeanne Fischer - Harvest Moon1

Harvest Moon1

Jeanne Fischer

Aditi Bhatt - Close to home

Close to home

Aditi Bhatt

R W Goetting - Hidin
Kendall Kessler - Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers

Kendall Kessler

Devin Hunter - Jet Skii Island

Jet Skii Island

Devin Hunter

Aditi Bhatt - Feeling the earth

Feeling the earth

Aditi Bhatt

Belinda Low - Spring in my Heart

Spring in my Heart

Belinda Low

Anastasija Kraineva - Intoxicating sweet

Intoxicating sweet

Anastasija Kraineva

Anthony Mwangi - Dry tree and two Roads

Dry tree and two Roads

Anthony Mwangi

Ida Eriksen - Forest By Sunlight

Forest By Sunlight

Ida Eriksen

Jodi Murphy - Separ Road Crag

Separ Road Crag

Jodi Murphy

Christopher Delni-Offord - Coming home

Coming home

Christopher Delni-Offord

Ida Eriksen - Four Trees

Four Trees

Ida Eriksen

Chaline Ouellet - Myrtle Edwards Park

Myrtle Edwards Park

Chaline Ouellet

Devin Hunter - Oak


Devin Hunter

Tanya Filichkin - Far Away Mountains

Far Away Mountains

Tanya Filichkin

Elise Palmigiani - Blue Hills

Blue Hills

Elise Palmigiani

Lee Piper - Rocky Mountain Stream
Kendall Kessler - Stream


Kendall Kessler

Dan Wagner - Lightning and Thunder...
Martin Davey - Feeding the Ducks at...
Brenda Bliss - North Head

North Head

Brenda Bliss

R W Goetting - Gold Coast

Gold Coast

R W Goetting

Bob Williams - Valley Vignette

Valley Vignette

Bob Williams

Thao Le - Moonscape


Thao Le

Allan P Friedlander - Changing World

Changing World

Allan P Friedlander

Anne Katzeff - Sergi

Sergi's Sunflowers

Anne Katzeff

Michael Frank - Forest Park Footbridge
Barbara Ebeling - Caldas de Monchique...

Caldas de Monchique...

Barbara Ebeling

Daniel Butler - Fla Osceola Turkey-...
Bonnie Mason - Mountain Spring-...

Mountain Spring-...

Bonnie Mason

AJ Devlin - Sheep In Pasture
MarLa Hoover - Riding The Night Wind
Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Red Poppies

Abstract Red Poppies

Ana Maria Edulescu

Daniel Butler - Sweet Alabama - Mountain...
Irina Sztukowski - California Landscapes...

California Landscapes...

Irina Sztukowski

Cynthia Adams - Forest of Tranquility

Forest of Tranquility

Cynthia Adams

Gertrudes  Asplund - Sunrise beach in Gig...

Sunrise beach in Gig...

Gertrudes Asplund

Martin Howard - Slapton Lock

Slapton Lock

Martin Howard

Christopher Delni-Offord - Rendezvoux


Christopher Delni-Offord

Madelaine Alter - Fairwell Creek

Fairwell Creek

Madelaine Alter

Michael Britton - My Beach Hut in Gokarna

My Beach Hut in Gokarna

Michael Britton

Michael Frank - Waikiki Beach Marina

Waikiki Beach Marina

Michael Frank

Talya Johnson - Girls will be Girls

Girls will be Girls

Talya Johnson

Charles Pompilius - Negwegon Sunset

Negwegon Sunset

Charles Pompilius

Harvey Rogosin - Sepia Sunset

Sepia Sunset

Harvey Rogosin

Joan Swanson - Snow at Bay Head

Snow at Bay Head

Joan Swanson

Karen Whitworth - Awakening - Sleeping...

Awakening - Sleeping...

Karen Whitworth

Mary Lynne Powers - Deep Woods

Deep Woods

Mary Lynne Powers

G Kutil - Afternoon Glow
Bill Dinkins - Autumn on Honey Run

Autumn on Honey Run

Bill Dinkins

Mary Lynne Powers - Old Florida 3

Old Florida 3

Mary Lynne Powers

Bill Dinkins - Stream at Honey Run

Stream at Honey Run

Bill Dinkins

AJ Devlin - Stream 2

Stream 2

AJ Devlin

Lee Bowman - Sky Lake

Sky Lake

Lee Bowman

Daniel Butler - Okeechobee Marsh-Soul of...
Mikhail Savchenko - Heaven


Mikhail Savchenko

AJ Devlin - Stream 1

Stream 1

AJ Devlin

Sean Conlon - The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel

Sean Conlon

Harvey Rogosin - On the Path to Chatham...
Michael Britton - Trees by a River Number 3
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Brush


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Lee Bowman - Appalachian Scene
Elizabeth B Tucker  - Merced River

Merced River

Elizabeth B Tucker

Michael Frank - Shaw
Dan Wagner - Fly for me

Fly for me

Dan Wagner

Bob Williams - Just the Perfect Day
Lee Nixon - Nixon
Lee Piper - Storm on Mount Desert...
Warren Thompson - The Marshes of Ipswich...
Natalie Holland - My Heavenly Hideout

My Heavenly Hideout

Natalie Holland

Michael Frank - The Cardinal

The Cardinal

Michael Frank

Patty Kay Hall - Newport Bridge View...

Newport Bridge View...

Patty Kay Hall

Martin Howard - Adnams Brewery

Adnams Brewery

Martin Howard

Michael Frank - Forest Brook

Forest Brook

Michael Frank

Christopher Delni-Offord - Moon Stream

Moon Stream

Christopher Delni-Offord

Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Spring in France

Spring in France

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Jacques Boutin - Mer du Nord

Mer du Nord

Jacques Boutin

Michael Britton - Dragon Cafe on Om Beach

Dragon Cafe on Om Beach

Michael Britton

G Kutil - Alpenglow


G Kutil

Martin Howard - Sunset Reflections On Ice
Rick Todaro - Cafe
Dan Wagner - The Path

The Path

Dan Wagner

AJ Devlin - Old Barn

Old Barn

AJ Devlin

Jo Appleby - Looking at Moo

Looking at Moo

Jo Appleby

Hazel Holland - Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

Hazel Holland

Warren Thompson - Resting Place

Resting Place

Warren Thompson

AJ Devlin - House on the Horizion
David Lloyd Glover - Lake Of Silence

Lake Of Silence

David Lloyd Glover

Michael Frank - Valley of the Sparrows
Henryk Gorecki - Spring Flood

Spring Flood

Henryk Gorecki

Rick Todaro - Starry Night Over The...
David Lloyd Glover - Pergola Walkway

Pergola Walkway

David Lloyd Glover

Patty Kay Hall - Gooseberry Beach Newport...
Charlie Spear - Pipe Creek Hollow

Pipe Creek Hollow

Charlie Spear

Sharon  De Vore - Trees at Night

Trees at Night

Sharon De Vore

David Lloyd Glover - Beverly Hills Roses

Beverly Hills Roses

David Lloyd Glover

Michelle Pope - Country Morning

Country Morning

Michelle Pope

Carol Wisniewski - Tuscany Villa

Tuscany Villa

Carol Wisniewski

Thao Le - Lewisville Lake Afternoon
Lee Piper - Grandpa

Grandpa's Barn

Lee Piper

Asha Carolyn Young - Yellow Fields and...

Yellow Fields and...

Asha Carolyn Young

Dan Wagner - Christmas sledding
Carol Wisniewski - Lead My Way

Lead My Way

Carol Wisniewski

Stefan Boettcher - Miniature I

Miniature I

Stefan Boettcher

Joan Coffey - Victoria  Avenue Walkway
Lee Nixon - Nixon
Henryk Gorecki - Church Winter Sunset

Church Winter Sunset

Henryk Gorecki

R W Goetting - Tia Dalma
Sarah Dowson - Lone Tree

Lone Tree

Sarah Dowson

Phillip Castaldi - Little Village Under the...
Charles Pompilius - Tawas Point Light

Tawas Point Light

Charles Pompilius

Allan P Friedlander - Summertime


Allan P Friedlander

Irving Starr - Bridge in a Garden

Bridge in a Garden

Irving Starr

Shasta Eone - GOLDEN  FLOW - fine art...
Cynthia Adams - How Green is my Valley
Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Sunset Travelling

Sunset Travelling

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Ana Maria Edulescu - Barcelona View At...

Barcelona View At...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Ellen Levinson - A Path Through The Woods...
James Shepherd - Autumn Red

Autumn Red

James Shepherd

Martin Howard - Waiting For Snow

Waiting For Snow

Martin Howard

David Lloyd Glover - Royal Garden

Royal Garden

David Lloyd Glover

R W Goetting - Montana De Oro at sunset
Greg Mason Burns - Marumbi Station

Marumbi Station

Greg Mason Burns

Robert Rohrich - Urban Island Palms

Urban Island Palms

Robert Rohrich

R W Goetting - Scopello III

Scopello III

R W Goetting

Stefan Boettcher - Lopud Walking Trail

Lopud Walking Trail

Stefan Boettcher

Alexandra Kopp - Olive Orchard

Olive Orchard

Alexandra Kopp

Panna Paintings - Windmill


Panna Paintings

Henryk Gorecki - The Oak Forest

The Oak Forest

Henryk Gorecki

Martin Howard - Ashridge Woods 2

Ashridge Woods 2

Martin Howard

Arnab  De - Sky High

Sky High

Arnab De

John Friday - Peace Be With You

Peace Be With You

John Friday

Lee Bowman - Soft Spring Day

Soft Spring Day

Lee Bowman

Frank Townsley - Gastown


Frank Townsley

Hazel Holland - Springtime


Hazel Holland

David Lloyd Glover - Maui Sunset

Maui Sunset

David Lloyd Glover

Jerod  Kytah - Majestik Twilight

Majestik Twilight

Jerod Kytah

Michelle Pope - Forrest Sunset

Forrest Sunset

Michelle Pope

Martin Howard - Winter Visitors

Winter Visitors

Martin Howard

Warren Thompson - Destination


Warren Thompson

Lee Bowman - Misty Magic Forest
Thao Le - Two Oaks

Two Oaks

Thao Le

Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Rising moon

Rising moon

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Michael Frank - Lazy Stream

Lazy Stream

Michael Frank

R W Goetting - Little red oak tree

Little red oak tree

R W Goetting

Thao Le - Sunset Oaks

Sunset Oaks

Thao Le

David Lloyd Glover - Afternoon Delight -...

Afternoon Delight -...

David Lloyd Glover

Carol Boss - Kona Hawaii

Kona Hawaii

Carol Boss

Michael Frank - Pathway Through the...
Becky Chappell - Broomfield Sky

Broomfield Sky

Becky Chappell

Michael Frank - River

River's Edge

Michael Frank

Anastasija Kraineva - Contemplation


Anastasija Kraineva

Mary Lynne Powers - Old Florida 2

Old Florida 2

Mary Lynne Powers

Martin Howard - Early Winter Riverside
Mikhail Savchenko - Romance


Mikhail Savchenko

Jean Messner - Shangri La

Shangri La

Jean Messner

AJ Devlin - White house

White house

AJ Devlin

Mikhail Savchenko - Misty Hills

Misty Hills

Mikhail Savchenko

Caia Matheson - Tranquil


Caia Matheson

Dominique Amendola - Lilies in india

Lilies in india

Dominique Amendola

Ellen Levinson - Down the Road a Piece

Down the Road a Piece

Ellen Levinson

Cynthia Adams - Hades Afire

Hades Afire

Cynthia Adams

James Shepherd - Pathway


James Shepherd

Lee Bowman - It Was A Dark and Stormy...
Michael Frank - Bridges of Forest Park
AJ Devlin - city Park

city Park

AJ Devlin

Mikhail Savchenko - Spring


Mikhail Savchenko

Luigi Maria De Rubeis - Hidden lake

Hidden lake

Luigi Maria De Rubeis

Ronald Wilkie - Autumn On The Grand

Autumn On The Grand

Ronald Wilkie

Dan Wagner - Winter Eagle in flight
R W Goetting - Paradiso


R W Goetting

Barbara Pirkle - Edge of the Lily Pond

Edge of the Lily Pond

Barbara Pirkle

Natalia Bardi - First snow

First snow

Natalia Bardi

R W Goetting - Zephyr II

Zephyr II

R W Goetting

Bill Holkham - Turnberry Golf Course...
David Lloyd Glover - Fields Of Iris

Fields Of Iris

David Lloyd Glover

Charlie Spear - Pale Moon

Pale Moon

Charlie Spear

Zelma Hensel - At the Farm

At the Farm

Zelma Hensel

James Shepherd - Old Jetty

Old Jetty

James Shepherd

Bill Holkham - Portland Head Lighthouse...
Ida Eriksen - The Tree

The Tree

Ida Eriksen

Nina Mitkova - Winter


Nina Mitkova

Brendan Ludlow - A Calm Moment

A Calm Moment

Brendan Ludlow

Carol Wisniewski - MacGregors Barn pstl

MacGregors Barn pstl

Carol Wisniewski

Anastasiya Malakhova - Drome Provence

Drome Provence

Anastasiya Malakhova

Martin Davey - Dorset Countryside...
Cynthia Adams - Old Covered Bridge.

Old Covered Bridge.

Cynthia Adams

Carol Wisniewski - A Tree For Thee

A Tree For Thee

Carol Wisniewski

Ellen Levinson - Night Magic

Night Magic

Ellen Levinson

Charles Pompilius - From Point Lookout Au...

From Point Lookout Au...

Charles Pompilius

Talya Johnson - Gold Lining - Chugach...
Stefan Boettcher - Winter Landscape at Dusk

Winter Landscape at Dusk

Stefan Boettcher

Carol Berning - North View of the Pond
Christy Collins - Glacial Lake

Glacial Lake

Christy Collins

Charlie Spear - Warm Moon

Warm Moon

Charlie Spear

R W Goetting - Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast

R W Goetting

Chuck Kemp - Red Barn 2

Red Barn 2

Chuck Kemp

Dan Wagner - Ride the wind

Ride the wind

Dan Wagner

Anne Katzeff - Olana Overlook

Olana Overlook

Anne Katzeff

Hazel Holland - Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Forest

Hazel Holland

Catalina Somolinos - Tree Studies I

Tree Studies I

Catalina Somolinos

Dan Wagner - Silent Sentinels in the...
R W Goetting - Vineyard in Paso Robles
Rick Bainbridge - Rocky Mountain Solitude

Rocky Mountain Solitude

Rick Bainbridge

R W Goetting - Fall in the foothills II
Sue Gardner - Lichfield Mast from...
Amy McConnell Burris - Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley

Amy McConnell Burris

Laura Brown - No way out

No way out

Laura Brown

Elizabeth Coats - Through the Trees

Through the Trees

Elizabeth Coats

Frank Townsley - Coastal Hideaway

Coastal Hideaway

Frank Townsley

Charlie Spear - Pipe Creek Falls

Pipe Creek Falls

Charlie Spear

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Into The Mist III

Into The Mist III

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Dominique Amendola - The creek

The creek

Dominique Amendola

Zelma Hensel - A Small Country Village
James Shepherd - Waterside


James Shepherd

Hazel Holland - Desert Tree 5

Desert Tree 5

Hazel Holland

Krista May - Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Krista May

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Amethyst Range

Amethyst Range

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Joe McClellan - The Smoke Signal Mystery
Sue Gardner - Snow Day

Snow Day

Sue Gardner

Mikhail Savchenko - Fall Thunderstorm...

Fall Thunderstorm...

Mikhail Savchenko

Sarah Dowson - Woodland Path

Woodland Path

Sarah Dowson

David Millenheft - Snow Cap

Snow Cap

David Millenheft

Mikhail Savchenko - Pink desert spring

Pink desert spring

Mikhail Savchenko

Aubrey Verzyden - Veiled Copper

Veiled Copper

Aubrey Verzyden

Sue Gardner - Sunset Snow

Sunset Snow

Sue Gardner

Sayali Mahajan - Light At The Other End

Light At The Other End

Sayali Mahajan

Mikhail Savchenko - Sunrise


Mikhail Savchenko

MICKAEL El FATHI - Biarritz Lighthouse

Biarritz Lighthouse


AD Bedard - Apocalypse


AD Bedard

Frank Townsley -

'Birch bark'

Frank Townsley

Oleg Konin - Flight to the Silence
Dan Scurtu - Harbor Scene

Harbor Scene

Dan Scurtu

Charlie Spear - Liston Creek Outcrop

Liston Creek Outcrop

Charlie Spear

Michael Bulloch - Autumn Near Taos

Autumn Near Taos

Michael Bulloch

Harvey Rogosin - Shadow Creek

Shadow Creek

Harvey Rogosin

Harold Stone - Parley Lake Vineyard II
Lee Bowman - A Lovely Day In The...
Stefan Boettcher - Heathlands


Stefan Boettcher

W  Scott Fenton - Never Summer Range

Never Summer Range

W Scott Fenton

Charlie Spear - Firefly Dusk

Firefly Dusk

Charlie Spear

Francois Fournier - By The Woods

By The Woods

Francois Fournier

Vesna Martinjak - Return


Vesna Martinjak

Lee Bowman - A Singing Brook

A Singing Brook

Lee Bowman

Sayali Mahajan - Where There Is Quiet

Where There Is Quiet

Sayali Mahajan

Charlie Spear - Storm Damage Near...

Storm Damage Near...

Charlie Spear

Charlie Spear - The SPRING EEL FLOODING...
Ellen Levinson - Starry Night in a Winter...
Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Colorful Beach

Colorful Beach

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Natalia Bardi - Peaceful winter

Peaceful winter

Natalia Bardi

Konnie Kim - Going Home 3

Going Home 3

Konnie Kim

Carol Berning - December Pond

December Pond

Carol Berning

Janine Riley - The Future looks bright
Zelma Hensel - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Zelma Hensel

Dominique Amendola - The old water mill

The old water mill

Dominique Amendola

Bill Holkham - Fishing By Sunrise

Fishing By Sunrise

Bill Holkham

Robert Rohrich - Pond  Reflection

Pond Reflection

Robert Rohrich

Michael Bulloch - Fall in the Rockies

Fall in the Rockies

Michael Bulloch

Lee Bowman - Dusk On Fire

Dusk On Fire

Lee Bowman

James Shepherd - Early Morning

Early Morning

James Shepherd

Lee Bowman - Summer In The Mountains
Charlie Spear - Mornings Light

Mornings Light

Charlie Spear

Richard T Pranke - The road home

The road home

Richard T Pranke

Bill Holkham - Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

Bill Holkham

Rodney Doddridge - Lukes Farm

Lukes Farm

Rodney Doddridge

Romy Galicia - Serenity


Romy Galicia

Hazel Holland - Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise

Hazel Holland

Charlie Spear - TWAS the NIGHT BEFORE


Charlie Spear

Sarah Dowson - Tree at Sunset

Tree at Sunset

Sarah Dowson

Charlie Spear - Cold Lake Deep

Cold Lake Deep

Charlie Spear

Francois Fournier - Marble Mountain Under...

Marble Mountain Under...

Francois Fournier

Sher Nasser - West of Zanzibar

West of Zanzibar

Sher Nasser

Cynthia Adams - Lilac Lace of Winter Sold
M Diane Bonaparte - Oak Creek

Oak Creek

M Diane Bonaparte

Robert Rohrich - Mauve Oak Reflection

Mauve Oak Reflection

Robert Rohrich

N Roman - Mount Royal Park
Elise Palmigiani - Entering the Village

Entering the Village

Elise Palmigiani

Lee Bowman - A Peaceful Blue Ridge...
Ujwal I K - By the water

By the water

Ujwal I K

W  Scott Fenton - The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party

W Scott Fenton

Dominique Amendola - Flowery stairway

Flowery stairway

Dominique Amendola

Charlie Spear - Frozen Like A Lake

Frozen Like A Lake

Charlie Spear

Elizabeth Coats - University of North...

University of North...

Elizabeth Coats

Farhan Abouassali - Old Barn

Old Barn

Farhan Abouassali

Konnie Kim - After the Rain

After the Rain

Konnie Kim

Beverly Livingstone - Winter-Wonderland-Snow...


Beverly Livingstone

Charlie Spear - Rural Wahenberg

Rural Wahenberg

Charlie Spear

Bonnie Mason - Hill Top View- in Autumn
Jean Messner - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Jean Messner

John Clark - A Place to Play

A Place to Play

John Clark

Vibhas Virwani - Homecoming Day 4009

Homecoming Day 4009

Vibhas Virwani

Cynthia Adams - Ancient Rustic Outlook...
Ellen Levinson - Painted Desert II

Painted Desert II

Ellen Levinson

Abey Mekonnen - Light at last

Light at last

Abey Mekonnen

Jean Messner - Cattails by the City
Charlie Spear - A Windy Chill

A Windy Chill

Charlie Spear

Sean Conlon - Return to Zion

Return to Zion

Sean Conlon

Jean Messner - Autumn


Jean Messner

Judy Fischer Walton - Mountain Evergreens

Mountain Evergreens

Judy Fischer Walton

Jean Messner - Red River

Red River

Jean Messner

Reta Haube - Winter White

Winter White

Reta Haube

Hazel Holland - Winter Comes Gently

Winter Comes Gently

Hazel Holland

Karen Mattson - Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

Karen Mattson

David Figielek - Paris street

Paris street

David Figielek

Janine Riley - Day is done October sky
Bette Orr - Resting


Bette Orr

Dominique Amendola - A walk in Vermont

A walk in Vermont

Dominique Amendola

Chris Hobel - Siesta Time French...
Carol Berning - Carl

Carl's Pond

Carol Berning

Natalia Bardi - Warm autumn

Warm autumn

Natalia Bardi

Mary Lynne Powers - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Mary Lynne Powers

Barbara Pirkle - Tallulah River Color

Tallulah River Color

Barbara Pirkle

Krista May - Daydreams


Krista May

Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Autumn fields

Autumn fields

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Carol Wisniewski - Down By The River

Down By The River

Carol Wisniewski

Dominique Amendola - Boats and yachts

Boats and yachts

Dominique Amendola

Hazel Holland - In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

Hazel Holland

Hazel Holland - New Every Morning

New Every Morning

Hazel Holland

Carol Berning - Leiper

Leiper's Creek Study

Carol Berning

Hazel Holland - Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall

Hazel Holland

Francois Fournier - The Orange Maple Trees

The Orange Maple Trees

Francois Fournier

Sarah Dowson - By the River

By the River

Sarah Dowson

Irina Sztukowski - Positano Italy

Positano Italy

Irina Sztukowski

Stephen Magsig - Lake Huron Shore

Lake Huron Shore

Stephen Magsig

Laura Brown - Chestatee at 15

Chestatee at 15

Laura Brown

Catherine Considine - Glentenassig Wood

Glentenassig Wood

Catherine Considine

Stephen Magsig - Detroit Urban Prairie

Detroit Urban Prairie

Stephen Magsig

Ida Eriksen - Bella Coola Path

Bella Coola Path

Ida Eriksen

Sean Conlon - The Old Footbridge at...
Shasta Eone - So.  FORK  PASS


Shasta Eone

Lavinia Paduraru - Mirror


Lavinia Paduraru

Talya Johnson - Another Cast - fishing...
Zulfiya Stromberg - A new day begins

A new day begins

Zulfiya Stromberg

Joe McClellan - Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Joe McClellan

Regina Iakushova - Frozen Forest

Frozen Forest

Regina Iakushova

Bill Holkham - Royal Lytham and St...
Valerie Freeman - Shanghi busy habor

Shanghi busy habor

Valerie Freeman

Michael Bulloch - Sharing The Journey

Sharing The Journey

Michael Bulloch

Lee Nixon - Nixon
Michael Bulloch - Garden Wall

Garden Wall

Michael Bulloch

Richard T Pranke - Country Livin

Country Livin

Richard T Pranke

Jennifer Frampton - Badlands Sunset

Badlands Sunset

Jennifer Frampton

Bill Holkham - Pebble Beach Golf Course...
Dominique Amendola - Coconut trees in the...

Coconut trees in the...

Dominique Amendola

David Figielek - Over the river

Over the river

David Figielek

Sean Conlon - Milltown Old Bridge and...
Valerie Freeman - Sunrise Singapore City...
Elise Palmigiani - Sunlight in the Valley

Sunlight in the Valley

Elise Palmigiani

Sean Conlon - Yosemite Dawn 3

Yosemite Dawn 3

Sean Conlon

Irina Sztukowski - Californian Landscape...

Californian Landscape...

Irina Sztukowski

Valerie Freeman - Bodrum


Valerie Freeman

Cole Black - The Canal

The Canal

Cole Black

Karen Mattson - Turnagain Pass Fireweed
Bonnie Mason - Autumn Kaleidoscope

Autumn Kaleidoscope

Bonnie Mason

Bette Orr - Autumn Intrigue

Autumn Intrigue

Bette Orr

Abey Mekonnen - Oil Spill Pollution

Oil Spill Pollution

Abey Mekonnen

Eloise Schneider - When the Light Breaks...

When the Light Breaks...

Eloise Schneider

Mary Ellen Anderson - Bleeding Kansas - A Life...

Bleeding Kansas - A Life...

Mary Ellen Anderson

Abey Mekonnen - Time To Cool Down

Time To Cool Down

Abey Mekonnen

Daniel Butler - Florida Cracker Cowboy-...
Bernardo Galmarini - Piriapolis 01

Piriapolis 01

Bernardo Galmarini

Elizabeth B Tucker  - Snow is Coming

Snow is Coming

Elizabeth B Tucker

Scott Nelson - Singeltary Shade

Singeltary Shade

Scott Nelson

Stephen King - Family of Trees

Family of Trees

Stephen King

Ana Maria Edulescu - Zakynthos Sunset Light...

Zakynthos Sunset Light...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Patricia Novack - Winding Creek

Winding Creek

Patricia Novack

David Figielek - Another World

Another World

David Figielek

Constantinos Charalampopoulos - Autumn in lake Prespa

Autumn in lake Prespa

Constantinos Charalampopoulos

Ellen Levinson - Aurora Borealis I

Aurora Borealis I

Ellen Levinson

Bonnie Mason - Autumn Memory

Autumn Memory

Bonnie Mason

Gerald Rader - Through the Pine

Through the Pine

Gerald Rader

Karen Glover - Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset

Karen Glover

David Figielek - Autumn


David Figielek

First Star Art  - Purple Mountains by jrr

Purple Mountains by jrr

First Star Art

Nina Mitkova - Silence


Nina Mitkova

Bonnie Mason - River Passage

River Passage

Bonnie Mason

Joe McClellan - Mystery at Cliff House
David Figielek - Night


David Figielek

Tomas Howie - Lake Superior Sunset
Liviu Anastase - The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

Liviu Anastase

Lee Piper - Eagle Harbor Light
John Clark - The Lincolnshire Wolds
Robert Rohrich - Still Pond Reflection

Still Pond Reflection

Robert Rohrich

Pemaro - Mystical Landscape ML2
Mary Lynne Powers - Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

Mary Lynne Powers

Tomas Howie - English Marshlands

English Marshlands

Tomas Howie

Talya Johnson - Fruit of the Vine -...
David Figielek - Road home serie

Road home serie

David Figielek

Collette Bortolin - Blue Mountain Range

Blue Mountain Range

Collette Bortolin

Patricia Novack - First Snow

First Snow

Patricia Novack

Natalie Holland - Snowing in the Woods

Snowing in the Woods

Natalie Holland

AnnaJo Vahle - Sam

Sam's Cove

AnnaJo Vahle

Rick Bainbridge - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Rick Bainbridge

Eric  Schiabor -  Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur Coastline

Eric Schiabor

Talya Johnson - Fall


Talya Johnson

Scott Nelson - Unexpected Dusting...
Rick Bainbridge - High Mountain Autumn

High Mountain Autumn

Rick Bainbridge

Julie Brugh Riffey - Blue Ridge Mountains in...

Blue Ridge Mountains in...

Julie Brugh Riffey

Bonnie Mason - Woodland Sunset

Woodland Sunset

Bonnie Mason

Heather Harman - Comares at Night

Comares at Night

Heather Harman

Martin Davey - Southampton River Itchen...
Bonnie Mason - Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

Bonnie Mason

Rick Bainbridge - On Top of the World

On Top of the World

Rick Bainbridge

Julie Brugh Riffey - Blue Ridge Mountains In...

Blue Ridge Mountains In...

Julie Brugh Riffey

Marion Leyland - Carmichael Award Winner...
Bonnie Mason - By the Greenway in...
Valerie Freeman - sailing to Sorrento...

sailing to Sorrento...

Valerie Freeman

Taylan Soyturk - Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

Taylan Soyturk

Beverly Livingstone - Vintage Irish Haying...

Vintage Irish Haying...

Beverly Livingstone

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez - Tropical Evening

Tropical Evening

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez

Bonnie Mason - Afternoon

Afternoon's Edge

Bonnie Mason

Elizabeth Coats - Winters Glow

Winters Glow

Elizabeth Coats

Sharon  De Vore - Mulberry River in Fall...
John L Campbell - Helena Bound

Helena Bound

John L Campbell

Anastasija Kraineva - Reaping


Anastasija Kraineva

Reta Haube - Stary night

Stary night

Reta Haube

Laura Brown - In my dreams

In my dreams

Laura Brown

Madeleine Holzberg - Prelude


Madeleine Holzberg

Jacqueline Katherine Gomez - Faraway


Jacqueline Katherine Gomez

AJ Devlin - Misty night

Misty night

AJ Devlin

Kendall Kessler - Ridge Flowers

Ridge Flowers

Kendall Kessler

Ida Eriksen - Walk In The Woods

Walk In The Woods

Ida Eriksen

Francois Fournier - Above Notre Dame Des...

Above Notre Dame Des...

Francois Fournier

Alejandro Del Valle - First Cut

First Cut

Alejandro Del Valle

Belinda Low - It Is Well with My Soul
Allan P Friedlander - Yellow Sky

Yellow Sky

Allan P Friedlander

Sarah Tiffany King - Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Sarah Tiffany King

Allan P Friedlander - Deep Ridge Red Hill

Deep Ridge Red Hill

Allan P Friedlander

John L Campbell - In a Place So Long...

In a Place So Long...

John L Campbell

Allan P Friedlander - Short Hill

Short Hill

Allan P Friedlander

John Clark - Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

John Clark

Kendall Kessler - Misty Blue Ridge

Misty Blue Ridge

Kendall Kessler

Cynthia Adams - When day meets Night

When day meets Night

Cynthia Adams

Christina McConkey - Purple Bridge Over Water

Purple Bridge Over Water

Christina McConkey

Elise Palmigiani - Canyon Song

Canyon Song

Elise Palmigiani

Anastasiya Malakhova - Golden Autumn

Golden Autumn

Anastasiya Malakhova

Elise Palmigiani - Blue shades

Blue shades

Elise Palmigiani

Dori Anderson - Waterfall View

Waterfall View

Dori Anderson

Abey Mekonnen - Twin Hills

Twin Hills

Abey Mekonnen

Hazel Holland - Morning Reflections

Morning Reflections

Hazel Holland

Sean Conlon - By The River 2

By The River 2

Sean Conlon

Irina Sztukowski - Golden Gate Bridge View...
Alina Foley - The Bright and Cheery Way
Anastasiya Malakhova - Tropical Night

Tropical Night

Anastasiya Malakhova

Drinka Mercep - Landscape field grass...
Michael Rucker - River Walk

River Walk

Michael Rucker

Abey Mekonnen - A House In The Snow

A House In The Snow

Abey Mekonnen

Drinka Mercep - Nature Landscape Field...
Vickie Fears - Garden of the Gods CO
Laura Tasheiko - Birch Pond

Birch Pond

Laura Tasheiko

Barbara Pommerenke - The Blue Paling -...

The Blue Paling -...

Barbara Pommerenke

Laura Brown - Wash Ryder

Wash Ryder

Laura Brown

Jani Freimann - Fish On

Fish On

Jani Freimann

Patty Kay Hall - View of Harkness Park...
Laura Tasheiko - Beech Hill Blueberries...
Bonnie Mason - September Shadows at...
Lee Piper - The Canyon

The Canyon

Lee Piper

Lorraine McFarland - Indians

Indians' Respite

Lorraine McFarland

Scott McLeod - O-Leno pines

O-Leno pines

Scott McLeod

Emilia Gasienica-Setlak - Field of Rape

Field of Rape

Emilia Gasienica-Setlak

Dwayne Gresham - Fall Color

Fall Color

Dwayne Gresham

David Figielek - Marine


David Figielek

Susan Crossman Buscho - Rose Arbor

Rose Arbor

Susan Crossman Buscho

Lorraine McFarland - Palm Duet

Palm Duet

Lorraine McFarland

C Steele - Hidden Brook

Hidden Brook

C Steele

Carol Wisniewski - Wintertime in The Country

Wintertime in The Country

Carol Wisniewski

Anastasiya Malakhova - Winter Outlook

Winter Outlook

Anastasiya Malakhova

C Steele - Sunlit Trail

Sunlit Trail

C Steele

Richard T Pranke - Lavender Scene

Lavender Scene

Richard T Pranke

Irina Sztukowski - Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

Irina Sztukowski

C Steele - Mountain Sunset
Beverley Harper Tinsley - To Go Down That Road

To Go Down That Road

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Ana Lusi - Curtain of light
Natalia Bardi - Amber autumn

Amber autumn

Natalia Bardi

Juan Carvajal - Combarro


Juan Carvajal

Ellen Levinson - Adirondack Zen

Adirondack Zen

Ellen Levinson

Shasta Eone - Randall  Barn

Randall Barn

Shasta Eone

Shasta Eone - Tetons Fantasy

Tetons Fantasy

Shasta Eone

Becky Kim - Thinking about Winter in...
Elizabeth Coats - Watauga County North...

Watauga County North...

Elizabeth Coats

Dwayne Gresham - Cades Cove

Cades Cove

Dwayne Gresham

Michael Rucker - MoonLight Stairs

MoonLight Stairs

Michael Rucker

Holly Martinson - October Sunrise

October Sunrise

Holly Martinson

Irina Sztukowski - Rocks


Irina Sztukowski

Denny Morreale - Cranberry Lake on a...

Cranberry Lake on a...

Denny Morreale

Becky Kim - Thinking about Winter in...
Lutz Baar - Nordic Seascape

Nordic Seascape

Lutz Baar

Anna Lobovikov-Katz - By the Sea

By the Sea

Anna Lobovikov-Katz

Malia Zaidi - A Field in Provence