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Roger Lighterness

9 Months Ago

It Does Feel Good

My first sale

'' size='20'>Art Prints

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Joshua House

9 Months Ago

Congratulations. Not sure just what's going on with the coding there but the image comes through at least.


MM Anderson

9 Months Ago



Rich Franco

9 Months Ago


Congrats! Now the flood gate is opened and more to come! Good car stuff too!



Phyllis Beiser

9 Months Ago

A big congrats!


Melissa Bittinger

9 Months Ago



Melissa Bittinger

9 Months Ago

Trying link again for Roger, check out his work guys - great stuff!

Sell Art Online


Richard Rizzo

9 Months Ago

congrats !!


Ann Powell

9 Months Ago

Congratulations on your first sale Roger!


Mary Ellen Anderson

9 Months Ago

Congratulation and best wishes for many more. Great piece.
--mary ellen anderson


Janice Drew

9 Months Ago

Beautiful work. Congratulations!


Suzanne Powers

9 Months Ago

I love your Hogworts Castle style of rendering!


Janine Riley

9 Months Ago

Congrats ! You'll become addicted to it now : )
Beautiful work.


Pamela Patch

9 Months Ago

Nothing like the first! Embrace the feeling. Congratulations Roger, excellent work. Wishing you many more sales in the future.


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