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On the Hospital Wall



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Dave Lahn

Halifax, NS


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This group was started on February 28th, 2014 and currently has:

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On the Hospital Wall

About This Group

To All Of Our American Friends ,We Wish You An Awesome Fourth Of July / July 04/2015
Have a Great Day.!! Be Safe.

With Love From Canada
Halifax Nova Scotia

It`s time to bring back Art, to these hospital Walls, One hospital wall at a time.

(Images for our group)

Images of any media that would be suitable on a hospital wall, pictures for patients stuck in bed, or In waiting rooms,or any place In a Hospital,that Imagery would be seen.

Pictures that are beautiful and healing, or something with a lot of detail, where you would find, something new each day.

Of course only pictures that are family friendly. No nudes, nothing scary, violent,nor anything to do or about alcohol,and other editorial pictures, because hospitals are usually public spaces.

Please at most upload 3-7 per week only,of your very best work that are suitable for this group. Not all of your work will be accepted, only the best of your work will be taken into consideration, for it to appear on the group.

Remember the next hospital representative/s looking for any type of imagery,I want them to choose from our Great work this group has to offer.

This is our group,group participation is only requested,It will be what we showcase it to be.

I look Forward, to working with each of you.

Group Administrator

Featured Images

Erica Hanel - East Lake Sunset

East Lake Sunset

Erica Hanel

Giovanni Battista Pittoni  - The Christ And Saint Peter

The Christ And Saint Peter

Giovanni Battista Pittoni

Debbie Nobile - Daisy


Debbie Nobile

Scott Carruthers - Whats going on

Whats going on

Scott Carruthers

Richard Bryce and Family - Hungry Egret Chicks

Hungry Egret Chicks

Richard Bryce and Family

Jeff Breiman - Sunset At Duck OBX

Sunset At Duck OBX

Jeff Breiman

Bri Lou - Sunflowers


Bri Lou

Jenny Rainbow - Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Jenny Rainbow

Debbie Nobile - Daisies


Debbie Nobile

Julie Palencia - Echinopsis Los Angeles

Echinopsis Los Angeles

Julie Palencia

Mariola Bitner - Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

Mariola Bitner

Scott Carruthers - Lancaster Bomber

Lancaster Bomber

Scott Carruthers

Joy Watson - Paperwhite


Joy Watson

James Peterson - Fox Reflection

Fox Reflection

James Peterson

Donna Kennedy - Splendor in the Grass

Splendor in the Grass

Donna Kennedy

Stanza Widen - Idiot Rock

Idiot Rock

Stanza Widen

Jan Tyler - Oats


Jan Tyler

David Birchall - Albany Covered Bridge

Albany Covered Bridge

David Birchall

Mary Palmer - Joy

Joy's Garden

Mary Palmer

Jean Hall - Gazanias


Jean Hall

Jeff Breiman - Waiting


Jeff Breiman

Karyn Robinson - David


Karyn Robinson

Brian Stevens - Night Flight 2

Night Flight 2

Brian Stevens

Jenny Rainbow - Iris Rhapsody. Purple

Iris Rhapsody. Purple

Jenny Rainbow

Teresa Ascone - Hummingbirds Image

Hummingbirds Image

Teresa Ascone

Bob Sample - Psalm 59

Psalm 59

Bob Sample

Lee Haxton - Just Beyond...

Just Beyond...

Lee Haxton

Katerina Kovatcheva - Morning solitude 1

Morning solitude 1

Katerina Kovatcheva

Lynn Bauer - Somewhere...


Lynn Bauer

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Strange Flavor Duck

Strange Flavor Duck

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Flower Power

Flower Power

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Robert Murray - Columbine


Robert Murray

Steve Luther - The Dawning

The Dawning

Steve Luther

Lucinda Walter - Only My Love

Only My Love

Lucinda Walter

Stephen Stookey - Cavern Cascade

Cavern Cascade

Stephen Stookey

Roberta Byram - Peace Be With You

Peace Be With You

Roberta Byram

Bill  Wakeley - Back Road Morning

Back Road Morning

Bill Wakeley

Marty Saccone - Morning Commute

Morning Commute

Marty Saccone

Linsey Williams - Highland Coo

Highland Coo

Linsey Williams

Teresa Ascone - Whale Whimsey image

Whale Whimsey image

Teresa Ascone

Julian Darcy - Rear window

Rear window

Julian Darcy

Marita McVeigh - Love


Marita McVeigh

Richard Andrews - Two Red Tulips

Two Red Tulips

Richard Andrews

David Birchall - Summer Balconies

Summer Balconies

David Birchall

Joe Paradis - Parentral concern

Parentral concern

Joe Paradis

Richard Bryce and Family - Yellow Headed Amazon

Yellow Headed Amazon

Richard Bryce and Family

Julie Palencia - Louie Meggos Dahlia

Louie Meggos Dahlia

Julie Palencia

Katerina Kovatcheva - Flamingo

Flamingo's pond 2

Katerina Kovatcheva

Karry Degruise - Father

Father's Love

Karry Degruise

Thomas R Fletcher - Highway Sunrise

Highway Sunrise

Thomas R Fletcher

Karyn Robinson - Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot

Karyn Robinson

Tina Wentworth - Astoria Bridge

Astoria Bridge

Tina Wentworth

Tina Wentworth - Multnomah Fall

Multnomah Fall

Tina Wentworth

Stanza Widen - Autumn Valley Mist

Autumn Valley Mist

Stanza Widen

Robert Murray - Orange Tulip

Orange Tulip

Robert Murray

Patti Deters - Pitcher of Lilacs

Pitcher of Lilacs

Patti Deters

Amy Steeples - Prism Prelude 2

Prism Prelude 2

Amy Steeples

David Birchall - Arrival at Quorn

Arrival at Quorn

David Birchall

Daniel Thompson - Stover


Daniel Thompson

Celestial Images - Red Shoulered Hawk

Red Shoulered Hawk

Celestial Images

Sandra Foster - Pink Rose Beauty

Pink Rose Beauty

Sandra Foster

James Geddes - Sauvie Barn

Sauvie Barn

James Geddes

Joe Jake Pratt - Hands Of Time

Hands Of Time

Joe Jake Pratt

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - The Enduring Tango

The Enduring Tango

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Rose Santuci-Sofranko - The Planet Mercury

The Planet Mercury

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Brian Stevens - Aqua Ascent

Aqua Ascent

Brian Stevens

Richard Bryce and Family - Elephant Having a Dust Bath

Elephant Having a Dust Bath

Richard Bryce and Family

Shirley Mangini - Strawberry Reflections

Strawberry Reflections

Shirley Mangini

Shirley Mangini - Peach Gerber Bubble Bath

Peach Gerber Bubble Bath

Shirley Mangini

Marita McVeigh - Purple Flower

Purple Flower

Marita McVeigh

Katerina Kovatcheva - Lunch time

Lunch time

Katerina Kovatcheva

Tina Wentworth - Daisy


Tina Wentworth

Dianne Cowen - Springtime Dream

Springtime Dream

Dianne Cowen

Karyn Robinson - Still Life with Apples

Still Life with Apples

Karyn Robinson

Patti Deters - Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Patti Deters

Shirley Mangini - Pepper Pile

Pepper Pile

Shirley Mangini

Karol  Livote - The Bridge

The Bridge

Karol Livote

Bob Sample - Psalm 27

Psalm 27

Bob Sample

Clive Beake - Blossom speedy

Blossom speedy

Clive Beake

Brian Stevens - Command Presence

Command Presence

Brian Stevens

Karol  Livote - Bridge to Autumn

Bridge to Autumn

Karol Livote

Lynn Bauer - Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Lynn Bauer

Gerald Bienvenu - Southern Shadows

Southern Shadows

Gerald Bienvenu

John Houseman - Palisades Two

Palisades Two

John Houseman

Karol  Livote - Osbornedale Green

Osbornedale Green

Karol Livote

Bible Verse Pictures - The Lords Prayer

The Lords Prayer

Bible Verse Pictures

Ian Mitchell - Morning Flight

Morning Flight

Ian Mitchell

Richard Bryce and Family - Resting Happy Koala

Resting Happy Koala

Richard Bryce and Family

Richard Andrews - Yellow Daffodil - Detail

Yellow Daffodil - Detail

Richard Andrews

Mario Morales Rubi - Purity


Mario Morales Rubi

Joe Paradis - Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider

Joe Paradis

Celestial Images - Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Celestial Images

Brian Stevens - Night Nest

Night Nest

Brian Stevens

Joe Jake Pratt - Watching And Waiting

Watching And Waiting

Joe Jake Pratt

Rosemary Colyer - North Downs Hideaway

North Downs Hideaway

Rosemary Colyer

Paul Meijering - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Paul Meijering

Celestial Images - John The Baptist

John The Baptist

Celestial Images

James Shepherd - Pathway


James Shepherd

James Shepherd - Midnight Lion

Midnight Lion

James Shepherd

Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Fireflies New Awakening

Fireflies New Awakening

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Brian Stevens - Rise Of Flight 2

Rise Of Flight 2

Brian Stevens

Bob Christopher - Giving Back

Giving Back

Bob Christopher

Vickie Emms - Pink Sunset

Pink Sunset

Vickie Emms

Roberta Byram - Spider on Board

Spider on Board

Roberta Byram

Bruce Bley - Purple Jewel

Purple Jewel

Bruce Bley

Brian Stevens - Fly-By-Night


Brian Stevens

Teresa Ascone - Reflection


Teresa Ascone

Olga Hamilton - Creation


Olga Hamilton

Sandra Foster - Raffia Roses Macro

Raffia Roses Macro

Sandra Foster

Joe Paradis - A Divided Mind

A Divided Mind

Joe Paradis

Karyn Robinson - Olvera Street Vendors

Olvera Street Vendors

Karyn Robinson

Linsey Williams - Rooster


Linsey Williams

Patti Deters - Peace Lily 2.1

Peace Lily 2.1

Patti Deters

Olga Hamilton - Colorful Fish Art

Colorful Fish Art

Olga Hamilton

Rosalie Scanlon - Snowy Egret in Grunge

Snowy Egret in Grunge

Rosalie Scanlon

Joy Watson - Sweet Rose

Sweet Rose

Joy Watson

Donna Kennedy - Sunrise Glow

Sunrise Glow

Donna Kennedy

Teresa Ascone - Cabin with Fence

Cabin with Fence

Teresa Ascone

Jeanette Sthamann - Full Bloom

Full Bloom

Jeanette Sthamann

Steven Schwartzman - Purple Anemone

Purple Anemone

Steven Schwartzman

Donna Kennedy - Embracing The Moon

Embracing The Moon

Donna Kennedy

Donna Kennedy - The Gate

The Gate

Donna Kennedy

Patti Deters - Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

Patti Deters

Donna Kennedy - Barefoot In The Park

Barefoot In The Park

Donna Kennedy

Rumyana Whitcher - Pink Velvet

Pink Velvet

Rumyana Whitcher

Richard Andrews - Snowdrop - Detail

Snowdrop - Detail

Richard Andrews

Patti Deters - Purple Fuchsia

Purple Fuchsia

Patti Deters

Joel Bruce Wallach - Breathtaking Healing Meadow

Breathtaking Healing Meadow

Joel Bruce Wallach

Jamie Potter - Coming Along

Coming Along

Jamie Potter

Fiona Craig - Water Lilies 7

Water Lilies 7

Fiona Craig

Virgil Carter - Hopper

Hopper's Light No 1

Virgil Carter

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - The Back Side of Helens

The Back Side of Helens

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Devan M - Elephant


Devan M

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - I Love My Bath

I Love My Bath

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Richard Andrews - Daffodils - 2015

Daffodils - 2015

Richard Andrews

Katerina Kovatcheva - Misty morning

Misty morning

Katerina Kovatcheva

Bill Wakeley - Bluebird Portrait

Bluebird Portrait

Bill Wakeley

Joe Jake Pratt - Old Testament Wisdom

Old Testament Wisdom

Joe Jake Pratt

Joe Jake Pratt - Blooms And Strings

Blooms And Strings

Joe Jake Pratt

Lynn Bolt - Daffodil


Lynn Bolt

Karyn Robinson - Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Karyn Robinson

Julie Palencia - Water Lily in Pink

Water Lily in Pink

Julie Palencia

Geraldine Scull   - Cherry Blossom And Bench

Cherry Blossom And Bench

Geraldine Scull

Richard Bryce and Family - Great Egret Family

Great Egret Family

Richard Bryce and Family

John Fotheringham - Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy

John Fotheringham

Anthony Fishburne - Reflective Sunset

Reflective Sunset

Anthony Fishburne

Usha Shantharam - Love in Lal Bagh 2

Love in Lal Bagh 2

Usha Shantharam

Celestial Images - The bath of Diana

The bath of Diana

Celestial Images

Celestial Images -  The Molkerbastei

The Molkerbastei

Celestial Images

Lynn Bauer - Locked Up Beauty

Locked Up Beauty

Lynn Bauer

Lali Kacharava - Tulips


Lali Kacharava

Spencer McDonald - Tulips of Passon

Tulips of Passon

Spencer McDonald

Celestial Images - Spring


Celestial Images

Kathy Bassett - Big Beach Spring

Big Beach Spring

Kathy Bassett

Donna Kennedy - Take It From the Top

Take It From the Top

Donna Kennedy

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - Wisteria in Watercolor

Wisteria in Watercolor

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Donna Kennedy - White Sugar

White Sugar

Donna Kennedy

Clive Beake - Three Sentials

Three Sentials

Clive Beake

Katerina Kovatcheva - Evening solitude

Evening solitude

Katerina Kovatcheva

Olga Hamilton - Blooming Garden

Blooming Garden

Olga Hamilton

Geraldine Scull   - Abstract Circles

Abstract Circles

Geraldine Scull

Joy Watson - Dahlia Dreaming

Dahlia Dreaming

Joy Watson

Vickie Emms - The Big Bite

The Big Bite

Vickie Emms

Rosemary Colyer - Reflections of England

Reflections of England

Rosemary Colyer

Teresa Ascone - Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Teresa Ascone

Lynn Bauer - Rufous Dream

Rufous Dream

Lynn Bauer

Joe Jake Pratt - Yarn Time

Yarn Time

Joe Jake Pratt

Jeff Breiman - Hydrangea


Jeff Breiman

Julian Darcy - Illumination


Julian Darcy

Michael Rucker - Tranquility


Michael Rucker

Rosalie Scanlon - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Rosalie Scanlon

Joe Paradis - The Birth of Color

The Birth of Color

Joe Paradis

Sandra Foster - Tea Pot Asters

Tea Pot Asters

Sandra Foster

David Birchall - Ledbury


David Birchall

Lucinda Walter - Anchored in Love

Anchored in Love

Lucinda Walter

Richard Andrews - White Crocuses

White Crocuses

Richard Andrews

Ian Mitchell - Llyn Crafnant

Llyn Crafnant

Ian Mitchell

Bob Williams - A Place to Reflect

A Place to Reflect

Bob Williams

Alexander Senin - Lilac Flowers Mist

Lilac Flowers Mist

Alexander Senin

Kristina Deane - Cowboy Boots on Hay

Cowboy Boots on Hay

Kristina Deane

Bonnie Mason - Winter

Winter's End

Bonnie Mason

Bob Christopher - Bald Eagle In Flight

Bald Eagle In Flight

Bob Christopher

Kathy Bassett - Swan Journey

Swan Journey

Kathy Bassett

Teresa Ascone - Lighthouse


Teresa Ascone

Paul Meijering - Life Of Pi

Life Of Pi

Paul Meijering

Rob Mclean  - Mellow


Rob Mclean

Bruce Bley - Whoa


Bruce Bley

Anthony Fishburne - Autumn

Autumn's colors

Anthony Fishburne

John Straton - Watching You Owl

Watching You Owl

John Straton

Rob Mclean  - Long eared owl

Long eared owl

Rob Mclean

Bill  Wakeley - Sunny Daffodil

Sunny Daffodil

Bill Wakeley

David Millenheft - Out for a swim

Out for a swim

David Millenheft

Rob Mclean  - Red on Green

Red on Green

Rob Mclean

David Millenheft - Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

David Millenheft

Richard Bryce and Family - Stunning Sierra

Stunning Sierra

Richard Bryce and Family

Melissa Peterson - Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Melissa Peterson

Rob Mclean  - Spoted Towhee

Spoted Towhee

Rob Mclean

Sheri Keith - Winter Doe

Winter Doe

Sheri Keith

Karen Wiles - The Happy Manatee

The Happy Manatee

Karen Wiles

Kristina Deane - Orange Delight

Orange Delight

Kristina Deane

Jeanette Sthamann - Given


Jeanette Sthamann

Reid Callaway - The Predator

The Predator

Reid Callaway

Scott Pellegrin - Ancient Oaks

Ancient Oaks

Scott Pellegrin

Clare Bevan - Peach


Clare Bevan

AnnaJo Vahle - Janice


AnnaJo Vahle

Usha Shantharam - Lady washing clothes

Lady washing clothes

Usha Shantharam

David Millenheft - Beauty of Life

Beauty of Life

David Millenheft

Scott Pellegrin - Tunnel in the Trees

Tunnel in the Trees

Scott Pellegrin

Daniel Thompson - Peace


Daniel Thompson

Kathy Liebrum Bailey - Touch Of Gold

Touch Of Gold

Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Karen Wiles - Marmalade Skies

Marmalade Skies

Karen Wiles

Carol Wisniewski - Days End

Days End

Carol Wisniewski

Curtis Radclyffe - Trees Mist 1

Trees Mist 1

Curtis Radclyffe

Priscilla Burgers - Sleepy Hollow Farm

Sleepy Hollow Farm

Priscilla Burgers

Curtis Radclyffe - White Horse Exmoor

White Horse Exmoor

Curtis Radclyffe

Richard Bryce and Family - Painted Water

Painted Water

Richard Bryce and Family

Lynn Bauer - Heaven

Heaven's Fire

Lynn Bauer

Lynn Bauer - Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory

Lynn Bauer

Jan Bickerton - Hope


Jan Bickerton

Jan Bickerton - Herb Robert

Herb Robert

Jan Bickerton

Joe Arsenian - A Song of Love

A Song of Love

Joe Arsenian

Gustave Kurz - The Mechanics

The Mechanics

Gustave Kurz

Richard Bryce and Family - Sierra

Sierra's Profile

Richard Bryce and Family

Richard Bryce and Family - American Black Duck 2

American Black Duck 2

Richard Bryce and Family

Jamie Potter - Dahlia Wonder

Dahlia Wonder

Jamie Potter

Jamie Potter - Oil of a rose

Oil of a rose

Jamie Potter

Scott Carruthers - Sumatran tiger

Sumatran tiger

Scott Carruthers

Susan Maxwell Schmidt - First Blush

First Blush

Susan Maxwell Schmidt

Cynthia Guinn - The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

Cynthia Guinn

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Bass Harbor Light Acadia NP

Bass Harbor Light Acadia NP

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Roberta Byram - Light and Flight

Light and Flight

Roberta Byram

Olga Hamilton - Peony Flower

Peony Flower

Olga Hamilton

Patrick Witz - Are You My Mommy

Are You My Mommy

Patrick Witz

Ian Mitchell - The Oceans Freedom

The Oceans Freedom

Ian Mitchell

Regina Geoghan - Cherry Blossom Charm

Cherry Blossom Charm

Regina Geoghan

Rumyana Whitcher - Needed Support

Needed Support

Rumyana Whitcher

Charlotte Gray - Pink Delicious

Pink Delicious

Charlotte Gray

Ian Mitchell - Tryfan Sunrise

Tryfan Sunrise

Ian Mitchell

E Faithe Lester - Island Shimmers

Island Shimmers

E Faithe Lester

Laurie Perry - Cedar Key Sunset

Cedar Key Sunset

Laurie Perry

Celestial Images - The Supper at Emmaus

The Supper at Emmaus

Celestial Images

Amy Steeples - curly Q sepia

curly Q sepia

Amy Steeples

Darren Fisher - A Red Poppy

A Red Poppy

Darren Fisher

Julie Palencia - Orange Glow Tulips

Orange Glow Tulips

Julie Palencia

Jan Tyler - Joyful


Jan Tyler

Celestial Images - The Bird

The Bird

Celestial Images

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Central Park Panorama at Sunset

Central Park Panorama at Sunset

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Julie Palencia - Bahama Mama Dahlia

Bahama Mama Dahlia

Julie Palencia

John Haldane - Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset

John Haldane

Joe Jake Pratt - Rest Assured

Rest Assured

Joe Jake Pratt

Rona Black - Inseparable


Rona Black

Mariola Bitner - White Tiger

White Tiger

Mariola Bitner

Karen Butscha - Foggy River Morning

Foggy River Morning

Karen Butscha

Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

Joe Jake Pratt - Share The Wealth

Share The Wealth

Joe Jake Pratt

Joy Watson - Nature

Nature's Glowing

Joy Watson

Bob Christopher - Rodeo The Cowboy Way

Rodeo The Cowboy Way

Bob Christopher

Mary Palmer - Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Mary Palmer

Dagmar Helbig - Big Tulips

Big Tulips

Dagmar Helbig

Jenny Rainbow - Rainbow RoseS

Rainbow RoseS

Jenny Rainbow

Darren Wilkes - Tree

Tree's Of Colour

Darren Wilkes

Rob Mclean  - GREAT BLUE hERON


Rob Mclean

Carol Eade - Southern Lights

Southern Lights

Carol Eade

Lynn Bauer - Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly

Lynn Bauer

Anthony Fishburne - Serene beach at sunrise

Serene beach at sunrise

Anthony Fishburne

Natalie Holland - Pure Bliss Bouquet

Pure Bliss Bouquet

Natalie Holland

Spencer McDonald - Purple Haze Sunset

Purple Haze Sunset

Spencer McDonald

Karry Degruise - Passionate Petals

Passionate Petals

Karry Degruise

Darren Fisher - Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Darren Fisher

Steve Lipson - Coco Beach-854

Coco Beach-854

Steve Lipson

Bob Williams - Fisherman

Fisherman's Delight

Bob Williams

Debbie Nobile - Untitled


Debbie Nobile

Stephen Stookey - Good For Life

Good For Life

Stephen Stookey

Steve Luther - Prime Parking Spot

Prime Parking Spot

Steve Luther

Venetia Featherstone-Witty - Sunset Tree In Maui

Sunset Tree In Maui

Venetia Featherstone-Witty

Thomas R Fletcher - Three Crosses on Hill

Three Crosses on Hill

Thomas R Fletcher

Betsy Zimmerli - River

River's Flood

Betsy Zimmerli

Julie Palencia - Sunburst Tulips

Sunburst Tulips

Julie Palencia

Olga Hamilton - Tropical Scene

Tropical Scene

Olga Hamilton

Karen Wiles - EBB of LOW TIDE


Karen Wiles

Joy Watson - Iris Flower

Iris Flower

Joy Watson

Steve Lipson - South Beach-1807

South Beach-1807

Steve Lipson

Miguel Winterpacht - Hidden Rainfall

Hidden Rainfall

Miguel Winterpacht

Ian Mitchell - Hyacinyth Heaven

Hyacinyth Heaven

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell - Tulip Love

Tulip Love

Ian Mitchell

Celestial Images - Agony in the Garden

Agony in the Garden

Celestial Images

Colleen Kammerer - Nautilus


Colleen Kammerer

Alexander Senin - Red tulip - Shine

Red tulip - Shine

Alexander Senin

Daniel Thompson - The Oakwood Bridge

The Oakwood Bridge

Daniel Thompson

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Magical Chrysanthemum

Magical Chrysanthemum

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Bonnie Mason - Alleghany Spring

Alleghany Spring

Bonnie Mason

Marion Johnson - Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

Marion Johnson

Rob Mclean  - Blood moon

Blood moon

Rob Mclean

Marty Saccone - Old Rustic Barn

Old Rustic Barn

Marty Saccone

Kathy Barney - Dripping Camelia

Dripping Camelia

Kathy Barney

Rumyana Whitcher - Gorgeous Tulip

Gorgeous Tulip

Rumyana Whitcher

Ian Mitchell - Lone Tree

Lone Tree

Ian Mitchell

Vickie Emms - American Bluebird

American Bluebird

Vickie Emms

Marion Johnson - Bluebird


Marion Johnson

Fiona Craig - Matisse Roses 2

Matisse Roses 2

Fiona Craig

Radek Hofman - North Tower

North Tower

Radek Hofman

Donna Kennedy - Surrounded by Gold 2

Surrounded by Gold 2

Donna Kennedy

Carol Eade - Love Waits

Love Waits

Carol Eade

Joy Watson - Dahlia Warmth

Dahlia Warmth

Joy Watson

Rosalie Scanlon - The Rookery Family

The Rookery Family

Rosalie Scanlon

Spencer McDonald - Red Tulips and a Tree

Red Tulips and a Tree

Spencer McDonald

Bob Christopher - Farming Nostalgia

Farming Nostalgia

Bob Christopher

Sharin Gabl - Take a Breath

Take a Breath

Sharin Gabl

Jan Tyler - Boyhood Joy

Boyhood Joy

Jan Tyler

Darren Fisher - Colorful Crown

Colorful Crown

Darren Fisher

Lucinda Walter - This Is The Way

This Is The Way

Lucinda Walter

Anthony Fishburne - African Elephants

African Elephants

Anthony Fishburne

Clare Bevan - The Gift

The Gift

Clare Bevan

Roberta Byram - Hiding in the Shadows

Hiding in the Shadows

Roberta Byram

Stanza Widen - Savage Garden

Savage Garden

Stanza Widen

Amy Steeples - curly Q

curly Q

Amy Steeples

Spencer McDonald - Red Tulips

Red Tulips

Spencer McDonald

Clive Beake - Winter Sun

Winter Sun

Clive Beake

Laurie Search - What the Heart Wants

What the Heart Wants

Laurie Search

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Vermont Farm Antique Tractor

Vermont Farm Antique Tractor

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Jan Tyler - Birth


Jan Tyler

Rona Black - Spring Colors

Spring Colors

Rona Black

Debbie Nobile - Psalm 103v1

Psalm 103v1

Debbie Nobile

 Nadine Johnston - Mexican Wolf Painting

Mexican Wolf Painting

Nadine Johnston

Amy Steeples - Orange Sherbert

Orange Sherbert

Amy Steeples

Michael Rucker - Psalm 23

Psalm 23

Michael Rucker

Patti Deters - White Rhinoceros

White Rhinoceros

Patti Deters

Patrick Witz - Dolphins


Patrick Witz

Radek Hofman - Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Radek Hofman

Karen Butscha - In The Flow

In The Flow

Karen Butscha

Linsey Williams - Beautiful Giraffe

Beautiful Giraffe

Linsey Williams

Debbie Nobile - Psalm 143v8

Psalm 143v8

Debbie Nobile

Natalie Holland - Red Poppies Bouquet

Red Poppies Bouquet

Natalie Holland

Bob Christopher - Tufted Puffin 2

Tufted Puffin 2

Bob Christopher

John Vose - Red fox Kit

Red fox Kit

John Vose

Gary Smith - All By Myself

All By Myself

Gary Smith

Lucinda Walter - The Earth Awakes

The Earth Awakes

Lucinda Walter