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Roger Lighterness

11 Months Ago

It Does Feel Good

My first sale

'' size='20'>Art Prints

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Joshua House

11 Months Ago

Congratulations. Not sure just what's going on with the coding there but the image comes through at least.


MM Anderson

11 Months Ago



Rich Franco

11 Months Ago


Congrats! Now the flood gate is opened and more to come! Good car stuff too!



Phyllis Beiser

11 Months Ago

A big congrats!


Melissa Bittinger

11 Months Ago



Melissa Bittinger

11 Months Ago

Trying link again for Roger, check out his work guys - great stuff!

Sell Art Online


Richard Rizzo

11 Months Ago

congrats !!


Ann Powell

11 Months Ago

Congratulations on your first sale Roger!


Mary Ellen Anderson

11 Months Ago

Congratulation and best wishes for many more. Great piece.
--mary ellen anderson


Janice Drew

11 Months Ago

Beautiful work. Congratulations!


Suzanne Powers

11 Months Ago

I love your Hogworts Castle style of rendering!


Janine Riley

11 Months Ago

Congrats ! You'll become addicted to it now : )
Beautiful work.


Pamela Patch

11 Months Ago

Nothing like the first! Embrace the feeling. Congratulations Roger, excellent work. Wishing you many more sales in the future.


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