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Old Warriors



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Gordon Elwell

Perry, GA

United States

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This group was started on February 25th, 2013 and currently has:

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Old Warriors

About This Group

Photos and images of old warriors from bygone days, whether old war birds, cannons, or tanks.

Featured Images

Martin Bergsma - Tribute to Willy

Tribute to Willy

Martin Bergsma

Arterra Picture Library - 100401p202


Arterra Picture Library

Arterra Picture Library - 080911p232


Arterra Picture Library

Thomas Woolworth - A4 SkyHawk Attack Jet

A4 SkyHawk Attack Jet

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - WW I Command Post

WW I Command Post

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas Woolworth - WW II Battle Of The Bulge

WW II Battle Of The Bulge

Thomas Woolworth

Gordon Elwell - Nose Turret

Nose Turret

Gordon Elwell

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - World War II Metals of honor

World War II Metals of honor

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

John Straton - Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

John Straton

Gordon Elwell - Snoopy in his Biplane

Snoopy in his Biplane

Gordon Elwell

Stuart Harrison - Normandy Remembered

Normandy Remembered

Stuart Harrison

Thomas Woolworth - B17 Bomber Taking Off

B17 Bomber Taking Off

Thomas Woolworth

Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

Thomas MacPherson Jr

Gordon Elwell - Mass Tail

Mass Tail

Gordon Elwell