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Puzzles Shum

1 Year Ago

Total Visitors:


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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago


---Mike Savad


David Gordon

1 Year Ago



E B Schmidt

1 Year Ago

6,996 (since May 2013) - it's nice to know a start date for a frame of reference

LOL though - I figure mine probably breaks down to something like this:
6,000 = bots
900 = me or my family
90 = other FAA artists
6 = potential customers outside of FAA or my family

But I'm optimistic. :)


Valentino Visentini

1 Year Ago

14,813 since July 2012

But, honestly, is the visitors stats on FAA accurate? The sales I got were ghost sales, no visits reported...and sometimes I check also under "recently sold" and I do not see that sales and visitors are matching...
What do you think?



1 Year Ago

205.501 views at 306 works.



Ghost sales normally mean the buyer had it in their cart for a while before buying

Some people keep things in carts for months



E B Schmidt

1 Year Ago

@ Valentino - As you can see from my numbers breakdown, I don't think the number of "visitors" is equivalent to the number of potential buyers. But it is important to see that number growing since it is evidence online networking... which is a good thing.


Jenny Rainbow

1 Year Ago

118.581 since November 2011


* 131,091 * since 2/2012


Alexander Senin

1 Year Ago

68,227 since May 2013



1 Year Ago

358,962 since 01/12/2010


Sasa Misic

1 Year Ago

633 from 08/20/2013


Alfred Ng

1 Year Ago



Amanda Stadther

1 Year Ago

9,356 since August 7, 2013


Benjamin Yeager

1 Year Ago



Puzzles Shum

1 Year Ago

nice stuff people, I have to say instagram is a big help getting visitors


12,447. Since April


Gunter Nezhoda

1 Year Ago

1, and I think it was my mom


Joshua House

1 Year Ago

Is there any way to know what if anything is sitting in carts?


E B Schmidt

1 Year Ago

LOL Gunter. :)


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

no way to know about the carts. statcounter sometimes shows me cart info. but usually it's shoppingcart remove ID which tells me they had it there, then said, yowsers look at that shipping, then set it back on the shelf again.

---Mike Savad


Ruth Seal

1 Year Ago

1345 since Jan 2013 I think a lot of them are bots. One of them keeps coming back to the same items. Different items actually, but over and over.


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