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Aimee L Maher

12 Months Ago

Submit Links Here For Comments & Votes Round 74

Please submit one link here for Round 74 ONLY AFTER you COMPLETE and POST that you have FINISHED ROUND 73 Only exception is that deadline is near and you are in the process of completing previous round and post a comment that you intend to finish it. Submission ends Sun, Oct 13th11:59 pm EST. Please only post once as it is easier for me to count to make sure I have everyone

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Carol R Montoya

11 Months Ago



11 Months Ago
The fresh link reloaded below as this is not working out ...........


Joe Schofield

11 Months Ago

bad link resubmitted below


Mark Papke

11 Months Ago


Nathalie Hope

11 Months Ago
Can I just hear a brief of rules of that ;) I'm quite new here


Aimee L Maher

11 Months Ago

Submissions closed : )


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