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Rebecca Flaig

1 Year Ago

Comment Question

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and have noticed in the comment sections letters & symbols. Could someone help a dense girl out & explain them to me. I have received a very nice comment along with the following.................
V g+

I would really appreciate the 411 on all the V;s G's & #'s (This way I too can add them to all my comments as well)

Thank you

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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

v - voted
g - google plus
f - favorited
w- watched?
t - twittered

the votes help you in the search and are under the image. as for numbers? no idea

---Mike Savad


Brian Wallace

1 Year Ago

The numbers (if in the small boxes next to the buttons under an image) refer to the number of times something was faved, voted, googled, etc. Normally, something can only be registered once per visitor. You can even vote for yourself (once), unless you come into it from a different server.


Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

Lol. Thanx for asking Rebecca - I hadn't gotten around to figuring that out yet.


Janine Riley

1 Year Ago

p.s. did you enter the German Shepperd contest ?


Lynn Palmer

1 Year Ago

p Pinterest
# hashtag??


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