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Fine Art Nature Images Using Digital Textures



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Cheryl Butler

Whitehall, MI

United States

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Fine Art Nature Images Using Digital Textures

About This Group

Adding digital textures to an image has the ability to subtly or dramatically change an image. Once you learn how to use textures, you never look at images the same again.

Nature images look especially awesome with textures. Flowers are particularly lovely. Let's see some of your nature images using digital textures during post-processing. If you are not sure how to use textures with your photography, check out the web site below for more details.

Only images viewable at work are acceptable. Nature (not wildlife) must be the subject as well as obvious use of digital textures. If it doesn't look like a digital texture was used, it will not be added to the group. Butterflies, insects and small birds are acceptable so long as there is 50% or more nature in the image. Please no abstracts. Images will be removed without explanation. Sorry.

For more information on digital textures, visit or google the many sites available online.

*We are getting many submissions with Pixel Benders being used as well as other filters and software programs. Although lovely, they will not be included as they are not textures. Please only submit images in which textures were used as described above. Filters and pixel benders are acceptable so long as textures were obviously used to complete the image. Textures must be 'clearly' visible to be accepted.

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