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I love the WORLD I live in



Group Administrator

Natalie Hawkins

Caraquet, NB


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This group was started on December 18th, 2013 and currently has:


139 Members


1,668 Images


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I love the WORLD I live in

About This Group

this group is all about how we see the beauty in the world we live in, perceptions are personal so whichever medium you use and whichever way you see things, people, nature is just fine.

thanks for joining in.

Featured Images

Christina Rollo - Just Looking

Just Looking

Christina Rollo

Joshua McCullough - Tulip Beds Forever

Tulip Beds Forever

Joshua McCullough

Samira Butt - Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees

Samira Butt

Maggie Vlazny - Blue Landscape

Blue Landscape

Maggie Vlazny

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Colorful...

Abstract Colorful...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Terry Cobb - A Fountain of Leaves
Leyla Ismet - Red Leaves

Red Leaves

Leyla Ismet

Cheryl Pettigrew - The Light

The Light

Cheryl Pettigrew

Mish Kulaga - Cardinal in Winter...
David Wachenfeld - Flame down deep

Flame down deep

David Wachenfeld

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Maybe She

Maybe She's A Bluebird

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Claire Walsh - Cethana Reflections

Cethana Reflections

Claire Walsh

Joel E Blyler - Late Winter Cascade on...
Bill Wagner - Butterfly


Bill Wagner

Robert Harmon - Autumn Colors Collide

Autumn Colors Collide

Robert Harmon

Teresa Zieba - Summer Palace Charm

Summer Palace Charm

Teresa Zieba

Lisa Knechtel - Wistfully Dreaming of You
Dora Sofia Caputo - Lakeside Sentinels

Lakeside Sentinels

Dora Sofia Caputo

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Red Poppies

Abstract Red Poppies

Ana Maria Edulescu

Faith Williams - Destination


Faith Williams

Andrew Lorimer - A Way Of Life

A Way Of Life

Andrew Lorimer

Connie Holman - Tree with Glitter Sunset
Bill Wagner - Drops


Bill Wagner

Elvis Vaughn - Reflections of Halstatt
Teresa Ascone - Light in the Dark of...
Patricia Keller - Summer Day Memories with...
Maggie Vlazny - Seductive Red Rose

Seductive Red Rose

Maggie Vlazny

Faith Williams - Genes


Faith Williams

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Tulips-7069-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Bobbee Rickard - Protect n Preserve Wild...
MTBobbins Photography - Afternoon Cardinal

Afternoon Cardinal

MTBobbins Photography

Lisa Knechtel - Sunny Disposition...

Sunny Disposition...

Lisa Knechtel

Maggie Vlazny - Todi Italy Side Street
Reid Callaway - Shrimp Boats docked on...
Teresa Ascone - Reflections of Forest

Reflections of Forest

Teresa Ascone

Reid Callaway - Tybee Island Sunrise...
Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Lilies-6062-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Ana Maria Edulescu - Greece - Santorini...

Greece - Santorini...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Danielle Bryan - Casper


Danielle Bryan

Eddie Yerkish - Hermosa Beach Boardwalk