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Eileen Patten Oliver

Gloucester, MA

United States

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This group was started on April 11th, 2013 and currently has:


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Exclusively Drawings and Paintings

About This Group

ABSOLUTELY NO DIGITALLY CREATED IMAGES OF ANY KIND! This group is exclusively for drawings (pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, etchings, etc) or paintings (oils, acrylics, watercolor, oil pastels, etc). Absolutely NO photography or paintings created on a computer. Uploaded images to the group will be limited to only drawings and paintings and any photographs or digital art submitted will be deleted. While we appreciate the art that goes into photography and photo manipulation and computer created art, this group is just for those who use traditional tools (brushes, pencils, etc) and materials to create their work. So, once again, that means NO DIGITALLY CREATED IMAGES!

I am rejecting every entry over the first one submitted in one day. So, if you add two images to the group, I will reject the second one, even if I think it's better. Also, it has been brought to my attention that some people have been uploading images that were created using photographs that have been manipulated using programs such as Waterlogue. It can be hard to distinguish between an actual painting and one of these pseudo paintings. If I discover it, it will be rejected and the artist banned from the group!!

Also, I'm all about the 1st Amendment, but let's assume there are kids, or your boss, or your grandmother, looking over your shoulder at the art that you've submitted here. Anything that I think would scandalize my Mom or send my child into therapy will be rejected. Tasteful nudes are fine. The type of images that an adolescent kid might hide under his/her mattress are NOT fine.

Feel free to use the discussion boards to promote your work and share tips, ask questions, or talk about favorite artists.

Please, limit image uploads to ONE PER DAY! Any images beyond the one per day will be rejected. I will be hosting periodic contests, again exclusively for traditional drawing and painting.

WINNERS OF THE 'YOU CHOOSE THE SUBJECT' CONTEST! Another fine showing from those who participated with an amazing field of entries to choose from!

With 14 points in first place, Sarahphim Art's delightful 'Hound Dog'. Congratulations! Photography Prints

And in second place with 12 votes, Miro Gradinscak's magnificent graphite work, 'The King' Sell Art Online

Finally, in third place with 9 votes, 'Sunkissed' by Mia Delode. Absolutely exquisite painting! Sell Art Online

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all that participated in our group contest!

Featured Images

David Zimmerman - A Splash of Red

A Splash of Red

David Zimmerman

Katerina Kovatcheva - Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Katerina Kovatcheva

Michael Frank - Romantique VI

Romantique VI

Michael Frank

Carol Wisniewski - Timber Brook Valley

Timber Brook Valley

Carol Wisniewski

Shana Rowe - aMAIZEd


Shana Rowe

Dominique Amendola - The old water mill

The old water mill

Dominique Amendola

Jeffrey Koss - Halloween Black Cat

Halloween Black Cat

Jeffrey Koss

Teresa Ascone - Tree Drawing

Tree Drawing

Teresa Ascone

Salman Ameer - Iron Woman

Iron Woman

Salman Ameer

Martin Davey - Coast of Plymouth City UK
Elena Sokolova - Tuscany flashback6

Tuscany flashback6

Elena Sokolova

David Zimmerman - Run of the Mill

Run of the Mill

David Zimmerman

Mia DeLode - Happy Trails

Happy Trails

Mia DeLode

Dominique Amendola - Cowboy Dan

Cowboy Dan

Dominique Amendola

Anne Barberi - En Pointe

En Pointe

Anne Barberi

Sean Conlon - October field Kilcavan
Karunita Kapoor - Star Dust

Star Dust

Karunita Kapoor

David Zimmerman - Beginnings


David Zimmerman

Teresa Ascone - Whittier Root Patterns
Lori Pittenger - Paired Pears

Paired Pears

Lori Pittenger

David Zimmerman - Bobos Place

Bobos Place

David Zimmerman

Stormm Bradshaw - Tom Waits

Tom Waits

Stormm Bradshaw

Joe  Triano - In My Heart I Am Free
Jolante Hesse - Two Lemons

Two Lemons

Jolante Hesse

Sherry Shipley - Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town

Sherry Shipley

Stormm Bradshaw - Abstract UFO

Abstract UFO

Stormm Bradshaw

Maja Sokolowska - City of fools

City of fools

Maja Sokolowska

Hari Thomas - Circles of Eternal Return
Dominique Amendola - Selling vegetables at...

Selling vegetables at...

Dominique Amendola

Anne Barberi - Just Bananas

Just Bananas

Anne Barberi

David Zimmerman - Stripes


David Zimmerman

Phyllis Beiser - Watchful Pelicans

Watchful Pelicans

Phyllis Beiser

Lee Piper - Country Life

Country Life

Lee Piper

Jukka Nopsanen - Irena


Jukka Nopsanen

Eileen Patten Oliver - Sea Kayaking in...

Sea Kayaking in...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Teresa Ascone - Broken Birch

Broken Birch

Teresa Ascone

Mikhail Savchenko - Frames Mover Or Light...

Frames Mover Or Light...

Mikhail Savchenko

Sue Jacobi - Funky GBH Great Blue...
Daniel Butler - Merritt Island National...
Yvonne Johnstone - Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

Yvonne Johnstone

Victoria Lisi - Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind

Victoria Lisi

Mia DeLode - Group Hug

Group Hug

Mia DeLode

Dominique Amendola - water lilies in...

water lilies in...

Dominique Amendola

Michal Kwarciak - Balloon Journey

Balloon Journey

Michal Kwarciak

Sumit Jain - Insane Scream

Insane Scream

Sumit Jain

Sherry Shipley - Orca Dance

Orca Dance

Sherry Shipley

Dominique Amendola - Les baigneurs

Les baigneurs

Dominique Amendola

Victor Minca - Jen


Victor Minca

Eileen Patten Oliver - Motif and Gusses Girls

Motif and Gusses Girls

Eileen Patten Oliver

Dominique Amendola - Three men with a dog

Three men with a dog

Dominique Amendola

Savanna Paine - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Savanna Paine

David Zimmerman - Mount Suribachi

Mount Suribachi

David Zimmerman

Dorina  Costras - Illusory Waltz

Illusory Waltz

Dorina Costras

Teresa Ascone - Shoreline Rocks

Shoreline Rocks

Teresa Ascone

Laur Iduc - Obama 6

Obama 6

Laur Iduc

Dominique Amendola - L

L'homme qui lit

Dominique Amendola

Salman Ameer - Beauty. That

Beauty. That's all.

Salman Ameer

Steve Knapp - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Steve Knapp

David Zimmerman - Murder By Death

Murder By Death

David Zimmerman

Laur Iduc - The mirror of the soul
Teresa Ascone - Russian Jack Stream

Russian Jack Stream

Teresa Ascone

Miro Gradinscak - Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger

Miro Gradinscak

Wayne Hardee - Manatees


Wayne Hardee

Laur Iduc - Eminem 2

Eminem 2

Laur Iduc

Eileen Patten Oliver - Wonson Cove Gloucester...

Wonson Cove Gloucester...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Dorothy Jenson - Autumn Lane

Autumn Lane

Dorothy Jenson

Paul Davenport - Anna


Paul Davenport

Lori Pittenger - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Lori Pittenger

Mia DeLode - Not Your City Pool
Michal Kwarciak - Fall Impressions

Fall Impressions

Michal Kwarciak

Ricky Haug - Cosmic Blast

Cosmic Blast

Ricky Haug

Maja Sokolowska - Rainy Chicago in oil

Rainy Chicago in oil

Maja Sokolowska

Sue Jacobi - Funky Laughing Gull Bird...
Stormm Bradshaw - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Stormm Bradshaw

Xueling Zou - A Group of Zebras

A Group of Zebras

Xueling Zou

Christelle Grey - Meerkat Mommy

Meerkat Mommy

Christelle Grey

Dominique Amendola - Lovers on the beach

Lovers on the beach

Dominique Amendola

Stormm Bradshaw - Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Stormm Bradshaw

Ray Agius - Joanna


Ray Agius

David Zimmerman - Cowtown


David Zimmerman

Sue Jacobi - Funky Scottish Highland...
Bill Holkham - Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Bill Holkham

Talya Johnson - Come a Little Closer...
Shana Rowe - Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked

Shana Rowe

Stormm Bradshaw - Afro Pam Grier

Afro Pam Grier

Stormm Bradshaw

Pusita Gibbs - Peaceful Place

Peaceful Place

Pusita Gibbs

Sean Conlon - Dunguaire Castle after...
Eileen Patten Oliver - The Cove

The Cove

Eileen Patten Oliver

Yvonne Johnstone - Sunflowers In Copper

Sunflowers In Copper

Yvonne Johnstone

Dominique Amendola - Nap time 2

Nap time 2

Dominique Amendola

Paul Davenport - Equine 1

Equine 1

Paul Davenport

Joe  Triano - Amegos


Joe Triano

Jimmie Bartlett - Poppies on Black Canvas

Poppies on Black Canvas

Jimmie Bartlett

Mia DeLode - Grounded


Mia DeLode

Bill Hubbard - Battle of Hog Island...
Jolante Hesse - What Started It All

What Started It All

Jolante Hesse

Paul Davenport - Fount III

Fount III

Paul Davenport

Eileen Patten Oliver - Sunflowers


Eileen Patten Oliver

Dominique Amendola - Garden corner

Garden corner

Dominique Amendola

Lori Brackett - Inside the Flour Mill

Inside the Flour Mill

Lori Brackett

Michael African Visions - Trauma with Wolf and Man

Trauma with Wolf and Man

Michael African Visions

Martin Davey - Sheds on allotments at...
Patricio Lazen - Kickstand


Patricio Lazen

Paul Davenport - Equine


Paul Davenport

Dominique Amendola - Running in the mustard...

Running in the mustard...

Dominique Amendola

Stormm Bradshaw - Angel Nude

Angel Nude

Stormm Bradshaw

David Zimmerman - A Private Club

A Private Club

David Zimmerman

Martin Davey - Sheep in a field in the...
Joe  Triano - Battle Tested Bull Moose
Paul Davenport - Pensive


Paul Davenport

Eileen Patten Oliver - Rocks at Annisquam Beach...

Rocks at Annisquam Beach...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Paul Davenport - Resting Il

Resting Il

Paul Davenport

Christelle Grey - Playful Friends

Playful Friends

Christelle Grey

Lori Pittenger - A Chef

A Chef's Muse

Lori Pittenger

Anne Barberi - Pastel Peony

Pastel Peony

Anne Barberi

Jaedin Always - Okay? Okay.

Okay? Okay.

Jaedin Always

Mia DeLode - You Lookin At Me

You Lookin At Me

Mia DeLode

Eileen Patten Oliver - Spring Storm Tide Plum...

Spring Storm Tide Plum...

Eileen Patten Oliver

James Oliver - Halloween in Gloucester
Dominique Amendola - Water lilies in France

Water lilies in France

Dominique Amendola

Dagmar Helbig - Circus


Dagmar Helbig

Mary Lynne Powers - Need a Hug?

Need a Hug?

Mary Lynne Powers

David Zimmerman - The Approaching Storm

The Approaching Storm

David Zimmerman

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - La Luna Moment

La Luna Moment

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Christelle Grey - Curiosity


Christelle Grey

Sumit Jain - Coloured Leaves

Coloured Leaves

Sumit Jain

David Zimmerman - Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley

David Zimmerman

Richard T Pranke - Lavender Harvest by...

Lavender Harvest by...

Richard T Pranke

Gerald Bienvenu - Seek and You Will Find

Seek and You Will Find

Gerald Bienvenu

Douglas Castleman - Fleeting Light

Fleeting Light

Douglas Castleman

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Dusk Moment

Dusk Moment

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Michael Frank - Pagoda


Michael Frank

Mia DeLode - Sunkissed


Mia DeLode

Carmela Brennan - Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

Carmela Brennan

Dominique Amendola - Lady gazing through the...

Lady gazing through the...

Dominique Amendola

Ana Maria Edulescu - Mykonos Little Venice -...

Mykonos Little Venice -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

David Zimmerman - How Now Brown Cow

How Now Brown Cow

David Zimmerman

AnnaJo Vahle - Alligator Pod

Alligator Pod

AnnaJo Vahle

Daniel Butler - Great Blue Heron-Red...
Laur Iduc - Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Laur Iduc

Andrew Read - David Gilmour

David Gilmour

Andrew Read

Martin Davey - christchurch harbour...
Dominique Amendola - The fairy

The fairy

Dominique Amendola

Yvonne Johnstone - Grace at the stable door

Grace at the stable door

Yvonne Johnstone

Christelle Grey - Sunset in Africa

Sunset in Africa

Christelle Grey

Pierre Morin - Champs d

Champs d'hiver

Pierre Morin

Bill Holkham - Tuscan Tranquillity

Tuscan Tranquillity

Bill Holkham

Xueling Zou - Boats in front of the...
Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Michael s pooch at the...

Michael s pooch at the...

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Linda Apple - Children
Laur Iduc - Hey Jude

Hey Jude

Laur Iduc

Joe  Triano - Make Me Worthy

Make Me Worthy

Joe Triano

Lana Wegner - Waiting for the Bait
Dominique Amendola - Siting with a dog

Siting with a dog

Dominique Amendola

Carol Wisniewski - Sunset Stroll Among The...
Dominique Amendola - The street guitarist

The street guitarist

Dominique Amendola

David Zimmerman - A House to Live In

A House to Live In

David Zimmerman

Eileen Patten Oliver - Vaughans Woods -...

Vaughans Woods -...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Michal Kwarciak - Waiting in my Dreams

Waiting in my Dreams

Michal Kwarciak

Elena Yakubovich - Portrait In Red Venetian...
Mikhail Savchenko - Joy of life

Joy of life

Mikhail Savchenko

Ana Maria Edulescu - Venice Mysterious Light...

Venice Mysterious Light...

Ana Maria Edulescu

David Zimmerman - We Are Not in Kansas...

We Are Not in Kansas...

David Zimmerman

Anastasiya Malakhova - Apple Sunset

Apple Sunset

Anastasiya Malakhova

Shana Rowe - Candy Corn Cascade
Dagmar Helbig - Temptation


Dagmar Helbig

Laur Iduc - Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Laur Iduc

Martin Davey - Tudor House Southampton...
David Zimmerman - Comin On Strong

Comin On Strong

David Zimmerman

Vladimir Kezerashvili - Back in time 2

Back in time 2

Vladimir Kezerashvili

Teresa Ascone - Seldovia Ravine

Seldovia Ravine

Teresa Ascone

Paul  Meijering - Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio

Paul Meijering

Dagmar Helbig - Venice


Dagmar Helbig

David Zimmerman - Stargate


David Zimmerman

Asha Carolyn Young - Dog with Bone in Spring...

Dog with Bone in Spring...

Asha Carolyn Young

Andrew Read - Barney the dog

Barney the dog

Andrew Read

Elena Yakubovich - Portrait In Blue...

Portrait In Blue...

Elena Yakubovich

Laur Iduc - Get Your Wings

Get Your Wings

Laur Iduc

Dagmar Helbig - SECRET GARDEN 110x180 cm
Dominique Amendola - A beautiful afternoon

A beautiful afternoon

Dominique Amendola

Stormm Bradshaw - Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Stormm Bradshaw

Sue Jacobi - Funky Kookaburra...
Eileen Patten Oliver - Squam Light at Sunset

Squam Light at Sunset

Eileen Patten Oliver

Carol Wisniewski - Bridgeview Vermont

Bridgeview Vermont

Carol Wisniewski

Ed McNeil - High Alert

High Alert

Ed McNeil

Gail Heffron - Barn in the Sun

Barn in the Sun

Gail Heffron

Joe  Triano - Once Apon A Time

Once Apon A Time

Joe Triano

Laur Iduc - Barack


Laur Iduc

Christelle Grey - Close Family

Close Family

Christelle Grey

Lori Pittenger - Synchronicity


Lori Pittenger

Laur Iduc - Get Rich or Die Tryin
Michal Kwarciak - Dreaming Laundry Lady

Dreaming Laundry Lady

Michal Kwarciak

Sue Jacobi - Funky Goofy Brown...
Sue Zimmermann - Pot Full of Empties

Pot Full of Empties

Sue Zimmermann

Phyllis Beiser - Grace


Phyllis Beiser

Dagmar Helbig - Selfportrait


Dagmar Helbig

Dominique Amendola - Maria


Dominique Amendola

Anna Yurasovsky - Golden Shadows

Golden Shadows

Anna Yurasovsky

Laur Iduc - 50 Cent

50 Cent

Laur Iduc

David Zimmerman - All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

David Zimmerman

Ed McNeil - Night Flight

Night Flight

Ed McNeil

David Swope - Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

David Swope

Wayne Hardee - Green Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog

Wayne Hardee

Joe  Triano - Warrior Chief

Warrior Chief

Joe Triano

Xueling Zou - Old Man Wearing A Hat
Jordan Kirschner - Dancers


Jordan Kirschner

David Zimmerman - A New Canal Clipper

A New Canal Clipper

David Zimmerman

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Ventura Pier

Ventura Pier

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Eileen Patten Oliver - Conomo Point Winter

Conomo Point Winter

Eileen Patten Oliver

Dominique Amendola - The dancer

The dancer

Dominique Amendola

James Welch - Mystic Ballerina

Mystic Ballerina

James Welch

Vladimir Kezerashvili - Barbed wire

Barbed wire

Vladimir Kezerashvili

Phyllis Beiser - I Bid Thee Adieu

I Bid Thee Adieu

Phyllis Beiser

Eileen Patten Oliver - Bowl of Apples

Bowl of Apples

Eileen Patten Oliver

Michael Frank - Reaching for the Sun

Reaching for the Sun

Michael Frank

David Zimmerman - Towing with Jenny

Towing with Jenny

David Zimmerman

Martin Davey - Southampton Northam boats
Salman Ameer - John Lennon

John Lennon

Salman Ameer

Joe  Triano - A Close Encounter -...
Glenda Stevens - Ester

Ester's Letter

Glenda Stevens

David Neace - A1 Sewing

A1 Sewing

David Neace

Andrew Read - Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

Andrew Read

Belinda Low - Sunset Downunder

Sunset Downunder

Belinda Low

David Zimmerman - Canal and Lock

Canal and Lock

David Zimmerman

Geert Winkel - Gele vaas

Gele vaas

Geert Winkel

Teresa Ascone - Rock Patterns Turnagain
Dennis Ellman - From The Imaginary...

From The Imaginary...

Dennis Ellman

Neva Cruddas - Bighorn


Neva Cruddas

Eileen Patten Oliver - Winter Ipswich Bay...

Winter Ipswich Bay...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Konni Jensen - Boy dreams

Boy dreams

Konni Jensen

Eileen Patten Oliver - Flat Rocks

Flat Rocks

Eileen Patten Oliver

David Zimmerman - Bleeding Madras

Bleeding Madras

David Zimmerman

Laur Iduc - Dali


Laur Iduc

Phyllis Beiser - What Pelicans Do 3

What Pelicans Do 3

Phyllis Beiser

Jolante Hesse - Margrit and Dzunani

Margrit and Dzunani

Jolante Hesse

Anne Barberi - Lilac Reflections

Lilac Reflections

Anne Barberi

Jim Fitzpatrick - Portrait of a Tiger

Portrait of a Tiger

Jim Fitzpatrick

David Zimmerman - Sammy and Vinnie

Sammy and Vinnie

David Zimmerman

Sean Conlon - Seascape 5 First sighting
Wayne Hardee - Squirrel Fish Reef

Squirrel Fish Reef

Wayne Hardee

Phyllis Beiser - What Pelicans Do 2

What Pelicans Do 2

Phyllis Beiser

Shana Rowe - Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle

Shana Rowe

Michael Beckett - Lionfish


Michael Beckett

Lori Pittenger - Yakima River View

Yakima River View

Lori Pittenger

Sue Jacobi - Funky Red-billed...
Eileen Patten Oliver - Late Summer at Good...

Late Summer at Good...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Paul  Meijering - Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Paul Meijering

Anastasiya Malakhova - Black Cat

Black Cat

Anastasiya Malakhova

David Swope - Ahead of the Storm

Ahead of the Storm

David Swope

Alys Caviness-Gober - Rain


Alys Caviness-Gober

Michael Frank - San Francisco Streets

San Francisco Streets

Michael Frank

Dominique Amendola - Rose garden with...

Rose garden with...

Dominique Amendola

Aaron Spong - Night Fishing

Night Fishing

Aaron Spong

Joe  Triano - In The Company of My...
David Zimmerman - Nags Head

Nags Head

David Zimmerman

Geert Winkel - Winterland


Geert Winkel

Elena Sokolova - In warm colors

In warm colors

Elena Sokolova

Veronica Rickard - Hydrangea with Yellow...

Hydrangea with Yellow...

Veronica Rickard

Ana Maria Edulescu - Singing To My Angel 1

Singing To My Angel 1

Ana Maria Edulescu

David Zimmerman - les Alpes

les Alpes

David Zimmerman

Wayne Hardee - Adrift


Wayne Hardee

Sue Zimmermann - Iron Lace

Iron Lace

Sue Zimmermann

Eileen Patten Oliver - Good Harbor Beach...

Good Harbor Beach...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Kress Building

Kress Building

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Talya Johnson - Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere

Talya Johnson

David Zimmerman - Gossip


David Zimmerman

Gerald Bienvenu - Riding the Tide

Riding the Tide

Gerald Bienvenu

Lee Beuther - Flexible Flyer

Flexible Flyer

Lee Beuther

Joe  Triano - Protecting Her Young
Stormm Bradshaw - Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Stormm Bradshaw

Carol Wisniewski - A Winter Sunset

A Winter Sunset

Carol Wisniewski

Martin Davey - Horse in New Forest

Horse in New Forest

Martin Davey

David Zimmerman - Farming in the Mountains

Farming in the Mountains

David Zimmerman

David Swope - A Spectacle of Flight
Shana Rowe - Between Summer and Fall
Michael Frank - Secret Place

Secret Place

Michael Frank

Pierre Morin - Au bord du rapide by...
Gerald Bienvenu - First Thaw

First Thaw

Gerald Bienvenu

Dominique Amendola - Panoramic view of...

Panoramic view of...

Dominique Amendola

David Zimmerman - Two At a Time

Two At a Time

David Zimmerman

Ed McNeil - On Top of the World
Eileen Patten Oliver - Ipswich Bay Wooden Buoys

Ipswich Bay Wooden Buoys

Eileen Patten Oliver

Dominique Amendola - Boats and yachts

Boats and yachts

Dominique Amendola

Vladimir Kezerashvili - Still LIfe with Peaches...

Still LIfe with Peaches...

Vladimir Kezerashvili

Belinda Low - Welcome to My Home

Welcome to My Home

Belinda Low

Alan Lakin - Mediterranean Farm
Andrew Read - Laurel and Hardy Another...
Sean Conlon - Market Square Garage...
Sherry Shipley - Totem Tangle

Totem Tangle

Sherry Shipley

Yoshiko Mishina - Scribble 002

Scribble 002

Yoshiko Mishina

Joe  Triano - Just A Pawn

Just A Pawn

Joe Triano

Phyllis Beiser - White Pelicans In The...
Lori Brackett - Her - Lioness

Her - Lioness

Lori Brackett

Jason Majiq Holmes - Dolphins high off Life

Dolphins high off Life

Jason Majiq Holmes

Mary Lynne Powers - Old Florida 5

Old Florida 5

Mary Lynne Powers

Douglas Castleman - Sunset Memories

Sunset Memories

Douglas Castleman

Karen Ilari - The Matriarchs

The Matriarchs

Karen Ilari

Dominique Amendola - Tiburon pier

Tiburon pier

Dominique Amendola

Eileen Patten Oliver - Jim in Vaughans Woods

Jim in Vaughans Woods

Eileen Patten Oliver

Ed McNeil - The Night Watch

The Night Watch

Ed McNeil

Steve Cost - Looking Back

Looking Back

Steve Cost

Martin Davey - Two Mallard Ducks...
David Zimmerman - Slow and Furious

Slow and Furious

David Zimmerman

Joe  Triano - Dark Hollow Creek Buck
Elaine Jones - Fluffy Duckling

Fluffy Duckling

Elaine Jones

Geert Winkel - Winter weiland

Winter weiland

Geert Winkel

Gerald Bienvenu - Little Girl Blue

Little Girl Blue

Gerald Bienvenu

Thao Le - Twinkle Twinkle Little...
Almondtree Art - Smell the Flowers panda...
Margaret Saheed - Leader of Gorilla Group

Leader of Gorilla Group

Margaret Saheed

Daniel Butler - Sandhill Cranes- Patrons...
Gerald Bienvenu - Neap Tide

Neap Tide

Gerald Bienvenu

Paul  Meijering - Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister

Paul Meijering

Belinda Low - Hej Stockholm

Hej Stockholm

Belinda Low

David Zimmerman - Keep on The Sunny Side

Keep on The Sunny Side

David Zimmerman

Carol Wisniewski - Buttercup Meadow Lawn

Buttercup Meadow Lawn

Carol Wisniewski

Mona Edulesco - Venice - Gondolas -...
Rebecca Glaze - The Desert Of The Real
Pierre Morin - Matin sur le quai

Matin sur le quai

Pierre Morin

Phyllis Beiser - A Portrait Of Two...

A Portrait Of Two...

Phyllis Beiser

Andrew Read - John Wayne Searching
Eileen Patten Oliver - August Afternoon Rocky...

August Afternoon Rocky...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Bill Holkham - Oxford High Street

Oxford High Street

Bill Holkham

Eileen Patten Oliver - 4th of July Gloucester...

4th of July Gloucester...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Jason Majiq Holmes - King


Jason Majiq Holmes

David Zimmerman - The Outrider

The Outrider

David Zimmerman

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Squeaky and the err...

Squeaky and the err...

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Anna Yurasovsky - On Sunday

On Sunday

Anna Yurasovsky

Gerald Bienvenu - The CALICO


Gerald Bienvenu

Douglas Castleman - Wine with Cheese

Wine with Cheese

Douglas Castleman

Chad   Mayo - Greatness


Chad Mayo

Eric Lewis - Dreams from Aeons Past
Shana Rowe - Do I like Butter?
Glenda Stevens - Forlorn


Glenda Stevens

Salman Ameer - Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

Salman Ameer

David Zimmerman - The Winter of Our...

The Winter of Our...

David Zimmerman

David Neace - Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

David Neace

Douglas Castleman - Wine with Rose

Wine with Rose

Douglas Castleman

David Zimmerman - Dolles


David Zimmerman

Teresa Ascone - Chugach Summer

Chugach Summer

Teresa Ascone

Lori Pittenger - Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Lori Pittenger

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Bob Hope Theatre

Bob Hope Theatre

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Aaron Spong - Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Aaron Spong

Salman Ameer - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Salman Ameer

Sue Jacobi - Funky Snow Leopard...
David Zimmerman - Beachin

Beachin' It

David Zimmerman

AnnaJo Vahle - Shell Collecting 2

Shell Collecting 2

AnnaJo Vahle

Bill Holkham - Halloween Trick Or Treat
Tim Leung - Meet me by the Tree
Alex Vishnevsky - San Francisco Palace of...
Xueling Zou - Sister Ann

Sister Ann

Xueling Zou

David Zimmerman - Teeming With Life

Teeming With Life

David Zimmerman

Felix Freudzon - Das Kapital

Das Kapital

Felix Freudzon

Teresa Ascone - After the Rain

After the Rain

Teresa Ascone

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Ruby Oscillator

Ruby Oscillator

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Martin Davey - Boat wreck at Bitterne...
Janine Riley - Newburgh Beacon bridge...
Steve Cost - Chrome tools

Chrome tools

Steve Cost

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Coffee And Tea

Coffee And Tea

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Sean Conlon - Galway Landscape

Galway Landscape

Sean Conlon

Salman Ameer - Gandhi


Salman Ameer

Mikhail Savchenko - Titan In Desert

Titan In Desert

Mikhail Savchenko

Douglas Castleman - Marina del Rey Afternoon

Marina del Rey Afternoon

Douglas Castleman

Dominique Amendola - Sunnil Shetty portrait

Sunnil Shetty portrait

Dominique Amendola

David Zimmerman - Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor

David Zimmerman

Joe  Triano - Sweet Liberty - Foxes
Sue Jacobi - Funky Swan Blue on Red
Bette Orr - Little Gems

Little Gems

Bette Orr

Anne Barberi - Silver Dollar Still Life
Destynnie Hall - Raven


Destynnie Hall

David Zimmerman - A Romp in the Snow

A Romp in the Snow

David Zimmerman

Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Blue

Abstract Blue

Sonja Zeltner

Teresa Ascone - Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice

Teresa Ascone

AnnaJo Vahle - Levitation


AnnaJo Vahle

Sheila Diemert - Serenity


Sheila Diemert

David Zimmerman - To the Victor Belong the...
Mary Lynne Powers - Hero Worship

Hero Worship

Mary Lynne Powers

Gerald Bienvenu - Washday


Gerald Bienvenu

Felix Freudzon - Woman with Gold chain

Woman with Gold chain

Felix Freudzon

Murphy Elliott - The Future

The Future

Murphy Elliott

Teresa Ascone - Cold Creek

Cold Creek

Teresa Ascone

Eileen Patten Oliver - Charlie


Eileen Patten Oliver

Corporate Art Task Force - Ustad Ghulam Ali

Ustad Ghulam Ali

Corporate Art Task Force

Tim Leung - Untitled


Tim Leung

Carol Wisniewski - Maria

Maria's Lilies

Carol Wisniewski

Joe  Triano - Between Two Worlds
Danko Merin - Angel 2

Angel 2

Danko Merin

Felix Freudzon - Jeremiah


Felix Freudzon

Anna Yurasovsky - Tulips I

Tulips I

Anna Yurasovsky

Martin Davey - Southampton Western...
David Zimmerman - Planrts in the PM

Planrts in the PM

David Zimmerman

Gerald Bienvenu - Look for the...

Look for the...

Gerald Bienvenu

Alaina Ferguson - Nok and Riker

Nok and Riker

Alaina Ferguson

Joe  Triano - Born In The USA

Born In The USA

Joe Triano

Michael Frank - Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom

Michael Frank

Andrew Read - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Andrew Read

Dominique Amendola - Monks In Varanasi

Monks In Varanasi

Dominique Amendola

Eileen Patten Oliver - Me Myself And Eileen

Me Myself And Eileen

Eileen Patten Oliver

AnnaJo Vahle - Peaches Pears and Eggs
Felix Freudzon - Magdalene


Felix Freudzon

David Zimmerman - Done With The Chores

Done With The Chores

David Zimmerman

Troy Gilbert Duffy - Whiteriver Ute

Whiteriver Ute

Troy Gilbert Duffy

Sonja  Zeltner - Abstract Grey

Abstract Grey

Sonja Zeltner

Michael Frank - Country Path

Country Path

Michael Frank

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Sunshine Tale Apples

Sunshine Tale Apples

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Celia Fedak - Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

Celia Fedak

James Welch - The Old Apple Tree

The Old Apple Tree

James Welch

Dominique Amendola - Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Dominique Amendola

Gerald Bienvenu - The Parmantier Subway...

The Parmantier Subway...

Gerald Bienvenu

David Zimmerman - Just Jake

Just Jake

David Zimmerman

Felix Freudzon - Old Man

Old Man

Felix Freudzon

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Phat Lavender Left

Phat Lavender Left

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Martin Davey - Black And White Pig on...
Jolante Hesse - Pink Magnolia

Pink Magnolia

Jolante Hesse

Murphy Elliott - Drawing Pin Up Girl

Drawing Pin Up Girl

Murphy Elliott

Dimitra Papageorgiou - Dark forest

Dark forest

Dimitra Papageorgiou

Michael Frank - Jewel Box Gardens

Jewel Box Gardens

Michael Frank

Anne Barberi - Peaches And Cream

Peaches And Cream

Anne Barberi

Eileen Patten Oliver - Eastern Point Light...

Eastern Point Light...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Paul  Meijering - Laurel and Hardy

Laurel and Hardy

Paul Meijering

Dominique Amendola - Mahatma Gandhi spinning

Mahatma Gandhi spinning

Dominique Amendola

Karen Ilari - Wild Garden

Wild Garden

Karen Ilari

Joe  Triano - Sharred Vision - Return...
Murphy Elliott - Mirror Mirror in my hand
Miro Gradinscak - The King

The King

Miro Gradinscak

Dominique Amendola - My cabin in the woods

My cabin in the woods

Dominique Amendola

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Grand Canyon 6

Grand Canyon 6

Uma Krishnamoorthy

David Zimmerman - Funnel Cakes

Funnel Cakes

David Zimmerman

Teresa Ascone - O

O'Malley Peak

Teresa Ascone

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - pears and Talavera table...

pears and Talavera table...

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Bill Hubbard - Gloucester Mackerel...
Eileen Patten Oliver - Hard Merchandise Rocky...

Hard Merchandise Rocky...

Eileen Patten Oliver

Steve Cost - Left Alone

Left Alone

Steve Cost

David Zimmerman - The Herd Shot Round the...
Martin Davey - Still life wheelbarrow...
David Zimmerman - Villa Del Fianco una Di...
Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Pears And Antique

Pears And Antique

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Eileen Patten Oliver - Supermoon Rising over...

Supermoon Rising over...

Eileen Patten Oliver

William Walts - Cities on Flame

Cities on Flame

William Walts

Carmela Brennan - The Lion of Macedon

The Lion of Macedon

Carmela Brennan

Jolante Hesse - A Moment of Laughter

A Moment of Laughter

Jolante Hesse

Gerald Bienvenu - Captured by the Tide

Captured by the Tide

Gerald Bienvenu

Teresa Ascone - Tidal Patterns IV

Tidal Patterns IV

Teresa Ascone

Shana Rowe - Being a Girl

Being a Girl

Shana Rowe

Eileen Patten Oliver - Motif  Number One

Motif Number One

Eileen Patten Oliver

Paul  Meijering - Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Paul Meijering

Ana Maria Edulescu - Italy Liguria Riviera -...

Italy Liguria Riviera -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Mikhail Savchenko - Countryside Summer

Countryside Summer

Mikhail Savchenko

Anna Yurasovsky - Midsummer Night

Midsummer Night

Anna Yurasovsky

Veronica Rickard - Fluff Smells the...

Fluff Smells the...

Veronica Rickard

Joe  Triano - Ancient Land Monument...
Jolante Hesse - Drawing of a Woman

Drawing of a Woman

Jolante Hesse

Sue Jacobi - Funky Iris Flower
Paul  Meijering - Robert Plant of Led...

Robert Plant of Led...

Paul Meijering

Mary Ellen Anderson - Lady In Red

Lady In Red

Mary Ellen Anderson

Craig Carl - Chicago IV

Chicago IV

Craig Carl

Teresa Ascone - Sitka Isle

Sitka Isle

Teresa Ascone

Dominique Amendola - Amitabh Bachchan Portrait

Amitabh Bachchan Portrait

Dominique Amendola

David Zimmerman - Keyed Up

Keyed Up

David Zimmerman

Bill Holkham - Westminster And Big Ben...
Alan Lakin - Chisholm Trail

Chisholm Trail

Alan Lakin

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Haggin Museum Rose...

Haggin Museum Rose...

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Teresa Ascone - Alaska WIld

Alaska WIld

Teresa Ascone

Victor Minca - Bahamian Old Man

Bahamian Old Man

Victor Minca

Martin Davey - Brown and White Horse by...
Eileen Patten Oliver - Plum Cove Sunset

Plum Cove Sunset

Eileen Patten Oliver

Gerald Bienvenu - Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure

Gerald Bienvenu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Italy - Venice -...

Italy - Venice -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Anna Yurasovsky - Florida


Anna Yurasovsky

Teresa Ascone - Turnagain Bluff

Turnagain Bluff

Teresa Ascone

Xueling Zou - Guatemala Impression III
James Welch - Lee Of Hartland

Lee Of Hartland

James Welch

Steve Knapp - Mallards in the Marsh
Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Path With Flowering Trees

Path With Flowering Trees

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Karen E Marvel - Chris Young

Chris Young

Karen E Marvel

Carmela Brennan - The Lady of Ridgewood

The Lady of Ridgewood

Carmela Brennan

Mary Ellen Anderson - Castle on the Water

Castle on the Water

Mary Ellen Anderson

Belinda Low - On A Clear Morning

On A Clear Morning

Belinda Low

Veronica Rickard - Still Life with Apples...

Still Life with Apples...

Veronica Rickard

David Zimmerman - The Back of the...

The Back of the...

David Zimmerman

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - California Orchard

California Orchard

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Teresa Ascone - Turnagain Sunburst

Turnagain Sunburst

Teresa Ascone

Pierre Morin - Douceur d
Katerina Kovatcheva - Regatta


Katerina Kovatcheva

Murphy Elliott - Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Murphy Elliott

Ray Agius - Adriana


Ray Agius

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Fall Arrives At River...

Fall Arrives At River...

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

David Zimmerman - Reflections of Twilight

Reflections of Twilight

David Zimmerman

Jukka Nopsanen - A Jungle

A Jungle

Jukka Nopsanen

Belinda Low - If Only I Could Stay
Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Inland Fields

Inland Fields

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Dominique Amendola - Aspremont village In...

Aspremont village In...

Dominique Amendola

Jaedin Always - Emma Watson Minimalist
Hanne Lore Koehler - Massachusetts House...

Massachusetts House...

Hanne Lore Koehler

Shana Rowe - A Boy
Lori Pittenger - Daydreaming...


Lori Pittenger

Steve McArthur after Heade - Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Steve McArthur after Heade

David Zimmerman - Riding Drag

Riding Drag

David Zimmerman

Michael Frank - Flower Garden IV

Flower Garden IV

Michael Frank

Natalia Lvova - Sun Fondles Earth

Sun Fondles Earth

Natalia Lvova