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Isabella Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

Themed Image Threads Read Before Posting

Let's stop having 50 all with the same subject now :)

Here are the threads ongoing. If you have one that is totally (and I mean totally) different then great.

No new 'New Uploads' 'Your Best Art' 'Show Us Your Art' type threads. Thank you

Here are all the threads open now for you to add work to

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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

i wonder if you should add ************* at the front of the title. i still think you can make it bold. i get an annoying bold title in my email, i do wonder if the bold commands work there.

---Mike Savad


Marlene Burns

1 Year Ago

This should be posted right at the new topic icon....which is all the way to the right and the search discussion is in the middle way higher....
People don't read, we know that but chances are far better if the message is where they are about to break a new rule.
Looking down the
Page of discussions is not a priority when one is opening a new thread.
The rules are reasonable but you need to effectively get the message out.


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

what about threads about how many views something has - still generic?

---Mike Savad


Marlene Burns

1 Year Ago

I think' artists supporting each another' should fill the bill for ANY new work being posted.


I think I would like a lot of things to make my job easier but there are bigger things on the list at present :D

Im just going to have to bump bump bump


Marlene Burns

1 Year Ago

Don't get black and blue


Lol will try not to


Marlene Burns

1 Year Ago

Maybe you should weed out redundant threads too.....


High Way 12

I have weeded some out


Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

Abbie - only about half of the artists and photographers can read - or at least understand what they read - Currently there is one about the Simplicity of Digital Abstracts and the authors first image is a NON-representational digital abstract - so now there are lamp posts and flower photographs (and other things in the discussion). No, I'm convinced that at least half of the artist/photographers can't read or don't understand what they read - they can't even go by the images/pictures that are posted.


Abbie, could you add the link to your Good News thread,also,please
I do notice that personal sales threads open occasionally, though there is your Sale thread for this ..... They're not really discussion/themed... (Can't read,won't read.....who knows,@Roy)..


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