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Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

The Baker By Leah Saulnier

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I just wanted to show off the recent addition to my art collection. =D

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Georgiana Romanovna

2 Years Ago

Oh wow, that's just beautiful, Angelina - and all the best to Leah who did such a wonderful work of you :))


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

Thank you!

It really makes me happy whenever I look at it. The whimsical nature and smirk have a joyful feeling radiating from it.


Joann Vitali

2 Years Ago

Ha! I was going to say what a remarkable resemblance! Angel this is fabulous!! Leah created a wonderful piece!!


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

LOL, she was asking for models on the forum...and I volunteered. We have become friends since then...and I decided this piece should be homed with me. It's fantastic.

Thank you Joann. I'm glad it's mine. =)


Ismeta Gruenwald

2 Years Ago

that's beautiful Angelina!


Barbara Moignard

2 Years Ago

Absolutely wonderful!


K L Kingston

2 Years Ago

Fantastic! What a wonderful surprise!


Love it! Congrats to the lovely model and to the brilliant artist! :-)


Lynn Palmer

2 Years Ago

How fun is that!! Congratulations to both of you.


MM Anderson

2 Years Ago

Cool! Congratulations. It looks great.


I think it's so cool to see you next to the painting. I don't get that chance very often to have the models pose with the work of them. I am happy you have it also. Don't forget we need a new photo with your expertise since this one is all I have :)
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Claude Oesterreicher

2 Years Ago

Great...Now I wanna doughnut. :(



Michelle Calkins

2 Years Ago

Very nice!


Andee Design

2 Years Ago

That one is so cool! And since food art is my fave it is extra cool!


Thanks Andee


Ed Meredith

2 Years Ago

Wonderful... =>))


Erika Swartzkopf

2 Years Ago



Catherine Howard

2 Years Ago

I absolutely LOVE this! Amazing work by Leah and the look on your face, Angelina, is priceless!


Thanks Catherine


Jean Noren

2 Years Ago

This is great, nice job.


Shana Rowe

2 Years Ago

Love it!!!!!! So cool to see you next to it!!! Great job Leah!!! So glad you get to own it Angel!!!


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago


It's a great addition to my collection...also the biggest! This painting is huge!


it's a 30x40x1.5 oil,, Thanks Shana


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