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Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

News And Updates From Faa

Here Sean or I will add updates from FAA as they happen, from new buttons to major changes.

This thread is READ ONLY and is on the 'Need Help - Start Here' tab

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Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

If you have turned off the Pinterest button you now have the Pinterest NO PIN code on your pages.

So, if you have no button, people will not be able to pin your images


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

We now have a Support system


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

The Support system now has a new look. chat about the new look here

you can turn off your pin buttons (under your images) in your Behind the Scenes. Go to the icon Social Buttons.


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

As many of you know, I asked Sean if we could have some changes to the contests due to vote solicitation issues we had in the forums and the trouble it was causing.

Many people refused to enter the contests any longer due to these things happening which is such a shame as the contests are meant to be a FUN way of enjoying our art and having a little competitive spirit.

The changes that have been made to date are

All names have been removed from the artwork.
All links to individual artworks have been removed.

It is possible now to link to the actual contest but not to the images and when you do go to vote the names will not be there.

We both believe this will be fairer and hopefully make it harder fpr those who feel the need to win, win, win by any means necessary. It won't eradicate the problem but, if anyone is desperate enough to go to even greater lengths to get their images wnning then that is their problem.

I have put forward a suggestion about the Leaderboard also and Sean is thinking about it. But these two changes are fantastic and may help a lot to bring the FUN back into contests.

Discussion post on this topic is


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

Due to the spammer taking advantage of the HTML allowances on the discussions, they have been limited.

Here is the HTML that is now allowed.

<div style='float: left; width: 100%; font: 10pt arial;'>

Discussion post on this subject is


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

From June/July we will only be using PayPal for payments.

SEAN: We will extend the deadline for switching beyond 06/15 until we have one more option in place, but everyone should start switching over now in anticipation of the change.

For people outside PayPal's country zones or who cannot use Paypal for any reason, FAA is looking into alternatives

SEAN: We are investigating other payment services such as Payoneer, Moneybookers, and direct deposit, but I don't have any timeline as to if / when those options will be available.

This decision is still being talked about here PayPal Payments Only

For Questions and answers about using PayPal see this thread Paypal - How What Where When?


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago



Payments to bank is hopefully being sorted out and should, if viable, be set up soon



To help admins, if you click on the votes cast, on the leaderboard, you can now see a lot of details about who has voted.


(feel free to open a discussion about any news you see here if you wish to discuss)

If you need me for Support please use the contact form or it may take longer to be seen to


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