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I F Abbie Shores 1stAngel Arts

6 Years Ago

New Members - Links To Frequently Asked Questions And Help




EVERYTHING you need to know is there. If it is not, let me know and I add it

Here are some great posts on the forum about marketing your work A Few Reasons Y U May Not Be Selling Marketing Yourself Promoting Your Art Six Month Observation About Marketing Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell Elephant In The Room - Maybe Your Art Just Isnt That Good... The Formula To Pricing Art?

REFERENCE PHOTOS Where to get reference photos, when you don’t want to take your own


COLOUR SPACE Particularly the long post by Alexis

How To Force Facebook To Update A Modified Image
Custom Domains – Artist Website
Galleries Or Images As Homepage
Why was my account closed right after opening???
How do you get on the featured art page or the various collections pages?
Background Music
How do I get my images to load upright when dates should be listed on leftside of photos
how do i upsize pixels so my customers can buy larger size prints?
I changed prices for some originals it shows up correct when viewing on the art piece but isn’t listed on the aw front pages does it take a day or so to change?
How do I delete unwanted images from the artwork page of my premium FAA website?
Artwork sizes & output
Phone Cases Size
Everything has changed – where do I go now?
I received a strange email from a member
Can I change my widget to show a gallery first?
Saving your details in Irfanview if timing out
How to get shopping cart on my Facebook page to work? There are no images!
what is the best way to know if the photography is best pixel quality that will sell?
Why doesn’t my website have a vote icon available?
permission for only one FB page
I do not understand your pricing structure/mark up
Why doesn’t my website have a vote icon available?
Creating Password Controlled Galleries
How do I change the selection of products I offer?
Can I put a graphic in the Title space?
How do I change the url
Discussion Rules
How Search Works
Where do I see who has visited or commented on my site?
Using Keywords – Is there a way to reuse or copy sets of keywords I use consistently?
Where is the close account tab?
how to get a website to show up on my bio
How to change the images selection in the slideshow link
How do I add images in bulk to a gallery?
I put my images up and can not find them in search!
What do I do to get paid by PayPal?
Using RSS Graffiti on Facebook
Votes on one of my paintings was reset/deleted
I cannot find my artist website on the search engines?
How do you delete ineligible images from contests you are running
Sponsoring Pages
How do I put an image from my computer in a post?
Group Administration Guidelines
Most popular tags/keywords on FAA?
Facebook says I have to be in Personal profile when setting up the FAA App!
How do I put one of my images from my galleries into the discussions or on another page?
I can see password protected images on the All Images page!
sRGB or RGB uploads? ProPhoto colorspace? Size? Format?
I cannot see contests I am participating in?
How to add a Gallery Image to replace that FAA logo?
Slow Site – Uploads timing out
My image is over 25mb What do I do?
Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions
How Do I Launch A Local Art Show??
Configuring Google Analytics to Track Your Visitors
Can I post images of celebrities?
How do I add an image to a contest?
Can I delete my account?
How do I get my artwork and events included in the bi-monthly FineArtAmerica newsletter?
I see a $5 (or$10) extra charge for customers over my pricing. What is that?
How do I get my website in the Artists Website link at the top of the page?
How do I leave a group?
I have joined a group, how do I add my image?
How do I join a Group?
What is a bot? Or Search bot?
Searching for All artists in a particular city or country
How do I set up a gallery?
Framing Originals, some tips
I want a Facebook Badge. Where and how do I get it?
My art is not showing on the page and I have set up the application
How do I create a page on Facebook?
How do I get my art to my Facebook Page?
How do I send an email to someone?
How do I resize my image in a post?
I changed my image or headshot and it still looks like the old one
How do I change text colour / Make text bold/italic?
How do I add clickable links?
How do I embed a Youtube video in a post?
How do I add an image from another site into a post?
How do I copy and paste my artwork?
How do I add a post to the forum?
Can I block someone from messaging me?
Can I change my password?
Forgot Your Password?
I haven’t been paid! Why not?
What is a PayPal address?
Can I edit all my prices at once? (Global Pricing)
The Do’s and Do Not’s of accepting money on the internet


Facebook is a pain in the bleep bleep proverbial

The thing is that they demand all your apps refresh and resubmit approval every so often. That means us artists setups just stop working

and because everyone puts them on at different times, they are all kicked off at different times, and there is absolutely NO way to let people know, because FAA don't know

If you delete and replace as per my instructions, it DOES work unless Facebook are just having one of their 'we aint going to post anyone's art at present because too many people have already' days

If they just give you a number, I CAN SORT THAT yayyyy... just give me the number

Otherwise you just have to wait patiently til they take the lock off


Please log into FAA and disable both FAA apps

Then, remove the app from your Facebook Pages


Go to your main homepage and see APPS on the left menu.


On your FACEBOOK page, go to EDIT PAGE
On the edit page see the tab for APPS


Then, Make sure you are logged into Facebook as you, not as your page, and come back to your BEHIND THE SCENES | Facebook Application and enable the application again, Middle one (FB personal profile) and then the right one (FB page) If it does not popup, use a different browser and make sure your popup blocker is not enabled, or any ad blockers

The profile side must be enabled as well as the page but, you may turn off postings to that page in your default settings, once the application is all working

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Greg Coffelt

6 Years Ago

Hi Lissa, just wondering if you could explain that all again....I don't get it.


Helen Wong

5 Years Ago

It's very helpful and practical. The bookmark also is convenient. Thanks for your smart idea, Beth.


Beth Clark-McDonal

5 Years Ago

Hi Beth!
I've been a member of FAA about a year now and am just discovering some of these great discussions! I'm a slow and distracted learner.. Thanks for this discussion! It has some invaluable information that I will continue to refer to. Having a great need to get my art out in the world, (like us all), this really helps me see FAA as a great tool, in multiple ways, to make that happen. Thanks for posting such an infomative and helpful FAQ's1


You are very welcome, lady of the MOST excellent name :)


Christie Arms

5 Years Ago

What about about like how to cancel POD if not interesting in 30 day trial?


email accounts at and they will cancel it. Make sure you let them know what you want cancelled.
If you want to close your account at FAA totally, even the free one, email the same address (subject: account cancellation) and they will take everything off for you.

This is on the actual site FAQ page at which is for all the gallery stuff


Dindin Coscolluela

5 Years Ago

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the help. Whenever I get lost at FAA, I always refer to your FAQ.

Good day and Happy Painting always :) Dindin


:) Glad it is doing its job


Evelyn Patrick

5 Years Ago

Bumping up to top of page


Thanks Evelyn :)


Patricia Cleasby

5 Years Ago

Hi Beth,

Do you know if anyone else has had this problem loading headshots: I delete the current image, no problem there. I can upload the correct photo, everything seems fine, I hit Okay... and the Old Photo appears again! I have gone in and out of the website to make sure I am properly deleting the old photo, but when I upload a different photo, the old one comes back!



Yes, it is your cache on your computer.

Here are a couple of quick methods for seeing it imediately...

1. Go off the page and empty your browser cache. When you go back you should see it.
2. Hit F5 a couple of times. You should see it.
3. Right click on the image and View Image, refresh that page, hit your back button and hit refresh. You will definitely now see it.


(Have added this to the Images menu above :) )

Back to top


Patricia Cleasby

5 Years Ago

I found a number of fineart emails in my spam folder today - and some from people I've talked with before. As I normally just delete that folder every day or two, I cannot go back and check it. It just so happenned today my sister sent something and I finally found it there. If anyone emailed to me and didn't get a response, I apologize. I'll try to fix it.


Hollie Ward

5 Years Ago

Thanks for the info re: uploading a headshot!


Hollie Ward

5 Years Ago

I was able to upload a new headshot but only the large logo was updated, not the small logo. Any suggestions?


Glad it all helped Hollie ;)


It is updated, it will show soon.,.. its just your cache not showing it on your computer


Stuart Bracewell

5 Years Ago


A very useful page!


Darrell Storts

5 Years Ago

I have never book marked a page. HOW DO YOU DO IT?


Firefox - Top of browser > Bookmarks > bookmark this page
Internet Explorer - Top of browser > Favourites > Favourite this page
Chrome - Top of browser, left hand side of site address > Star > Click and Bookmark page


Calvin McFarlane

5 Years Ago

Beth, what a wonderful thing you have done here especially for the "newbie" to the site like me. Very much appreciated. THANK YOU.


Aw Calvin, you are very welcome. Hope it has helped :)


Stuart Bracewell

5 Years Ago

Seeing as I've just looked up this thread to use, it only seems fair to give it a!


Thank you Stuart!

You can now find this post permanently situated on the Main Discussions page under the top link Sticky Discussions :)


Stuart Bracewell

5 Years Ago

Oooh. So it is. Is that a new tab? Not noticed it before....

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Dan Redmon

1 Year Ago


I get this 'OOPS' note above when I try to add there is no fee to the registration fee box when trying to add an event. I started with the word, 'NONE' and received this notice. I have tried multi-times with X,XXX.XX and each time is rejected. I've even tried 'copy and paste' with only the 'OOPS' notice. How can I SUBMIT my event?


Did you try not adding ANYthing?


Actually Andee, I worked so hard on that one I have not the heart to not use it. Also people ask questions there and I answer there so I am going to keep using it for now and just keep adding to it


Angie Vogel

1 Year Ago

I am curious about the 30-day return policy. I had a greeting card sale on 7/12, and then was paid for it on 8/15. On 8/25, it was returned with the comment returned within 30 days. I don't understand the math!


Lois Bryan

11 Months Ago

Boo hoo!!!! I just updated my Fine Art America Blog to add a page that would link up to my latest regular blog post ... but when I did, the original FAA blog I created (sole purpose was to direct folks to my regular blog) went off to see the wizard. I had no idea that adding a new page / announcement meant the older page would disappear.

Can the original page be recovered ... and if so ... how do I avoid this in the future?

And oh by the way, as long as I'm trying to self-promote, here's a link to the regular blog:

: ((

thank you kindly ...

Lois Bryan
photographer / digital artist / wanna-be-blogger


Lois Bryan

11 Months Ago



Christy Gendalia

11 Months Ago

I am trying to globally change my prints to include the watermark. It only prints on new uploads. How can I get it on to older images? Please help!


Christy Cox

11 Months Ago

Hello! The social media icons on the profile page under "Following/Follow" - are those customization links to go to the artist personal/business pages? If so, how does one customize them? If not, I'm assuming add links in bio section and use these great instruction



Adding a new blog post here does not cause the old one to go away, it creates a new one...... What you done to it ? ;)

Christy Watermarks are put on at upload and so you would need to reload the image to add or remove. If this is how you want them in future, do not forget to change your DEFAULT SETTINGS

Another Christy? :D they are not to your pages there, they are to like your page here using those medias... it appears on your pages somewhere over there but hidden away *sigh* add your own links and yes, my html cheat sheet is great for that... add to your biography


Christy Cox

11 Months Ago

Thank you Abbie!!!!!! And thank you for the cheat sheet guide!


Erin Masterson

11 Months Ago

I think it's actually better to group them. The human brain doesn't work that way, a list like that bores it.


BUMP just adding things about the new sites now



5 Months Ago

How do I make the search term I typed into the box go away? Every time I delete it, it returns.
I'm done with "searching" and now I just want the discussion page to go back to normal.


Press the grey X beside it to the left

I just tested it and it is working so give that a go


I have added the Facebook instructions to the bottom of the top post. I would be ultra grateful if you established members would point newer members in this direction :D


CheyAnne Sexton

4 Months Ago

the links aren't working and can you please tell me where to find the recent sales that others make? It use to be on the first page after sign in, but now they have that taken up with the facebook store thing, thank you much, peace, CheyAnne


Sabrina Wheeler

2 Months Ago

I have followed directions for putting a link to others sites I have (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) on the BIO/ABOUT sections. Sadly the directions for how to do it so it opens in a new window/tab instead of leaving FAA or AW did not work. The directions DID work for putting clickable HTML links that take visitors away from FAA and AW, but that is not what I want to happen. I hope someone can help me to remedy this problem. Thank you.


Which page isn't working and I'll fix it

Ie which of my pages?


Jacqueline Howe

2 Months Ago

how do I post work within a discussion thread?


Go to the image
highlight the code on the right
Press CTRL + C
then paste into the discussion thrad


Andee Design

2 Months Ago



Cynthia Decker

2 Months Ago

This really should get pinned to the top of the forum.


James McCormack

2 Months Ago

Bumping useful information.


It should... I'm just grateful I got a help tab lol


Kathy K McClellan

1 Month Ago

Sending a link to this discussion to a newbie!


Andee Design

6 Days Ago



Andee Design

6 Days Ago



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