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Doodling Experimenting and Creating With Abandon



Group Administrator

Ian MacDonald

Toronto, ON


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This group was started on January 24th, 2012 and currently has:


46 Members


661 Images


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Doodling Experimenting and Creating With Abandon

About This Group

If you create your images for an audience, rather than for yourself, then this is not the group for you. This group is for those very personal interesting images that you created absent mindedly without any objective in mind while doodling or experimenting with distortions, colors or compositions. Too many artists get caught up in trying to create what they think have to be marketable images. Meanwhile, markets and tastes change and todays marketable images become boring. Set your creativity free. Go wild.

Featured Images

Ian  MacDonald - Six Thirty Five

Six Thirty Five

Ian MacDonald

Kathie Chicoine - Explosion of Color

Explosion of Color

Kathie Chicoine

Kathie Chicoine - Mosaic


Kathie Chicoine

Jerry Conner - Abstract 29

Abstract 29

Jerry Conner

Deyanira Harris - Modelo


Deyanira Harris

Lisa Kramer - Pussy and Willow

Pussy and Willow

Lisa Kramer

Kay Sparks - Goddess


Kay Sparks

Marcie Sutton - Technicolor Flight

Technicolor Flight

Marcie Sutton

Linda  Lane - Bloise - So Fine

So Fine

Linda Lane - Bloise

Wide Awake  Arts - Big Blush

Big Blush

Wide Awake Arts

Ginny Schmidt - When Words Fail

When Words Fail

Ginny Schmidt

Chris M Price - Forever Yours

Forever Yours

Chris M Price

Brenda Marik-schmidt - Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

Brenda Marik-schmidt

Streisands - Na9039



Art Nomad Sandra  Hansen - Dancing Tree

Dancing Tree

Art Nomad Sandra Hansen

Aaron Koster - Franks and Beans

Franks and Beans

Aaron Koster

Phillip  Jaeger - Evolution Nature

Evolution Nature

Phillip Jaeger

Jean Hall - Autumn Bounty

Autumn Bounty

Jean Hall