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New Member Intro!

Posted by: Debi Haseley on 09/14/2013 - 6:59 PM

Hi, my name is Debi and I am an avid amateur hoping to step up and become a semi-pro!
I started taking a lot of pictures about 5 years ago using a Canon super zoom point and shoot camera. Two years ago i upgraded to a Canon XSi, which died after abut 18 months with 130,000 shutter clicks! Told you I am an 'avid' photographer!! I upgraded to a 60D, and I am very happy with it. I have worked hard enough that I rarely use 'auto', and I do like to experiment with settings. I use PSE, Picasa and Picmoneky to process my images.
I take a lot of bird, landscape and water pictures - plus a ton of my granddaughter!.
I would appreciate constructive comments about my pictures!
Thanks, look forward to conversing with many of you.


Oldest Reply

Posted by: Andee Photography on 09/14/2013 - 7:42 PM

Welcome Debi! :)


Posted by: Debi Haseley on 09/14/2013 - 8:02 PM

Thanks Andee, I quickly looked at your site - you have some great pics!
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Posted by: Kathleen Scanlan on 09/14/2013 - 8:09 PM


Posted by: Val Arie on 09/14/2013 - 8:42 PM

Welcome Debi!


Posted by: Melissa Bittinger on 09/14/2013 - 10:05 PM

Welcome Debi! For constructive comments you might consider joining a couple of groups.


Posted by: J L Meadows on 09/14/2013 - 10:19 PM


Posted by: Ernie Echols on 09/14/2013 - 10:45 PM

Welcome Aboard :)

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Posted by: Angelina Vick on 09/14/2013 - 10:57 PM

Hello Debi! Welcome!


Posted by: Rich Franco on 09/14/2013 - 11:00 PM


Welcome! We need to see more! Hard to judge or offer suggestions on 5 images, 4 of which are very related to a very specific type of image. Your image of the hummer, on the other hand is one of the best I've seen! So now, we need to know if that was a lucky shot, or does Debi have the "EYE"!!! Post some more,please!

Rich Franco

p.s. Melissa has a good suggestion! LOL!


Posted by: Melissa Bittinger on 09/14/2013 - 11:33 PM


Posted by: Debi Haseley on 09/15/2013 - 7:40 AM

Thanks everybody, I will be posting more but I didn't want to overdue it my first day!
The hummer picture was interesting. I sit and try to capture them around my feeders a lot. That day I was walking around the corner of my house and saw that bird at the flower ahead of me. I quickly took the shot, hoping my camera settings were good - and luckily they were.


Posted by: Richard Rizzo on 09/15/2013 - 7:44 AM

welcome Debi.


Posted by: Debi Haseley on 09/15/2013 - 2:16 PM

Thanks again for the welcome.
I did add some more pictures with some variety!

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Posted by: Bob Galka on 09/15/2013 - 5:29 PM

Hi Debi...

This is not a critique of your images... they are good... only at FineArtAmerica there are millions of images of bird, flowers, a seashore...
I am sure in those 130,000+ image cicks there are some unique subjects. Let's see those. Those also happen to be the things that sell.

I will let others tell you about tags and descriptions ;O)


Posted by: MM Anderson on 09/15/2013 - 5:57 PM



Posted by: Debi Haseley on 09/15/2013 - 8:20 PM

Bob, I added two more - but I have to redo the Clearwater Beach pier shot with a higher resolution version.
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Posted by: Bob Galka on 09/15/2013 - 8:54 PM

OK... there may be millions of visitors that take the "Maid of the Mist" tour, but probably 90% won't have a photo with this perspective...

BUT.. ;O) you can do MUCH better with the tags.... before I forget.. add you name as a tag to all your images. Also along with niagra falls as a tag, include separatly niagra, and falls. each are unique. Don't forget colors.... decorators search for spcefic colors.. so add blue, blue green, green. Now lets add some more obvious ones.... nature, outdoors, vacation, honeymoon, marriage, wedding, turbulent, wild, misty (different than mist), spray, tour, boat, ship, exciting

well I think you get the idea... there are more to add...

Some people also like to tell stories in their descriptions to get google to find the image as well. It might even get a customer to decide to purchase if it happens to be something they can relate to.



Posted by: Debi Haseley on 09/15/2013 - 10:28 PM

Thanks! I will add more tags tomorrow


Posted by: OTIL ROTCOD on 09/15/2013 - 11:58 PM

Welcome to FAA Debi.


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