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100+ Views

Posted by: Laurie Pike on 10/31/2013 - 5:49 AM

I know this is a small feat but it is a large deal to me! I have finally reached a piece of artwork with over 100 views! Share your pieces that finally have hit a viewing milestone!
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Posted by: Beth Vincent on 10/31/2013 - 6:09 AM


Posted by: Marlene Book on 10/31/2013 - 6:22 AM


Posted by: Angelina Vick on 10/31/2013 - 6:26 AM

Congratulations on your milestone! =)

This just past 7,'s my most viewed and best seller.

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Posted by: Paul OToole on 10/31/2013 - 6:50 AM

Views: 322 Since May this year

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Posted by: I J T SON OF JESUS on 10/31/2013 - 6:51 AM


Posted by: Andrew Pacheco on 10/31/2013 - 6:51 AM

Not quite a milestone, but I'm almost to 1,000 views on my most viewed piece "Ride The Rails". Still no sales on this one, my top seller is my second most viewed piece with right around 700 views.

Photography by Andrew Pacheco


Posted by: A Souppes on 10/31/2013 - 6:51 AM

This one has 116 hits:
The Sherlock Holmes Pub


Posted by: Randall Branham on 10/31/2013 - 6:59 AM

Here's on of mine
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Posted by: Mike Savad on 10/31/2013 - 7:32 AM

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it's not an even amount but this has my highest at 6634 or so.

---Mike Savad


Posted by: Steven Bateson on 10/31/2013 - 7:49 AM


Posted by: David Lane on 10/31/2013 - 7:57 AM

way to many for me to show but congrats on meeting a personal milestone!


Posted by: Laurie Pike on 10/31/2013 - 12:08 PM

Congrats to everyone on the large viewing numbers! That is awesome. Any suggestions on how to my viewing numbers?


Posted by: J L Meadows on 10/31/2013 - 12:10 PM

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Over 1400 views, but no sales yet... :(


Posted by: John Crothers on 10/31/2013 - 12:25 PM

Out of all my images this one has the most views 374. I really don't know why it has been viewed so much...

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Posted by: JC Findley on 10/31/2013 - 12:39 PM

Congrats on the milestone....


Posted by: Samuel Sheats on 10/31/2013 - 1:21 PM

Today this has reached the 385 milestone.

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Posted by: Nikolyn McDonald on 10/31/2013 - 1:50 PM

This is my first and only 100+ views image - 109 to be exact - and it got there some time ago. I did enter it in a contest where it got 3rd place (I do not solicit) and that helped tons. Sure wish I had more to share, but alas, no.

vintage settee by window with blowing lace curtain Nikolyn McDonald


Posted by: Phyllis Taylor on 10/31/2013 - 1:56 PM


Posted by: Paulo Guimaraes on 10/31/2013 - 1:56 PM

This is my most popular, no sales, but most popular with 231 views.

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Posted by: Patrick Jacquet on 10/31/2013 - 2:08 PM

My most popular on FAA (without sales) ...

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... but my best sales in Europe...


Posted by: Laurie Pike on 10/31/2013 - 2:41 PM

John I love that title! Very fitting for the piece.

Paulo Love the photograph. The coloring is very dramatic.

Love all the postings but these two just really grabbed my attention.


Posted by: Angelina Vick on 10/31/2013 - 2:48 PM

Hi Laurie, advice on increasing views?

Social media. Google plus, twitter, pinterest, etc.

But, views don't equal sales. Most work I've sold prints of had less than 50 views at the time of the sale.

Some work with the best response from artists hasn't sold yet and unnoticed work has sold.

Make sure that your tags are accurate, and try to give each piece a description.


Posted by: Jovica Kostic on 10/31/2013 - 2:54 PM

This have most of mine
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Posted by: Michelle Calkins on 10/31/2013 - 2:59 PM

16,608 was reached today!

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Posted by: Marty Saccone on 10/31/2013 - 3:47 PM

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Posted by: Laurie Pike on 11/25/2013 - 7:49 PM

K. Kingston? Nothing posted!


Posted by: Brian Koker on 11/25/2013 - 8:12 PM

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400 views after a few weeks, but no sales


Posted by: Michael Braham on 11/25/2013 - 8:20 PM


Posted by: Fraida Gutovich on 11/25/2013 - 8:24 PM


Posted by: Vivian ANDERSON on 11/25/2013 - 8:26 PM

Well done Laurie.............pity views don't equal sales..............these are stats since May 2013 - these are just a few -

Photography PrintsPhotography PrintsPhotography PrintsPhotography PrintsArt PrintsArt Prints

since November 2013 !! 141 - very popular
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Posted by: Jim Hughes on 11/25/2013 - 8:29 PM

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I seriously believe that someday someone will buy this one. It prints well and looks good on the wall. My admittedly biased opinion of course.


Posted by: Kay Novy on 11/25/2013 - 9:21 PM

Congrats on yours, Laurie. I can remember I couldn't wait to get to 100 views...and some sales on these here on FAA and some other sites I'm on.

Some of mine that I have on limited promotions:

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Art Prints
Art Prints


Posted by: Laurie Pike on 11/26/2013 - 6:12 AM

Jim, That is an amazing photograph! I love it! Love the reflection of the shell! Good luck on the sales!

Kay, sadly I know views don't equal purchase! Wish they did. However I do hope that the more views might equal maybe at least ONE sale! LOL!

Fraida that is a stunning piece of artwork. Love the coloring and ladybug!


Posted by: Margit Wimmer on 11/28/2013 - 6:30 AM

234 visitors since July 2013

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Posted by: Laurie Pike on 11/28/2013 - 7:08 AM

Very Pretty Margit. What is the medium?


Posted by: Laurie Pike on 11/29/2013 - 7:05 AM

Here is another new one for me, reached 100 on this one.

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Posted by: Michael Peychich on 11/29/2013 - 7:15 AM

this one 1027 views also a good selling print.
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Posted by: Saul Yarm on 11/30/2013 - 7:59 AM

Im new to FAA and posted it 2 days ago.. Seems to be getting quite a few views!


Posted by: Eleanor Abramson on 11/30/2013 - 8:12 AM

Congratulations on this milestone! I have one that so far has 146 views, though no sales on this site.

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Posted by: Laurie Pike on 11/30/2013 - 11:06 AM

Here is Saul's artwork
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Eleanor love this one. Very nice how the Eagle is upfront.


Posted by: Kerri Mortenson on 11/30/2013 - 11:23 AM


Posted by: Andrew Glisson on 11/30/2013 - 11:26 AM

I had 5 images of over 11 and a few over 200 but took them down to re edit them. But ill get back to where I was :]


Posted by: Laurie Pike on 12/04/2013 - 10:33 AM

Very pretty flower capture Kerri.


Posted by: Ryan Hughes on 12/04/2013 - 10:44 AM


Posted by: Laurie Pike on 12/07/2013 - 7:17 PM

Interesting Flamingo picture. I like the blue coloring.


Posted by: Sarah Batalka on 12/07/2013 - 7:26 PM


Posted by: Paul Cowan on 12/07/2013 - 7:28 PM

I'm going to break the rules ..... this one is not my highest, it has 99 views but if you take a close look at it it will reach 100 and bring me back inside the law ;)
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Unfortunately, I don't know how many are from robots and how many are by people.


Posted by: Ryan Demaree on 12/07/2013 - 8:18 PM

Photography Prints

I am proud of this painting beyond words


Posted by: Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography on 12/07/2013 - 8:59 PM


Posted by: Tom Druin on 12/07/2013 - 10:09 PM


Posted by: Michael Hoard on 12/07/2013 - 11:41 PM

Congrats to you on your milestone this is an amazing 495 views on of my favorites.

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Posted by: Jeanne Fischer on 12/08/2013 - 12:15 AM

This one got over 100 view in a few days from uploading it but then I have been promoting it along with a few other people
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