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Greg Jackson

1 Year Ago

Assorted Greeting Cards

I know this topic has been beat to death, but where can I order, without spending an arm and a leg, 5x7 greeting cards with an assorted mix of my images (10-20 w/envelopes). I want to use them for promotional purposes. I would also want to add my AW address and a QR Code to it. Thanks in advance.

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Heather Applegate

1 Year Ago

I order mine from vistaprint - but you have to order as singles or packs of 10 +

But best quality I've found for the price.

I don't know anywhere you can order assorted.


Terry Rowe

1 Year Ago

I've also used and My all time favorite for quality and print options is Moo Cards, (I've ordered assorted business cards from them so assuming they'll do other products assorted as well).



Discount increases as quantity rises, and the quality is high. Choose 5x7 or 4x6.

Cards are often on sale there; if you don't need them in hand immediately, it's worth the wait.


Greg Jackson

1 Year Ago

Thanks for the info, Heather and Terry. I've heard of Moo but not the catprints. I'll check them both out.


Greg Jackson

1 Year Ago

Thanks, Wendy.


Adam Jewell

1 Year Ago

Zazzle goes to 75% off at times but you can't get rid of the Zazzle logo. The cards are pretty nice though.


Greg Jackson

1 Year Ago

Thanks, Adam.


Minnie Lippiatt

1 Year Ago

Catprint and Moo give free samples! Yeah!


Greg Jackson

1 Year Ago

Thanks, Minnie.


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