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Isabella F Abbie Shores

11 Months Ago

Finished And Thank You

Thank you SO much everyone for your help with my painting.

I spent my day off painting and its finished


Robin saw it this morning and blasted it so I have taken it down

He is right, its rubbish as the landscape is naive.

I may finish it but am unsure at present.

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Angelina Vick

11 Months Ago

Wow...that is thought provoking.




11 Months Ago

'haunting' image, your choices for the 'hand held' elements........just right !!


Isabella F Abbie Shores

11 Months Ago

Thank you so much! I have a close up but still a bad photo... I will add it, hold on


Richard Rizzo

11 Months Ago

very cool.. I like. :)


Isabella F Abbie Shores

11 Months Ago

It looks really awful in these photos. :(

Photography Prints


Melissa Bittinger

11 Months Ago

Awesome imagery and storyline...I wasn't feelin' it before he was holding something but super cool now. Great job Abbilicious!


Carmen Hathaway

11 Months Ago

Reminds me of works I created when the corporate world was getting me down....great catharsis ;)

~ Carmen Hathaway ~


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