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Sharon Mick

2 Years Ago

Help - Posting An Image

If you will go to image you want to post...look on right side were it says description, posted, stats, colors and image link.
Where you see IMAGE LINK put your cursor at the beginning in front of the < will turn blue. If not try again. While
it is blue hit your Control Key and the letter C at the same time.

Return here and hit Control V and your image will be displayed. You will have to press the submit button before it will show in the discussion

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I F A Shores

2 Years Ago

Thanks Sharon for adding this for those who do not know


Billy Griffis Jr

2 Years Ago

It helps a lot to do this with two tabs open.


Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

To see lots of tutorials written by myself and members....



Margaret Saheed

2 Years Ago

Further to Sharon's clear instructions - if you have a Mac, you hit Command C and Command V.


Sharon Mick

2 Years Ago

Thanks to you all for your help.


Sharon Mick

2 Years Ago



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