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Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

How Big Can I Print

Here is some information that I came across that might be of help to someone:

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Harry Lamb

2 Years Ago

Interesting, but I thought the size of the image depends on the Pixels Per Inch, and the Print Quality is regulated by the Dots Per Inch (DPI). Of course the different types of printers affect quality as well depending on what type dye or ink is used. Perhaps I am confused. You did put a lot into what you gave us; it might be over my head.


Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

Harry I didn't write this up but came across the information and wanted to share it with others.


Harry Lamb

2 Years Ago

No problem Jeffery; A lot of folks get in depth and sometimes the information cofuses old bos lieke me. LOL


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