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Photographic Arts And Design Studio

1 Year Ago

Free Handouts...not Just For Visual Artists!

Below is a link to an article about people asking for free music! Interesting that it happens in all of the arts. I really like his response too!


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Gregory Scott

1 Year Ago

Here's another point:
1. Consider the exposure he lost by refusing to go along with this deal.
2. Consider the exposure he gained by publicly refusing to go along with this deal.
Good for him. Good call.


Melissa Bittinger

1 Year Ago

wow, not sure he could have improved on that response, I'll give it a 10. awesome


Diane Macdonald

1 Year Ago

Excellent response! thanks for sharing!


Joy McKenzie

1 Year Ago

I just tweeted this article link to 1400 followers...a brilliant response! We're all sick of "well...we really didn't budget for music/art"


Thank Matt..sharing


Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

I simply cannot believe he didn't go along with it for the "exposure" ! Ha! we see who got exposed.


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