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Harold Shull

2 Years Ago

Problem With Statistics (management)

To the management,

I am not receiving updates in my statistics and possibly comments in "Behind the Scenes)


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Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

I have seen and am taking into support for you. Search also


Harold Shull

2 Years Ago

Thank you Beth, you're an Angel as always.


Yury Yanin

2 Years Ago

Harold, I had the same problem recently. Beth-Angel took care of me and now I have visitor statistics again. One of my images even receives more visits per day then usually to some reason...


Bettye Harwell

2 Years Ago

Hi Beth,
I wonder if you can help me also. Last update on the Visitors was December 22,2012. Also my Facebook Bettye Harwell Fine Art page is down. Thanks.


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