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Isabella F Abbie Shores

4 Years Ago

Discussion Rules



Community Manager and Technical Support

PIXELS Isabella (Abbie) Shores
FINEARTAMERICA Isabella (Abbie) Shores
INSTAPRINTS Isabella (Abbie) Shores
FINEARTENGLAND Isabella (Abbie) Shores


JC Findley
Jeffrey Campbell



30 Day ban

Name and Shame
Pornographic, generally offensive text, images, links, and swearing List of Swear Words
Discussing religious faith or political leanings. ( ART related religious or political threads allowed)
Sharing un-safe-filtered work. (You may link with a warning for viewers)

3 Month ban

Flaming, abusing or insulting another member
Flaming, abusing or insulting a member of staff.
Arguing Moderators decisions in public

If any of the above are repeated after a ban, a longer length will be given, length dependant in circumstances and admin discretion

Full Ban

Illegal content and Racism
Seeking information on warez, crackz, or to reprint copyrighted material without permission

What is a troll
The above guidelines also apply to private messages and groups.
Abuse of the private messaging system, including pasting private conversations into a forum thread, will result in a revocation of private messaging.

To run a themed image thread please get the date acceptable to open it here THEMED IMAGE THREADS

These rules are subject to change. Please check back regularly

Reply Order

Post Reply

RULES UPDATED 17 September 2012




RULES UPDATED 6th June 2013 after talking with forum members.

These are now set


Just a reminder and a hello for new members


UPDATED 14 August 2013


Isabella F Abbie Shores

12 Months Ago

RULES 3 & 5 updated

26th August 2013


Isabella F Abbie Shores

10 Months Ago

Rules updated 14 October 2013

1. Do not flame, abuse, or insult another user Arguments that go beyond reasonable debate will be removed from the forum and your membership could be be suspended or removed. This includes NAME AND SHAME for any reason

Most people already knew not to do this but we are seeing some creep in that are not about copyright so have added this to the top rule


Isabella F Abbie Shores

10 Months Ago

Now the rules are nicely linked at the top of the forum on the front page, I have made it easy at a glance to see what the rules are, quickly

I have also added the Good Members to this thread as it stands so far


Please read

Note.. we will not discuss action taken with any other member than the one concerned.


Update 21 Jan 14

3. No spamming, trolling or flooding These are sure ways to lose your voice in the forums (What is a troll)
No numerous links in signatures on posts. We will look on that as spamming. Your name is acceptable


Update 24 Jan

Signatures on posts may include a name and a link, up to 50 characters each, including spaces. No images


12. We now allow four new THEMED threads a week which are kept open for one week. If you would like to run one of those themed threads for a week, please contact one of the mods (linked at the top of this page) to have your name added to the list. Tell them what the theme will be. All themed posts must also have descriptions to go with the images and not just a post with an image


The rules have been simplified.


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