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Christopher Villandry

1 Year Ago

Facebook Link Posting Blurry Image

Yesterday and today when I hit submit and then check Facebook to see the link posted on my Facebook page , the image it displays is blurry to the point the image in not recognizable. I've checked it on a couple of devices and is blurry there too. Any idea why this is happening ?

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Jeffery Johnson

1 Year Ago

Do you have a link to what you are referring too?


Yes that is the new way our FAA images appear on facebook. It's facebook doing it not FAA. They, fb, is constantly changing things. Not all for the better.


well that is disappointing , but thank you for chiming in , not knowing if it was something just on my end or not was bugging me. Thanks Darice.


Jeffery Johnson

1 Year Ago

Does anyone have an example link? I don't post my stuff here on to Facebook and I don't have it set to auto post.


Val Arie

1 Year Ago

I post some stuff to Facebook but haven't had an issue with blurring.


Michael Simoneit

1 Year Ago

I've had the same problem starting a few weeks ago. I usually post the AW image page link to FB but haven't tried other methods. Disappointing to say the least and I've stopped sending them there as a result.


Judy Kay

1 Year Ago

I noticed it too...Bad enough the images are small, but now small and blurry! I notice that some are clear and some blurry...I suspect it is a case that those who have better quality pixel cameras are getting good results now and lesser quality ones( those using I phones and 12 megapixels and under are now displaying blurry results.


John Wadleigh

1 Year Ago

I have also noticed this problem and it is bad! The post on Facebook shows the image of the photo in poor quality.

There MUST be a solution to this problem!? It is not a good experience for our potential customers.



John Wadleigh

1 Year Ago

Actually, I am noticing that when I upload a new image on FAA and it automatically posts it on my Facebook Page, the photo on the posting is blurry and low quality. This only happens on my iPhone. My wife's Blackberry shows the posting perfectly. I have an iPhone 5 with the new iOS7 installed.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? I would appreciate some help as to why only my phone has this problem. I am not sure if other iPhones show the same thing.



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