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Lady Isabella F A Shores

3 Years Ago

Bcc And Cc Emails

I love getting emails from people, even the soppy poetry ones BUT, please, please, please, PLEASE stop using the To or CC to send all these emails to your contacts. I am really fed up with it and you are endangering both my privacy AND my computer

When you send an email using TO or CC, it is open and, anyone receiving that email, can view every single email address you are sending that message to.

That means that total strangers to me, have my email. They, in turn, then send that email to several other people and now, total strangers to you also, have my email, AND YOURS

Many spam email harvesters get emails this way to send viruses and spam to. So it could be YOUR fault I am getting that latest message from Nigeria!

So, NEVER send emails to many people using TO or CC

On your email webpage, or programme, you also have a setting BCC, situated just under the CC line.

This works exactly like To and CC but it hides the email addresses. Yes, it hides them and that means NOBODY else can see your friends and my email address!

Be Careful & Considerate !!

Instead of clicking CC, click BCC.


Best way to send emails on to mass addresses.

In your email address book, make a fake email account, or make yourself another email account to send things to when mass mailing.

When you get an email you want to send to loads of people, in the TO line, put the fake or specially made email address.
In the BCC line add all the other email addresses you want to send the email to
Press send

So easy. So safe.

Be Careful & Considerate !!

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Tezz J

3 Years Ago

I hate circulation list is dangerous as you say Beth.....but it's also like someone sending you a photocopy letter which they've sent to everyone else......rather not receive it, thank you very much.......

I had a friend the other day sent me a circulation email to say her inbox had been hacked into and not to reply to anything that didn't sound like her.

A few days later she sent her new email circulation email....................


old post... reminder


Georgiana Romanovna

2 Years Ago

Good reminder. No one has a right to hand out email addresses to whom ever they wish. It is such bad netiquette!




Loretta Luglio

2 Years Ago

Aside from all the above, it makes the email very unprofessional looking. I do several newsletter and in the TO area send it to the organization or owner (me) and the distribution list goes in the BCC area.

People just don't think. Another problem I have are folks asking me for my email list of names. This is available to them but they are too lazy to look up and create their own.

It is a real invasion of privacy.


I am rebumping this as I am starting to get emails from people to vote for them in the contest. These are coming to my personal email accounts which I am not happy with as I have NOT signed up for these. EVEN WORSE I am being CC'd on the things

USE BCC NOT TO or CC. I cannot stress this enough!


Be Careful & Considerate !!


Regina Valluzzi

1 Year Ago

If you must send circulation emails, look into a secure free service like "Mail Chimp". The BCC feature can be hacked pretty easily.


Andee Design

1 Year Ago

Why is CC even an still option? That should be removed from all emails as even an option, and

only should BCC with an email to self at the recipient be the way to send multiples I hardly ever

send multi emails very rare if I do and only to family and really old family friends.


Cc is a business attachment if you like. We always used it when I was a secretary. I use it even now on legal letters to councils, lawyers, or financial papers.

You add a Cc to whoever and add at the bottom of the mail

CC'd Name Of Person Here

So Cc is used still.

Mail Chimp is okay but, these are normal people sending to family and friends and they just use their email programme or site. BCC is still better than nothing but yes, if sending real newsletters etc from your desk, use a programme like that definitely


Regina Valluzzi

1 Year Ago

CC = "carbon copy"
BCC = "blind carbon copy"

I get that "normal people" want to just use their email. But sending distribution emails around to a big circulation list full of people who are not acquainted with one another walks the fine line on "normal" email use. The standard programs really aren't intended for this.

You can do a standard text, non HTML, just type it in, email in Mail Chimp (and there are others, some tailor made to be normal email friendly). The added features? People on your distribution list can unsubscribe with a click - no need to ask the spammer ... errrr mailer .... and hope they dig through the CC or BCC and follow through.


I am trying to say, badly, that 99% of the emails I get are people just sending to their family and friends. We cannot get them to use MailChimp or similar. They just would not do it even if they could understand it. It is hard enough to explain to them where BCC is on the email but I keep trying as that is the lesser of the two evils


Regina Valluzzi

1 Year Ago

OK, I get your point. Maybe a tutorial on how to find the BCC feature? Some of the email handlers hide BCC and you have to go into tools or options to get it to show. Not so easy for family members (my family also have varied levels of computer skill)

Do you really get a unique google when you plug in Abbie Shores art?


John Ayo

1 Year Ago

IIRC, Roger Ebert wrote an article offering similar advice back in the 90s.


SAIGON De Manila

1 Year Ago

Thanks Abbie for this reminder,

I havent noticed, Beth Edwards is on vacation until I saw last week the familiar Discussion topics she handles now under your name.
Are you pitching in for good?

Welcome aboard!

-Saigon de Manila


I am Beth. I changed my name...there is a thread somewhere


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