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California Dreamin



Group Administrator

Morgan Wright

Aptos, CA

United States

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This group was started on March 21st, 2012 and currently has:


496 Members


10,338 Images


7 Discussions

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California Dreamin

About This Group

Photography of anything that is iconic and representative of California. Examples could be: California Poppies, surf/skateboarding culture, state parks, wineries, the state capitol, the golden gate bridge, etc. Please make sure your submissions are not vague and open to too much interpretation. If you can't look at the photo by itself and go,'That's representative of California!', your submission will be rejected.

I would also like to steer our members to the discussion pages so they may utilize the 'Home, Sweet Home' and 'Your Favorite Images' threads. These threads are a good way to get your images a little more exposure.


Congratulations to Pete Edmunds on his win in the '1000 California images' contest. Thanks to all others who participated.

Art Prints

Featured Images

Sean Foster - Blistering Dance

Blistering Dance

Sean Foster

Mitch Shindelbower - Mother And Cub

Mother And Cub

Mitch Shindelbower

Mark Alder - On The Trail At Sunrise
Alexander Kunz - Old Barn at Love Valley
Lynn Bauer - Summer Beauty at Twin...
Robert Woodward - Roman Pool At Hearst...

Roman Pool At Hearst...

Robert Woodward

Art K - Iconic Hollywood II
Dave Gordon - My Ohio Girl

My Ohio Girl

Dave Gordon

Lee Harland - Watching Polaris

Watching Polaris

Lee Harland

David Millenheft - My Reflection

My Reflection

David Millenheft

Mitch Shindelbower - Smile For The Camera

Smile For The Camera

Mitch Shindelbower

Bob Phillips - Redwood Canopy-2

Redwood Canopy-2

Bob Phillips

Kathy Yates - Montara Lighthouse

Montara Lighthouse

Kathy Yates

Amy Fearn - Montara State Beach
Steven Ainsworth - Hills of San Luis Obispo...
Nicole Swanger - Washing Up in a Waterfall
Joseph Hollingsworth - Cabrillo Marina in...

Cabrillo Marina in...

Joseph Hollingsworth

Aron Kearney Photography - Up at Dawn

Up at Dawn

Aron Kearney Photography

David Millenheft - Floating in the ocean

Floating in the ocean

David Millenheft

Inge Johnsson - Hearst Castle Neptune...
Mitch Shindelbower - Cut Off

Cut Off

Mitch Shindelbower

Fei A - Surfing board Bench...
Samuel Sheats - Moon Over Twin Towers

Moon Over Twin Towers

Samuel Sheats

Parrish Todd - Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

Parrish Todd

Wendy Stevenson - Abandoned in California

Abandoned in California

Wendy Stevenson

Aron Kearney Photography - the Godfeather

the Godfeather

Aron Kearney Photography

Mary Sheft - Tamalpais


Mary Sheft

Jeffrey Fox - Running from the storm
Nicole Swanger - Going to the Desert

Going to the Desert

Nicole Swanger

Eric Tressler - Bodega
Joe Schofield - Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Joe Schofield

Eric Tressler - Lower Yosemite Falls

Lower Yosemite Falls

Eric Tressler

Hugh Stickney - Desert Windmills

Desert Windmills

Hugh Stickney

Morgan Wright - Tree and Barn on Foggy...
Sean Foster - Second Shift

Second Shift

Sean Foster

Lynn Bauer - Fall Hiking in the High...
Alexander Kunz - Back Country Dusk

Back Country Dusk

Alexander Kunz

Michael Cinnamond - Alone at the Top

Alone at the Top

Michael Cinnamond

Jerry Cowart - Tranquil Lake...

Tranquil Lake...

Jerry Cowart

About Light  Images - Driftwood and Sea Stacks

Driftwood and Sea Stacks

About Light Images

Alexander Kunz - In the Shade of an Oak

In the Shade of an Oak

Alexander Kunz

Priya Ghose - Aspens Aglow In The...
About Light  Images - Lands End

Lands End

About Light Images

Alexander Kunz - The Road to Julian

The Road to Julian

Alexander Kunz

Suzanne Oesterling - Discovery


Suzanne Oesterling

Bob Christopher - Beauty Of California...

Beauty Of California...

Bob Christopher

Radek Hofman - Green Hills

Green Hills

Radek Hofman

Bob Christopher - Desert Beauty Death...

Desert Beauty Death...

Bob Christopher

Logan Beaschler - Child of The Sun

Child of The Sun

Logan Beaschler

Jerry Cowart - Crystal Clear Tuolumne...
Alexander Kunz - Windansea Sunset

Windansea Sunset

Alexander Kunz

Denise Dube - Dolphins Greeting from...
Radek Hofman - Tidal Surge

Tidal Surge

Radek Hofman

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Strawberry Crater ...

Strawberry Crater ...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Bob Christopher - Death Valley California...
Mitch Shindelbower - Fallen Leaf Lake Black...

Fallen Leaf Lake Black...

Mitch Shindelbower

Radek Hofman - Arch Rock

Arch Rock

Radek Hofman

Bob Christopher - Death Valley California...
Mitch Shindelbower - Summer Rain

Summer Rain

Mitch Shindelbower

Radek Hofman - Newport Pier

Newport Pier

Radek Hofman

Joseph Hollingsworth - Bridge from S P to L B

Bridge from S P to L B

Joseph Hollingsworth

Mitch Shindelbower - Morning Bliss

Morning Bliss

Mitch Shindelbower

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Santa Cruz Beach...

Santa Cruz Beach...

Theresa Ramos-DuVon

Dave Hall - Beach Solitude

Beach Solitude

Dave Hall

Mitch Shindelbower - Sausalito Morning

Sausalito Morning

Mitch Shindelbower

Lynn Bauer - Heaven

Heaven's Fire

Lynn Bauer

Robert Woodward - Ripples at Sunset

Ripples at Sunset

Robert Woodward

Jerry Cowart - Mountain Top Sunrise...
Dave Hall - Solo Flight

Solo Flight

Dave Hall

Tom Dupee - South Bay Summer
Radek Hofman - San Francisco

San Francisco

Radek Hofman

Mitch Shindelbower - Boats For Hire

Boats For Hire

Mitch Shindelbower

Lynn Bauer - Cambria Farm Land
Johanne Peale - Foggy Flight

Foggy Flight

Johanne Peale

Mitch Shindelbower - Waiting For The Sun

Waiting For The Sun

Mitch Shindelbower

Ben Graham - Oceanside Pier 2

Oceanside Pier 2

Ben Graham

Candee Lucas - Live Stock

Live Stock

Candee Lucas

Denise Dube - Brooklyn Bridgebw By...
Joseph Hollingsworth - Century Plaza Towers

Century Plaza Towers

Joseph Hollingsworth

Eddie Yerkish - Los Angeles Skyline At...
Jerry Fornarotto - Manly Beacon

Manly Beacon

Jerry Fornarotto

Lloyd Goldstein - Wine On The Vine

Wine On The Vine

Lloyd Goldstein

Joseph S Giacalone - Clouds in the Pond

Clouds in the Pond

Joseph S Giacalone

David Millenheft - McWay Falls-3am adventure

McWay Falls-3am adventure

David Millenheft

Mitch Shindelbower - Hard Times

Hard Times

Mitch Shindelbower

Peter Coskun - Taken for Granite

Taken for Granite

Peter Coskun

Suzanne Luft - Night Descending On The...
Peter Coskun - Guardian of the Galaxy
Janice Rae Pariza - Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

Janice Rae Pariza

Timothy Hacker - Oak and Ivy

Oak and Ivy

Timothy Hacker

Chris Berry - Half Dome Of Yosemite
Jerry Cowart - Tranquil Scenic Flowing...
Priscilla Burgers - Bodie Memories

Bodie Memories

Priscilla Burgers

Logan Beaschler - Hagen Canyon

Hagen Canyon

Logan Beaschler

Joseph Hollingsworth - Stick Soldiers

Stick Soldiers

Joseph Hollingsworth

Lee Harland - Golden Lake Natoma

Golden Lake Natoma

Lee Harland

Alicia Hollinger - California Dreamin

California Dreamin

Alicia Hollinger

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

David Millenheft - Grey sky ocean

Grey sky ocean

David Millenheft

Patricia Sanders - Lassen View From...

Lassen View From...

Patricia Sanders

Allen Tunget - Pier 39

Pier 39

Allen Tunget

Priscilla Burgers - Carmel Mission

Carmel Mission

Priscilla Burgers

Radek Hofman - Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Radek Hofman

Erich Kirchubel - Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Erich Kirchubel

Lynn Bauer - Small Duck in a Big Pond
Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Waves


Theresa Ramos-DuVon

Joseph Hollingsworth - Blowin in the Wind 2

Blowin in the Wind 2

Joseph Hollingsworth

Charline Xia - Joshua Tree National Park
Eddie Yerkish - Avalon Casino at Sunset
Dave Hall - Early Morning Path
Mark Alder - Evening Light

Evening Light

Mark Alder

Matt Hammerstein - Golden Summer

Golden Summer's Night

Matt Hammerstein

Matt Hammerstein - San Joaquin Sunset

San Joaquin Sunset

Matt Hammerstein

 Carlos Cano - Pacific Coast Highway
Eddie Yerkish - Swingers


Eddie Yerkish

Sue McElligott - A Moment of Silence In...
Marty Faulkner - Golden Gate Bridge with...
Timothy Hacker - California Coast

California Coast

Timothy Hacker

Radek Hofman - Green Peaks

Green Peaks

Radek Hofman

Marybeth Adkins - Sea Dance 2

Sea Dance 2

Marybeth Adkins

Priya Ghose - Golden Aspen River

Golden Aspen River

Priya Ghose

Radek Hofman - San Diego

San Diego

Radek Hofman

Mitch Shindelbower - Colorful Rain

Colorful Rain

Mitch Shindelbower

Joseph Coulombe - The Road to Collinsville...
Lynn Bauer - Spotlight Over Lake Mary...
Eddie Yerkish - Open Wide

Open Wide

Eddie Yerkish

Sandra Bronstein - Back To The Past

Back To The Past

Sandra Bronstein

Aron Kearney Photography - Light Falls

Light Falls

Aron Kearney Photography

Laura Paine - Stormy Sky 2

Stormy Sky 2

Laura Paine

Dave Hall - Cabrillo Shoreline
Mark Alder - Foggy Monochrome

Foggy Monochrome

Mark Alder

Joseph Coulombe - DAI LOY Street Artist

DAI LOY Street Artist

Joseph Coulombe

Dave Hall - In Formation

In Formation

Dave Hall

Alexander Kunz - Sand Like Silk

Sand Like Silk

Alexander Kunz

Lee Harland - Country Skies

Country Skies

Lee Harland

Denise Dube - Dock 9 Long Beach at...
Mari Cody - Shadows of Time

Shadows of Time

Mari Cody

Joseph Hollingsworth - Redondo Pier

Redondo Pier

Joseph Hollingsworth

Michele Steffey - Soft Wave

Soft Wave

Michele Steffey

Mitch Shindelbower - Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

Mitch Shindelbower

Lynn Bauer - Orange California Poppies
Peter Tellone - All in Black and White
Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

Mitch Shindelbower - Tahoe Lightning

Tahoe Lightning

Mitch Shindelbower

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Artists Palette2 Death...

Artists Palette2 Death...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Denise Dube - Extent of View By Denise...
Steve Gadomski - Golden Gate Bridge Aloft
Michele Steffey - Footprints In The Sand

Footprints In The Sand

Michele Steffey

Lynn Bauer - High Sierra Sunset
Joseph S Giacalone - Pier Sunset

Pier Sunset

Joseph S Giacalone

Mitch Shindelbower - Blondie At The Whiskey A...

Blondie At The Whiskey A...

Mitch Shindelbower

Radek Hofman - Bridge


Radek Hofman

C Ray  Roth - Sunset Under the Storm
Joseph Hollingsworth - The Super Sail

The Super Sail

Joseph Hollingsworth

Eddie Yerkish - Sunset at Windansea Beach
Radek Hofman - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Radek Hofman

Lee Harland - Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment

Lee Harland

Ellen Cotton - Fiery Beach

Fiery Beach

Ellen Cotton

Eddie Yerkish - Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach

Eddie Yerkish

Rima Biswas - Oak Tree At Sunset

Oak Tree At Sunset

Rima Biswas

Larry Butterworth - Vintage Chevrolet With...

Vintage Chevrolet With...

Larry Butterworth

Caitlyn  Grasso - Show

Show's End

Caitlyn Grasso

Kris Hiemstra - A Brief Moment of Green
Mitch Shindelbower - Drama


Mitch Shindelbower

Kandy Hurley - Big Sur Kind Of Morning
Radek Hofman - Muir Woods

Muir Woods

Radek Hofman

Denise Dube - Fireworks from the Queen...
Johanne Peale - New Dawn

New Dawn

Johanne Peale

Parrish Todd - Majesty


Parrish Todd

Joseph Hollingsworth - Golf Course Ocean P V 2

Golf Course Ocean P V 2

Joseph Hollingsworth

Denise Dube - Long Beach Sparkles By...
Sandra Bronstein - A View Into The Redwoods

A View Into The Redwoods

Sandra Bronstein

Rima Biswas - California Sun through...
Larry Butterworth - Ford Mustang California ...

Ford Mustang California ...

Larry Butterworth

Joseph Hollingsworth - Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore

Joseph Hollingsworth

Lee Harland - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Lee Harland

Eric Tressler - Sunshine On The Pyrimid
Bob Christopher - Where Does The Story End

Where Does The Story End

Bob Christopher

Eduard Moldoveanu - Sailing stones

Sailing stones

Eduard Moldoveanu

Joseph S Giacalone - Colorful Beach Restroom

Colorful Beach Restroom

Joseph S Giacalone

Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

Dave Gordon - Golden Luck

Golden Luck

Dave Gordon

Lee Harland - Point Reyes Shipwreck
Radek Hofman - Hollywood


Radek Hofman

Peter Tellone - Scripps Pier Twilight -...
Lee Harland - The City

The City

Lee Harland

Bruce Frye - Back-lit Wave

Back-lit Wave

Bruce Frye

Joseph Hollingsworth - Port San Luis

Port San Luis

Joseph Hollingsworth

David Millenheft - Life flows by the river

Life flows by the river

David Millenheft

Linda Arnado - Photographers


Linda Arnado

Aron Kearney Photography - Enter In

Enter In

Aron Kearney Photography

Sean Foster - Earth Walker

Earth Walker

Sean Foster

Joe Brisson - Across the Bay

Across the Bay

Joe Brisson

Scott Campbell - Up at La Jolla

Up at La Jolla

Scott Campbell

Mitch Shindelbower - Oh Tahoe

Oh Tahoe

Mitch Shindelbower

Sherri Durrell - SF Bay Bridge before...
Camille Lopez - The Grand Ocean

The Grand Ocean

Camille Lopez

Simone Blakeney - Classic symmetry without...
Inge Johnsson - Manhattan Beach Sunset
Lynn Bauer - Spring Wildflower...
Rima Biswas - Heaven


Rima Biswas

Simone Blakeney - Sideways


Simone Blakeney

Joe Schofield - Theres A Signpost Up...
Joseph Hollingsworth - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Joseph Hollingsworth

Mitch Shindelbower - Ms. Dixie Evening Cruise

Ms. Dixie Evening Cruise

Mitch Shindelbower

Bob Christopher - Symphony Of The Sand

Symphony Of The Sand

Bob Christopher

Joseph Smith - La Jolla Falls

La Jolla Falls

Joseph Smith

C Ray  Roth - What Becomes Sand
Patrick Witz - Velvety Sierra Stream...
Lynn Bauer - Lundy
Peter Coskun - Bristlecone Ballet

Bristlecone Ballet

Peter Coskun

Mitch Shindelbower - The Golden Moment

The Golden Moment

Mitch Shindelbower

Denise Dube - Honey Moon Reflects with...
Joseph Hollingsworth - Blowin in the Wind

Blowin in the Wind

Joseph Hollingsworth

Mitch Shindelbower - South Lake Tahoe Sunset

South Lake Tahoe Sunset

Mitch Shindelbower

Camille Lopez - Above Catalina

Above Catalina

Camille Lopez

Patrick Jacquet - Blazing Golden Gate...

Blazing Golden Gate...

Patrick Jacquet

Dave Hall - Balboa Park by Night 2
Radek Hofman - Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall

Radek Hofman

David Millenheft - Port of San Francisco

Port of San Francisco

David Millenheft

Camille Lopez - Over the Edge

Over the Edge

Camille Lopez

Gregory Ballos - Reflections Under the...
Joie Cameron-Brown - Hotel Fusion

Hotel Fusion

Joie Cameron-Brown

Troy Montemayor - Approaching Storm Tenaya...
Bob Christopher - Motocross Ready To Rumble
Mitch Shindelbower - Heavenly Light

Heavenly Light

Mitch Shindelbower

Joseph Hollingsworth - Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach

Joseph Hollingsworth

Tommy Anderson - Victory Lane 2

Victory Lane 2

Tommy Anderson

Joseph Smith - Half Dome Reflection
Linda Arnado - Surf Daze

Surf Daze

Linda Arnado

Linda Arnado - Maze on the beach

Maze on the beach

Linda Arnado

Peter Coskun - Eyes Over Yosemite

Eyes Over Yosemite

Peter Coskun

Sean Foster - Fortunate Sun

Fortunate Sun

Sean Foster

Kathleen Bishop - Three Willow Trees

Three Willow Trees

Kathleen Bishop

Rima Biswas - After the sunset

After the sunset

Rima Biswas

Lee Harland - California State Capitol
Betty Depee - Drama at Salton Sea
Heather Applegate - On the Road

On the Road

Heather Applegate

William Dey - V SHAPE Palm Springs
Parrish Todd - Poppy Delight

Poppy Delight

Parrish Todd

Camille Lopez - Rose Colored Fantasy

Rose Colored Fantasy

Camille Lopez

Gregory Ballos - Purple Sunset at the...
Kathleen Bishop - The Float House

The Float House

Kathleen Bishop

DJ Laughlin - Night Stroll

Night Stroll

DJ Laughlin

Eddie Yerkish - Joshua Tree Silhouette
Sandra Bronstein - Spring In The Redwood...

Spring In The Redwood...

Sandra Bronstein

Liz Vernand - California Poppy field
Lance Vaughn - Athena 002

Athena 002

Lance Vaughn

Joseph Smith - Awash


Joseph Smith

David Lobos - Through the Rainbow at...
Karen Stephenson - Old Vines Panorama

Old Vines Panorama

Karen Stephenson

Lee Kirchhevel - California Poppy Opening
Joseph Hollingsworth - Battleship USS Iowa

Battleship USS Iowa

Joseph Hollingsworth

David Millenheft - Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island

David Millenheft

Morgan Wright - Fern


Morgan Wright

Joseph Hollingsworth - Coastal Dreamscape

Coastal Dreamscape

Joseph Hollingsworth

Sean Foster - Extinguish


Sean Foster

Jerry Cowart - Historic Sierra Madre...
James Watters III - California Poppies

California Poppies

James Watters III

Laura Paine - Three Kings

Three Kings

Laura Paine

Leah Moore - Tainted


Leah Moore

Caitlyn  Grasso - Slender


Caitlyn Grasso

Amy Fearn - Follow Your Own Path
Joseph Hollingsworth - Hermosa Beach Surfer

Hermosa Beach Surfer

Joseph Hollingsworth

Kathleen Bishop - Point Arena California

Point Arena California

Kathleen Bishop

Joseph Smith - Half Dome - Fall

Half Dome - Fall

Joseph Smith

Attilio Ruffo - Sunset.


Attilio Ruffo

Alexander Kunz - Dancers in the Fog

Dancers in the Fog

Alexander Kunz

Kathleen Bishop - Tilted Cenozoic...

Tilted Cenozoic...

Kathleen Bishop

David Millenheft - Anacapa Island Lighthouse

Anacapa Island Lighthouse

David Millenheft

Laura Paine - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Laura Paine

Simone Blakeney - Red Creek

Red Creek

Simone Blakeney

Steven Ainsworth - The Beach At Santa...

The Beach At Santa...

Steven Ainsworth

Theresa Ramos-DuVon - Chateau Montelena

Chateau Montelena

Theresa Ramos-DuVon

Lynn Bauer - Sweet Sunshine

Sweet Sunshine

Lynn Bauer

Jerry Cowart - Steps To Blue Ocean And...
Robert Woodward - Purple and Yellow on...

Purple and Yellow on...

Robert Woodward

Joseph Coulombe - California Gold

California Gold

Joseph Coulombe

Simone Blakeney - El Cap

El Cap

Simone Blakeney

Bob Christopher - The End

The End

Bob Christopher

Brian Maloney - Pick Your View

Pick Your View

Brian Maloney

Jim Fitzpatrick - Bear Playing in the Water
Peter Tellone - Surf

Surf's Up

Peter Tellone

Joan Carroll - Knitter Under the Pier
Rima Biswas - Sunset over boundary
Lynn Bauer - Golden Reflections on...
Peter Tellone - Ysabel Falls

Ysabel Falls

Peter Tellone

Amy Fearn - Dreamy Waterfront Cottage
Scott Campbell - Divers Cove Laguna Beach...
Lee Harland - Stormy Days

Stormy Days

Lee Harland

Eva Kato - Wild Curves

Wild Curves

Eva Kato

Alexander Kunz - Idyll with Cow

Idyll with Cow

Alexander Kunz

Mitch Shindelbower - Pyramid Peak Panoramic

Pyramid Peak Panoramic

Mitch Shindelbower

Rima Biswas - Sunflowers at sunset
Lynn Bauer - Spring

Spring's Promise

Lynn Bauer

Eddie Yerkish - Sunset In La Jolla

Sunset In La Jolla

Eddie Yerkish

Bruce Frye - Green Wave- Blue Mountain
Dave Gordon - Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Dave Gordon

Mitch Shindelbower - Spring Storm Over...

Spring Storm Over...

Mitch Shindelbower

Attilio Ruffo - The Color Purple

The Color Purple

Attilio Ruffo

Jerry Cowart - Memorial Day And...

Memorial Day And...

Jerry Cowart

Alexander Kunz - Precious Green

Precious Green

Alexander Kunz

William Dey - OCTOBER ROAD Palm Springs
Connie Fox - Vintage and Modern - San...
William Dey - FLOAT BW Palm Springs
Dan Hartford - Racetrack Playa 5

Racetrack Playa 5

Dan Hartford

Alexander Kunz - April Winds

April Winds

Alexander Kunz

Sean Foster - A Pink Low Tide

A Pink Low Tide

Sean Foster

Attilio Ruffo - Old Craters

Old Craters

Attilio Ruffo

Joan Carroll - San Clemente Pier Dawn
Brian Maloney - Benicia Car Show

Benicia Car Show

Brian Maloney

Donna Kennedy - Pacific Coast Blues

Pacific Coast Blues

Donna Kennedy

Scott Cameron - Americas Cup Racing -...
Ellen Cotton - Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

Ellen Cotton

Lee Harland - Country Road

Country Road

Lee Harland

Brian Maloney - Cows and Clouds

Cows and Clouds

Brian Maloney

Joie Cameron-Brown - Transformation


Joie Cameron-Brown

Bill Jonas - Night Zeppelins Over L A
Dan Hartford - Dante
Kathleen Bishop - Morning Sun on Table...

Morning Sun on Table...

Kathleen Bishop

Dan Hartford - Trona Pinnacles 3 HDR
Morgan Wright - North Monterey Bay

North Monterey Bay

Morgan Wright

Liz Vernand - Sunset Surfing

Sunset Surfing

Liz Vernand

Lance Vaughn - Long Beach - The Queen...
Dan Hartford - Half Dome and Bridal...
Attilio Ruffo - Sand Waves

Sand Waves

Attilio Ruffo

Aron Kearney Photography - Pathway to the Light

Pathway to the Light

Aron Kearney Photography

Attilio Ruffo - Steps in the Sand

Steps in the Sand

Attilio Ruffo

Scott Cameron - Outstretched wings

Outstretched wings

Scott Cameron

Mitch Shindelbower - Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay.

Mitch Shindelbower

Sean Foster - West Coast Lighthouse
Kathleen Bishop - Colusa Sunrise

Colusa Sunrise

Kathleen Bishop

Alexander Kunz - An Old Friend

An Old Friend

Alexander Kunz

Dan Hartford - Red Rock Canyon SP CA
Aron Kearney Photography - Evening

Evening's Kiss

Aron Kearney Photography

John Haldane - Pelican Eyes

Pelican Eyes

John Haldane

Heather Applegate - Open Road

Open Road

Heather Applegate

Bruce Frye - Lighthouse with Wave
Patrick Witz - Desert Blood Moon

Desert Blood Moon

Patrick Witz

Lance Vaughn - Downtown Los Angeles 004
Michael Cinnamond - Death Valley Truck

Death Valley Truck

Michael Cinnamond

Lance Vaughn - California - Long Beach...
Lee Kirchhevel - Joshua Tree Night 3

Joshua Tree Night 3

Lee Kirchhevel

Ivete Basso - Buck Rock Fire Lookout
Hugh Stickney - Fool

Fool's Day Sunrise

Hugh Stickney

Mitch Shindelbower - The Queen Of The Lake

The Queen Of The Lake

Mitch Shindelbower

Bruce Frye - The Harbor Light at...
Lee Harland - Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges

Lee Harland

Lance Vaughn - Downtown Los Angeles 003
Alexander Kunz - The Purity of Light

The Purity of Light

Alexander Kunz

Lee Kirchhevel - Joshua Tree Night

Joshua Tree Night

Lee Kirchhevel

Pamela Patch - Wild Grapevine Leaves...
Lance Vaughn - Downtown Los Angeles 001
Joseph Coulombe - Birth Of A Stone...

Birth Of A Stone...

Joseph Coulombe

Irina Hays - Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

Irina Hays

Mitch Shindelbower - Spring Squall.

Spring Squall.

Mitch Shindelbower

Floyd Hopper - Lonely Oak

Lonely Oak

Floyd Hopper

Peter Coskun - Zabriskie Sunrise

Zabriskie Sunrise

Peter Coskun

Jerry Cowart - Beach Tide Pool And Blue...
Dan Hartford - Dawn at Zabriskie Point 3
Daniel Thompson - Ode To Ansel

Ode To Ansel

Daniel Thompson

Dan Hartford - morning at Zabriskie...
Robert Woodward - Very Happy California Cow
Brian Maloney - Benicia State Capitol

Benicia State Capitol

Brian Maloney

Mitch Shindelbower - Lake Tahoe Evening

Lake Tahoe Evening

Mitch Shindelbower

Larry Butterworth - Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser

Larry Butterworth

Paul Foutz - Tolosa


Paul Foutz

Robert Woodward - Hiking On Table Mountain

Hiking On Table Mountain

Robert Woodward

Brian Maloney - Beautiful Reflections

Beautiful Reflections

Brian Maloney

Janice Rae Pariza - The Hollywood Heights...

The Hollywood Heights...

Janice Rae Pariza

Troy Montemayor - Autumn Leaves Lundy...

Autumn Leaves Lundy...

Troy Montemayor

Janice Rae Pariza - Mels Drive In Celebrity...

Mels Drive In Celebrity...

Janice Rae Pariza

Leah Moore - The Road Less Traveled
Lee Kirchhevel - California Poppy Closeup
Bill Gallagher - Golden Gate in the Fog II
Leah Moore - Still Here

Still Here

Leah Moore

Sarit Sotangkur - Sunset over the Golden...
Eric Tressler - From Sherwin Sumit

From Sherwin Sumit

Eric Tressler

Jerry Cowart - Colorful Carnival Ferris...
Mitch Shindelbower - Hole In The Fence

Hole In The Fence

Mitch Shindelbower

Eva Kato - Mission Abstract
Dave Gordon - Golden Gate Bridge Self...
Lee Kirchhevel - Mojave Mound Cactus

Mojave Mound Cactus

Lee Kirchhevel

Eddie Yerkish - Find Your Beach

Find Your Beach

Eddie Yerkish

Connie Fox - The Golden Gate Bridge...
Janice Rae Pariza - Old Faithful Eruption

Old Faithful Eruption

Janice Rae Pariza

Mitch Shindelbower - Green Valley Rain

Green Valley Rain

Mitch Shindelbower

Caitlyn  Grasso - Intent


Caitlyn Grasso

Eddie Yerkish - Living The Dream

Living The Dream

Eddie Yerkish

Brian Maloney - Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky

Brian Maloney

Camille Lopez - Purple Mountains Majesty
Mariola Bitner - Hungry Willet

Hungry Willet

Mariola Bitner

Bob Christopher - Sands Of Time

Sands Of Time

Bob Christopher

Robert Woodward - The Unsuspecting

The Unsuspecting

Robert Woodward

Lynn Bauer - Hummingbird Bath

Hummingbird Bath

Lynn Bauer

Ron McMath - November Sky and Oak...
Calphy Com - On a rainy day

On a rainy day

Calphy Com

Rod Jones - Big Sur 3

Big Sur 3

Rod Jones

Lidia Anderson - Mono Clouds

Mono Clouds

Lidia Anderson

Rod Jones - Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

Rod Jones

Aron Kearney Photography - California Cruzin

California Cruzin'

Aron Kearney Photography

Carla Parris - Winter at the Ahwahnee...
Eva Kato - Curves


Eva Kato

Steven Barrows - Yosemite Valley As Heaven
Dan Hartford - Cottonwoods in winter...
Tommy Anderson - Warner Brothers Studio

Warner Brothers Studio

Tommy Anderson

Bob Christopher - End Of The Dream 2

End Of The Dream 2

Bob Christopher

Lee Harland - American River Sunset
Joe Schofield - Nous Deux

Nous Deux

Joe Schofield

Aron Kearney Photography - Walking the Rails

Walking the Rails

Aron Kearney Photography

David Orias - White Water Glow  MG_0328
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - 8-Image Panorama Grand...

8-Image Panorama Grand...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Peter Coskun - Rippled Sunrise

Rippled Sunrise

Peter Coskun

Mike Lee - Eerie Valley under the...
Alexander Kunz - A Sierra Memory

A Sierra Memory

Alexander Kunz

Jerry Cowart - Palm Trees in The Sun
Dan Hartford - Death vally from...

Death vally from...

Dan Hartford

Tommy Anderson - St Patty

St Patty's Day Lass

Tommy Anderson

Bill Gallagher - Cable Car at the Powell...
Denise Dube - Kress Store bw By Denis...
Dan Hartford - Cooks Meadow Oak at...
Mitch Shindelbower - No Quarter

No Quarter

Mitch Shindelbower

Floyd Hopper - Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Floyd Hopper

William Dey - WIND AND CLOUDS Palm...
Rod Jones - Golden Gate Bridge at...
Mike  Dawson - Zabriskie Color

Zabriskie Color

Mike Dawson

Larry Butterworth - Victorian Mansion

Victorian Mansion

Larry Butterworth

Dave Hall - Cabrillo Sea

Cabrillo Sea

Dave Hall

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Good Night Sand Castle

Good Night Sand Castle

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Bruce Frye - Stormy Surf

Stormy Surf

Bruce Frye

Peter Coskun - Salted Storm

Salted Storm

Peter Coskun

Lynn Bauer - Wooded Bliss

Wooded Bliss

Lynn Bauer

Peter Coskun - Not so Hot

Not so Hot

Peter Coskun

Ken Wolter - Boat Named Chicken of...
Kandy Hurley - Flirt


Kandy Hurley

Peter Coskun - Sandbox Under the Stars
William Dey - COLD WIND Palm Springs
Jerry Cowart - Great Egret Walking On...
Pete Edmunds - Golden Gate Bridge -...
Kyle Simpson - Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Kyle Simpson

Eddie Yerkish - Rocky Shoreline

Rocky Shoreline

Eddie Yerkish

Bill Wagner - Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar

Bill Wagner

Leah Moore - Edge of the World
Peter Coskun - Panamint Sunrise

Panamint Sunrise

Peter Coskun

Lee Kirchhevel - San Diego Skyline 4

San Diego Skyline 4

Lee Kirchhevel

William Dey - MODERN MUSEUM I Palm...
Pete Edmunds - Old Ticketing Hall -...
Dave Gordon - Twists and Turns in San...
Lee Harland - The American River

The American River

Lee Harland

Leanne Yeoman - Angel


Leanne Yeoman

Katy Betcher - Up Close and Personal
Deana Glenz - Walton Lighthouse Takes...
Katy Betcher - Abstract Anemone

Abstract Anemone

Katy Betcher

Mike  Dawson - Desert Undulations

Desert Undulations

Mike Dawson

Joseph Coulombe - Art Builds Communities

Art Builds Communities

Joseph Coulombe

Denise Dube - SSV Tole Mour By Denise...
Eva Kato - The Boot

The Boot

Eva Kato

Alexander Kunz - Tree with Golden Eagle

Tree with Golden Eagle

Alexander Kunz

Katy Betcher - Magnificent Beauty

Magnificent Beauty

Katy Betcher

Gregory Ballos - Sunrays on San Francisco
Thomas Woolworth - Road Bridge 02 San Pedro...
Kathleen Bishop - California Sycamore...

California Sycamore...

Kathleen Bishop

Douglas MooreZart - Pavilion


Douglas MooreZart

Lee Kirchhevel - Half Dome at Twilight 2
Cj Avery - Bw School

Bw School

Cj Avery

Cj Avery - Chevron Sunrise
Fei A - The Way of Pending
Lidia Anderson - Fractured windmill

Fractured windmill

Lidia Anderson

Lynn Bauer - Islands Time

Islands Time

Lynn Bauer

Dan Hartford - Winter Cottonwood

Winter Cottonwood's

Dan Hartford

Denise Dube - Long Beach W. Side By...
Camille Lopez - Flight Path

Flight Path

Camille Lopez

Lee Kirchhevel - Sunset Cliffs 1

Sunset Cliffs 1

Lee Kirchhevel

Robert Woodward - Rice Silos In The Hills...
John Daly - Point Reyes Lighthouse...
Chris Berry - Capitola Warf

Capitola Warf

Chris Berry

Priya Ghose - Yosemite Tunnel View In...
Robert Woodward - Grazing Near A Solitary...
Camille Lopez - Sole Survivors

Sole Survivors

Camille Lopez

Floyd Hopper - Last Light on El Capitan
Joy Patzner - Seagulls


Joy Patzner

Eddie Yerkish - Geisel Library

Geisel Library

Eddie Yerkish

Bruce Frye - Back-lit Surfer

Back-lit Surfer

Bruce Frye

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Monument Valley Sunset

Monument Valley Sunset

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Mitch Shindelbower - A Beautiful Morning

A Beautiful Morning

Mitch Shindelbower

Bob Christopher - A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Bob Christopher

Brian Maloney - Waves Crashing at Lands...
Joseph Coulombe - A Locke Street Artist

A Locke Street Artist

Joseph Coulombe

Mitch Shindelbower - The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

Mitch Shindelbower

Yeoman Images - Live Out Loud II

Live Out Loud II

Yeoman Images

Robert Woodward - Sundial Bridge Height

Sundial Bridge Height

Robert Woodward

David Kehrli - Flying to the Sun

Flying to the Sun

David Kehrli

Alexander Kunz - Across the Vale

Across the Vale

Alexander Kunz

Simone Blakeney - Blue


Simone Blakeney

Priya Ghose - First Light At Convict...
Simone Blakeney - Eel River

Eel River

Simone Blakeney

Robert Woodward - Orchard At Sunset

Orchard At Sunset

Robert Woodward

Joseph Coulombe - A Delta Safe Harbor

A Delta Safe Harbor

Joseph Coulombe