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Lee Dos Santos

1 Year Ago

I Know It's An Odd Question But....

Have any of you ever published a book of your photographs and if so what company did you use? Thanks in advance!

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Marlene Burns

1 Year Ago

blurb and mypublisher...the advantage of blurb is that you can set up a shop and add in markup....always good coupons from both.


Yes....Lulu and Create Space....Create space produces books at 1/2 the price of lulu....much cheaper and free to publish with them


Brigitte Cadena

1 Year Ago

I started of with my publisher but I actually like Shutterfly, It can come in a glossy hard cover and you can have your images on the front and back and I like that. Plus you can always find great coupons to offset the costs.


MM Anderson

1 Year Ago

I'm thinking about making a portfolio book. I have previously made a photo book with my family's old photos at Photo Book America with a Groupon deal. It came out great. But I think I'll try Blurb this time.


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