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Bedros Awak

10 Months Ago

Let's Tweet!

Let's Tweet!

Twitter is a powerful tool to generate visit count to your image.

First you need to post your Twitter account link to let others follow you, then submit one image to be twitted.

Please tweet at least two images ahead of you to get more visits. If you like to tweet more than that, it's better.

Please only tweet, no comments, votes..etc..

Some good tips about tweeting, read here:

How to Get Twitter Followers

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Bedros Awak

10 Months Ago

I'm starting off this thread, and posting my link here:

and one image.


Kerri Farley

10 Months Ago

I am on twitter here:

the image I would like you to promote:

I will promote Darlene and Dawn and Bedros.


Anne Lacy

10 Months Ago

I tweeted everyone above through Greg and Chrystal. The above is the one I would like to have tweeted.

Thank you


Maria Coulson

10 Months Ago

Got everyone above, except Darlene's photo. Did not see a way to tweet it


Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

10 Months Ago

I have added everyone above and tweeted their selected photo......Now if we could just get a few hundred people to join us :)


Joe Schofield

10 Months Ago

OK. A Twitter virgin here, but I am pretty sure I've tweeted each of the above !

Here's Joe:

and here is one of my favorite pix:


Joe Schofield

10 Months Ago

All done, with exception of Darlene's link


Leif Sohlman

10 Months Ago

I think this is Darleens link

all done


Sylvia Sotuyo

10 Months Ago

Created my twitter account yesterday..... better late than never right?

Here is my twitter account:

My image for promotion:

Following all above, and promoted all selected images above :-))



10 Months Ago

Point as regards Tweet ..noted for compliance ........
..Thanks Bedros..


Dawn Currie

10 Months Ago

Went through all since my last post. Tried to remember # this time through to help visibility beyond my followers. For Sylvia, I chose one of her abstracts vice the nude.
Here's mine for today


Bedros Awak

10 Months Ago

Twitted all's new image for today.


Joan Carroll

10 Months Ago

my twitter:

my image


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9 Months Ago

all caught up


Darlene Graeser

6 Months Ago

twitter account:

One Image

Tweeted a ton above - will check back again...thank you!


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